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  • This tape was released by the WWF in '94. It was a compilation of unusual matches the WWF had in 2 years prior.

  • hosted by Gorilla Monsoon (RIP).

  • Monsoon opens up the show, and talks about how these are some of the most unusual matches of all time. He goes down a few of the matches on the tape.

  • Lethal Ladder Match: Bret Hart(c) vs Shawn Michaels w/Sensational Sherri (Martel) for the Intercontinental title. I think this was WWF's first ladder match. We start with Bret Hart coming out to his music. Shawn and Sherri are already in the ring. The commentary is by Gorrilla Monsoon and Alfred Hayes. The match was from a WWF Wrestling Challenge in '92, sometime before Summerslam. Bret kisses his belt goodbye and relinquishes it to the referee. The crowd is relatively small, but they were very into the match. Bret gives his shades to a youngster at ringside.

    Bell rings, and the belt is put on the hook and raised up. Hayes says that Sherri never interferes. Lockup by both men, and shawn gets bret in the corner and punches. Irish whip by shawn, and his hipstoss is blocked. Shawn gets a punch, puts his leg on the back of bret's head, and flips over. Bret comes back with a clothesline, followed by a running clothesline off the ropes. Bret punches at Shawn, irish whip, and he delivers a back body drop. Punches to Shawn in the corner. Irish whip to the opposite corner sends Shawn down. Bret pulls him to the center, grabs his legs, and kicks Shawn in the abdomen. Headbutt and european uppercut by Bret. Bret tries to leave the ring to get the ladder, but Shawn is able to shouldblock (chopblock) Bret's leg. Shawn punches at bret while he is down. Shawn picks up Bret's head and gets a small hairpull bulldog to the mat. Shawn kicks at the downed bret. He picks him up and rams the head of the hitman into the turnbuckle. Elbow smash to the head of bret, irish whip, Bret ducks a chop and runs off the ropes, but Michaels is able to nail him with a kitchen sink knee lift (knee to midsection makes opponent flip over).

    Shawn leaves the ring to retrieve the ladder, but Bret follows and throws Shawn into the ringpost. Bret sends Shawn back in the ring and follows. Headbutt and a lunging elbow drop to Shawn. Bret leaves the ring and gets the ladder, but Sherri pulls on it, so he can't get it in the ring. Bret goes after Sherri, while Shawn pulls the ladder in the ring and climbs it. Bret turns around to see the trick and runs back in the ring to pull Shawn right before he grabs the belt. Brawl and an eye gouge in the corner. Punches and kicks by Bret before he climps the ladder. Shawn pulls him off and lays in more kicks. Head smashed into the turnbuckle for Bret. Shawn takes the ladder and begins the ram it into the chest of Bret. Michaels tries it again, but Bret moves out of the way. Shawn sets the ladder up in the corner. Elbow smash and an irish whip by Shawn. Shawn ducks and gets a big kick to the head. Shawn reverses an irish whip into the ladder. Ladder is set up and Shawn climbs. Bret pulls Shawn off and the ladder falls right on top of the Heart Break Kid. Hayes calls Shawn "The Pretty One."

    Bret climbs the ladder, but so does shawn who sends hitman's head into it to send him down. Shawn climbs the ladder, but Bret punches him off. Ladder goes to the corner, irish whip to the opposite for bret. Shawn charges, and Bret gets a dropkick out of the corner. Bret connects with a clothesline off the second rope to Shawn. Double leg takedown into a catapault into the ladder for Shawn followed by hitman backbreaker. Hart climbs the ladder and pulled down. Shawn pushes off a sideheadlock and double shoulderblock takedown signals the double KO. Sherri goes crazy, because the Double shoulderblock takedown can really get the emotion rushing through you. Both men are able to climb each sides of the ladder causing it to topple down. Double irish whip reversal, shawn gets down and bret jumps over, running to the other side. Sherri is able to trip Bret to distract him.

    Shawn sneaks on him and hits nails the super kick, followed by his old side suplex finisher. Hart is out. Michaels gets the ladder up and climbs. He almost gets the belt, but bret dropkicks the ladder, and Shawn is crotched on the ropes and then falls to the floor. Sherri looks after her man, allowing Bret to freely climb the ladder and retrieve his belt at 13:50.

    ****. That may seem like an over rating, but let me explain. I was a huge Michaels and Bret Hart mark. This match wasn't as spectacular as the current ladder matches, but it got me going and it had some really good pyschology which a lot of the current ladder matches don't have too much of.

  • Mr. Machismo Razor Ramon vs 1-2-3 Kid, in a $10,000 match. This is from a Raw in '93. Commentary is by Vince McMahon, Bobby Heenan, and Macho Man Randy Savage.

    Crowd chants 1-2-3. Razor is in the ring with his money. Kid gets ready outside the ring while Razor taunts him. Sean is on the apron, and Razor misses a clothesline and his head is smashed into the turnbuckle. The bell rings and match starts.

    Kid comes off the top with a sunset flip for almost 3. Vince says "HE GOT HIM! HE GOT HIM! NO HE DIDN'T!!!" Kid ducks a clothesline, runs off the ropes, and gets leg lariat for almost 3 again. Irish whip reversal by Razor and clothesline is missed. Kid goes for a crossbody, but Razor blocks and hits a fallaway slam heavily seasoned with Machismo. Razor beats up on Kid. Irish whip and a clothesline to Sean who flips 10 times. Irish whip, hiptoss by razor is blocked, sean's attempt at it is blocked, but he flips out of it. Razor counters with the absolutely most sick, stiffest chokeslam I am ever seen. Kid looks like he broke his neck, someone needs to call an ambulance. Abdominal stretch by Razor. Razor lets go and puts Kid in an indian deathlock like move. Ramon slaps the head of kid and eventually breaks the hold. Running powerslam by Razor. Hall just wants to beat kid up because he hasn't attempted a cover once. Kid is crotched on the top rope, and Razor nails a belly to back superplex.

    Razor calls for the edge and tosses kid to the outside. Hall picks up the mats to expose concrete. He goes for the edge, but kid blocks and backdrops Razor to the mats. Kid climbs to the top and flies down. He totally misses Razor and bangs the back of os his on the concrete!!!! Very sick bump right there, almost makes me queasy. Back in the ring. Razor misses a shoulderblock in the corner, and kid climbs to the top rope. Sean hits a moonsault on the standing razor! ONE!...TWO!...NO! Kid is tired so he grabs the dough and runs out of the arena. Razor chases him to no avail and both men are counted out at 5:15.

    ***. This was a good match. Its sad to see how Hall and X-pac used to be such great wrestlers, but let their skills totally deteriorate. When was the last time Sean climbed the top rope? I deducted a little from the rating because of the ending.

  • Monsoon comes back on. Monsoon gives more commentary of the tape for a few seconds before we go to the next match.

  • Survivor Series Match: Bam Bam Bigelow w/ Luna & the Headshrinkers & the Bastion Booger vs 4 Doinks (and not one Dink). Damn this match will suck. Its from Survivor Series '93 in the Boston Garden. Bammer, Booger, and the Headshrinkers (with a lighter Rikishi) make their entrance. Commentary is by Vince McMahon and Bobby Heenan. The first 2 Doinks are Luke and Butch of the Bushwackers, followed by the Doinks on a Mission. Someone please, somehow make this match 10 seconds short. After some painfully crappy rapping, bell rings and match starts.

    Booger starts it off with Luke, much to my horror. After some crappy offense, Luke bites Booger in the ass so he tags in Samu. Elbow and head drop to Luke. Samu smashes a water balloon into his own head, allowing Luke to rollup and eliminate Samu. Fatu goes in and suplexes Butch. Fatu tags in Booger, and one of my kidneys goes out. More boring offense, and Bam Bam is tagged in. Bam Bam beats up on Butch. Fatu gulliontines Butch, and Booger is tagged in yet again. There goes my other kidney. I am not sure if I can finish this recap, but I must. The fat man sits on Butch. He eats a bannana and then sits on air. Mabel leg drops booger and pins him for 3 and elmination of Booger! HALLELUJAH!!!!! Much to CRZ's dismay, Mabel was not the legal man.

    Fatu tries to feed Butch some chicken but hits him with it instead. Mo drives a scooter around the ring and Bammer dropkicks him down. Fatu hits a sideslam on Mo, and climbs to the top. Bigsplash off the top from fatu, to Mo. Butch comes in and pretends to throw a bucket at Fatu, but fatu falls down anyway. I think both men were legal. Bammer beats up the wackers and Mo, but the match still hasn't f'n ended. Mabel comes in and intimidates Bam Bam. Mabel shoulderblocks Bigelow, but he comes back with a flying shouldertackle, and is able to powerslam an incoming Butch. Bigelow is distracted by a messy Luna, but gets sandwitched in the corner by Mo and Mabel. Mabel splashes Bammer, and all 4 doinks pin bigelow for the win at 10:58. NONE OF THEM WERE LEGAL!!!!!!

    Post match, the "real" Doink comes on the big screen and says he was just "clowning around." I don't think I am going to make it. For some reason the strange people in the boston garden crowd and Vince McMahon loved every second of this match.

    -*****. The worst 11 minutes of wrestling you will ever see. If anyone ever watches this tape, view this match at your own risk.

  • Lumber Jack match: Jim Duggan vs Shawn Michaels for the Intercontinental title. This is the type of match we see every week on smackdown. This is from a Raw in '93. It looks like they are in an arena that ECW goes to a lot. Manhatten Center, I think. Duggan comes out to the ring. Yokozuna attacks Duggan to no avail. Lumberjacks are Yokozuna, Mr. Fuiji, Mr. Perfect, Mr. Bob Backlund, Mr. Hughes, Hillbilly Jim, Tatanka, and Terry Taylor. Commentary is by Vince McMahon, Bobby Heenan, and Macho Man.

    Michaels comes out to the ring and street clothes and crutches, selling an injury. Hmmm, this seems familiar. Michaels doesn't want to have the match. Perfect tosses Shawn in the ring and he is fine. Heenan says its a miracle. Duggan clotheslines Shawn out. Bell rings and match starts.

    Duggan blocks a kick, spins shawn around, and gets an atomic drop. Irish whip and Shawn is scooped up, rammed into opposite corners and slammed down. Elbow drop to Shawn gets 2. Heenan notes that HBK is a conspiracy victim, because Duggan paid off all the humanoids. YOU DA MAN BOBBY!!!!! Vince can't believe Shawn tried to fake an injury. Shawn's shirt gets ripped off and gets beat down. Standing vertical suplex by jim gets 2. Irish whip to corner lead shawn doing a flair flip like move. Clothesline by jim, irish whip, another clothesline by jim. Shawn is banished to the corner, and Jim lays in the shoulderthrusts and footchokes Michaels. Irish whip, reverse elbow smash by Jim. He sticks Shawn in a camel clutch. Irish whip and a big bearhug by Duggan. Duggan scoopslams HBK to break the hold and that gets 2. Michaels gets hooked in a front face lock. Duggan breaks the hold to send Shawn in the corner and gets 5 punch in. Michaels gets tied up in the ropes. Jim rips him out and tosses him to the floor. HBK tries to leave, but Mr. Perfect and Mr. Backlund drag him back. White flash signals a clip to...

    Irish whip and a scoop slam by Duggan. Duggan misses old glory. HBK takes off his boot and nails Duggan with it to send him to the outside. Jim is rolled back in and Shawn kicks and chokes him. Duggan no sells Michael's offense. Irish whip and HBK ducks, but Jim gets a hairpull bulldog. Shawn gouges at Jim, but jim irish whips him to the corner. Shawn gets a boot up after a blind charge by Duggan. That gets 2 and Shawn hooks on a chinlock. Jim powers out of it, ducks a clothesline, and hits 1 on shawn. Irish whip and a back body drop to Shawn. Jim chokes Shawn, irish whip to corner, and a missed shoulderblock by jim. Shawn flies off the second rope, but Duggan catches him and gets yet another scoop slam for 2. Do another f'n scoopslam jackass. Chinlock by Duggan. Jim lets go and hits a 3-point stance clothesline. Shawn is sent outside and we clip to...

    Shawn sends duggan's head to the turnbuckle. Shawn misses a stinger splash in the corner. Shawn is able to dump Duggan to the outside and Yokozuna legdrops him. Jim is rolled back in. HBK puts his foot on top of Duggan to pin him, but Perfect comes in and decks Shawn for the DQ finish. 12:40 shown.

    *. Pretty ho hum match here. Duggan's no selling makes the match really boring. But I give Shawn credit for almost carrying him to a decent bout.

  • Monsoon comes back on to end the tape. He says to stay tune for more unusual matches that are happening as we speak. Damn that guy was awesome.

  • end of tape.

    4 matches. Total Match time: 43 minutes, 43 seconds.

  • Overall: Pretty good tape. I recommend buying it if you can get it for a cheap price like I did. Ebay is your best bet or Wal-mart. They should have made the first match kid/razor and the last match hart/michaels, so the crap would have been sandwitched by 2 good matches.

    Jeff Harris

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