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Jeff Harris



Here is my recap of Summerslam '99. I haven't been able to find '98, '91, and '93 yet, so here ya go.


  • show opens.

  • Commentary is by Jim Ross and Jerry the King Lawler.

  • Ventura lays down the law to HHH and Chyna. Ventura says the pinfall must be in the ring, and HHH says he will break any rule he wants. You tell 'em Game!

  • Jericho scolds the Fink for being late with his bags. This was basically a modified Jericho/Ralphus angle in WWF.

  • DLo Brown (c) vs Jeff Jarrett w/Debra for the EuroContinental Title. This is close to Jarrett's peak in WWF when he finally gets over and leaves a couple of months later. Jarrett and Debra (in one of her "hot" outfits) enter. Who is more plastic, Madusa or Debra? JJ scolds her, because Jarrett wants all the spot light and banishes her to the back. Lawler is upset the puppies are gone. A-hole chant for Jarrett. Debra decides to be Dlo's valet and Dlo agrees. Bell ring and match starts.

    Punches to Dlo and irish whip, reversal, and a hiptoss by Dlo. JJ ducks a clothesline, but Dlo gets a flying forearm. Punch, irish whip, JJ blocks a military press, gets a kick, but runs into a powerslam. Irish whip and another powerslam on JJ gets 2. JJ leaves the ring. He goes back in and sneaks up on Dlo, doesn't work. Jarrett reverses an irish whip, but gets caught in the sky high short powerbomb for 2. Jarrett is able to apply a sleeper, Dlo reverses it into a standing vertical suplex. Dlo plays the crowd, goes to the 2nd turnbuckle, and flies off. JJ catches Dlo into a sideslam. Textbook dropkick sends Dlo to the barricade. Dlo gets beat up outside and JJ goes back in. JJ flies off the apron, but Dlo is able to slam JJ's head onto the barricade. DLo clotheslines JJ over the barricade and attempts to suplex him back over. JJ reverses and slams into the apron and ringpost.

    Back in the ring. Dlo gets his head slammed to the turnbuckle. JJ wraps Dlo's arm over the ropes. Punches by both men. JJ gets irish whipped to the corner but gets a reverse elbow on the charging Dlo. He grabs Dlo's arm, goes to the 2nd rope, and gets a tornado single arm ddt!!! JJ continues to work over the arm. JJ goes for a 10 punch in the corner but Dlo turns it into a hotshot. Irish whip to opposite corner, but JJ ducks under Dlo. Dlo is able to connect with a running powerbomb on JJ to signal the KO. Both men back up. Dlo ducks a clothesline and gets a tiltawhirl sideslam. Calf kick and scoop slam on JJ leads to the Dlo legdrop for 2. Belly to back suplex sets up a somersault senton to JJ which misses. Debra gets on the apron to distract the ref while JJ gets the geetar. JJ yells at Debra. Henry runs in the ring and grabs the geetar, but he kabongs Dlo with it! JJ pins Dlo to become the 2nd Eurocontinental champion at 7:27. It was all a setup. As Tony Jabroni would say, "WHAT A SWERVE!!!!!!"

    **. Decent opener. Stupid ending thanks to Russo booking, and match was too short. The IC title doesn't really become good again until guys like Jericho and Benoit start getting it.

  • Cole interviews Edge and Christian. They said they are going to become the #1 contenders. They said they outgrew Gangrel and they are on their own now. This is before Edge and Christian really break out with their personalities and mic skills.

  • Tag Team Turmoil for the #1 contendership. 6 teams, only 2 teams in at one time. Once one team gets pinned, the winning team fights the next team to enter, almost like a battle royal.

    Edge and Christian vs the New Brood Hardyz w/Gangrel.

    Edge and Matt start. Matt reverses an irish whip but gets a kick to the head and a side russian legsweep. Christian is tagged in and they double irish whip and hiptoss Matt for 2. Irish whip, Matt ducks a clothesline, but gets a leg lariat from Christian. Jeff runs in, but gets a backdrop. Gangrel gets a cheapshot on Christian, and Matt gets a rollup for 2. Jeff is tagged in and the Hardyz H-bomb Christian. Jeff gets 2. Fall forward powerslam to Christian and Jeff nails a springboard body splash for 2. Matt tagged in. Christian is whipped to the corner. Jeff jumps off Matt and gets a leg lariat on Christian. Matt punches at Christian and covers him for 2. Matt chokes Christian on the ropes and Jeff legdrops him. Legdrop by Matt gets 2. Jeff is tagged. Vertical suplex by Matt sets up the Senton Bomb by Jeff. Edge gets in and saves Christian from a 3 count. Tag to Matt. The Hardys attempt another H-bomb, but Christian flips over and gets a double fall forward inverted ddt! Tag to Edge. Cltohesline to Jeff and Matt. Knockdown to Jeff and a scoopslam for Matt. Matt tosses Edge outside, and Christian tosses out Jeff. Christian and Matt irish whip Jeff and Edge to the barricade. Both men run off the barricade and Edge connects witha mid-air spear!!!!!!! The innovators of offense!!!! Gangrel attacks Edge, but Christian nails the mock-vampire down with a flying body press off the top to the floor. Matt then nails Christian with a moonsault. Back in, Matt goes for a superplex on Christian, but Edge gets Matt on his shoulders and delivers an electric chair drop! Christian nails a big elbow on Matt for 3! and the hardys elimination at 5:20.

    Viscera and Mideo are out next. CAN YOU SMELL THE WORKRATE!!!!!! and Christian start. Irish whip to opposite corners and a Samoan drop by fatty. The tattooed wonder is tagged in. Double irish whip, double back elbow smash, and double elbow drop by the fatasses. Weird looking hiptoss and kneedrop by Mideon gets 2. Scoop slam and Mideon misses a 2nd rope elbow drop. Tag to Edge. Forearm shot to Mideon and an irish whip followed by a back body drop. Edge tries to takedown Vis with a clothesline. 2nd attempt leads to a crappy leg lariat by fat man. Irish whip to Edge in the corner, and Vis charges. Edge pulls Mideon in front of him, and Vis splashes him. Double drop kick and shoulderblock to teh stunned Vis. Spear to Mideon gets 3 and elimination at 7:01.

    Here come Droz and Fuzzy Wuzzy Prince Albert. the Blondes double clothesline Albert outside. Droz gets an inverted atomic drop and a lariat on Edge. Droz stomps at Edge. Irish whip and a spinning reverse elbow smash by Droz. Albert is tagged in and he lays it into Edge in the corner. Albert misses a blind charge into the corner. Edge attempts an irish whip, but Albert pulls him into a the midsection. The prince then nails a torture rack necbreaker. Christian bails out Edge from a 3 count. Christian tosses out Droz and nails a pescado. Irish whip and a military press to edge, but Christian chopblocks the leg. Edge falls on top of Albert for 2. Edge gets a downward spiral on Albert for 3 and their elimination at 8:50.

    Acolytes immediately storm the ring and attack the Blondes. Edge and Bradshaw start while Farooq punishes Christian outside. Irish whip and a big boot to Edge. Irish whip and a duck by Bradshaw, but Edge gets a swinging neckbreaker. Missile Dropkick off the top by Edge. Edge goes for a 10 punch on Bradshaw but gets powerbombed. Christian breaks the pin. Faroog is tagged in and gets an arrogant cover to Edge for 2. Irish whip, Edge ducks a clothesline and gets a leg lariat. Bradshaw is tagged in and clotheslines Christian down. Some punishment in the corner gets 2 on Edge who grabs the ropes to break the pin. Belly to back suplex almost gets 3 for Bradsahw. Farooq tagged in. Rib breaker and an arrogant cover gets 2 on Edge. Farooq cinches on a chinlock. Edge powers out but gets a spinebuster for his troubles. Arrogant cover gets another 2 for Farooq. Edge escapes the Dominator and gets a DDT. Christian and Bradshaw are both tagged in. Dropkick to both acolytes. Blondes double clothesline Farooq out. Edge drop kicks Bradshaw and baseball slides Farooq. Farooq is able to crotch Christian on the top rope. Bradshaw goes for a superplex, but Christian is able to nail a tornado DDT for 2. Edge inverted powerbombs Christian on top of Bradshaw! Farooq breaks the pin. Hollys are out at ringside. Bradshaw gets a clothesline from Hell on Christian for 3! and their elimination at 13:35.

    Hollys storm in the ring and attack the Acolytes. Crash and Farooq start. Dropkick to Farooq. Crash irish whips and ducks. Farooq gets a kick to the head and a clothesline on Crash. Farooq nails the Dominator on Crash but Bob runs in to deck Farooq. Double flying shoulderblock by the Acolytes on Bob gets 2 for Farooq. Irish whip, but Farooq ducks and hardcore gets a vertical suplex. Crash tags himself in but gets a lariat from Farooq. Farooq tosses out Crash so Bradshaw can beat him up and rolls him back in to get 2 for Farooq. Bradshaw tagged in and he gets a swinging neckbreaker for 2. Farooq is tagged in and Bob is able to tag himself in. Bob gets a clothesline, but the Hollys fight over the cover and get into a brawl. Bob turns around to geta spinebuster from Farooq for 3, to get the win and the #1 contendership on RAW for the Acolytes at 16:23.

    ***. Good but it really starts to drag after the Hardys are eliminated. Hardys and the Suicide Blondes don't really break out until October with the Ladder Match.

  • BlunderTaker and Pig Slow are walking.

  • Al Snow comforts his puppy, the long departed Pepper.

  • Bluntman (aka Road Dogg) comes out. He challenges the winner of the hardcore title match to a match on Raw. Jericho pops up on the Summerslam set to belittle Road Dogg. Basically an identical interview to his debut on August 9. Blunt Man calls Jericho a bitch and tells him to suck it. Jericho seems upset.

  • Bossman (c) vs Al Snow for the hardcore title. Road Dogg does his doped up color commentary. Al deposits Pepper in a cage in the back. Al Snow enters and gets on a set piece. Bossman enters, but Snow flies off and body presses him. Bell ring and match starts.

    Regular, crappy hardcore match here. Opponents fight in the back and to the streets and into a bar. Dogg hits Bossman with a stick so Al can pin him on a pool table for the win and the title at 7:27.

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  • Ventura explains to Mankind the match must finish in the ring. Foley instead tries to talk politics.

  • Tori vs Ivory (c) fo the Women's title. Ivery has her scarf and title. The announcers recap the fued. Tori runs to the ring. Irish whip and powerslam by Tori. The girls brawl outside. Damn this women's wrestling is exciting! not. Ivory gulliotines Tori when she tries to get back in. Back elbow gets 1 for Ivory. Irish whip and a knee to midsection by Tori., followed by 2 snap suplexes. Tori kicks and dropkicks Ivory for 2. Ivory pulls the hair and gets a hairpull bulldog, followed by 3 consecutive hair beals and a choke on the ropes. Someone wake me when its over. Legdrop and big swing by Ivory gets 2. Tori gets a spear on Ivory and hits an over the head powerbomb. Cross-body off the second rope gets 2 for Tori. Tori gets a sunset flip for 1. Tori attempts a second one but Ivory sits on her for 3 at 4:04.

    DUD. Sorry, I don't like women's wrestling. After the match luna makes the save from Tori getting her topped ripped off.

  • Cole interviews Rock. Rock thinks Cole is looking at him and says Cole is a little coomsie cumsa. You know its very rude of the Rock to probably bring back Cole's repressed memories of Pat Patterson. Rock explains he will beat the talentless Billy.

  • Billy guides a cloaked figure.

  • Recap of Blackmn/Shamrock fued.

  • Lion's Den Weapons Match: Ken Shamrock vs Steve Blackman. "This will not be for the weak at heart." Hey I felt like I lost my kidneys on my first recap JR. This is a walk in the park for me. Ken and Steve enter the hokey structure. Bell rings and match starts.

    Blackman whips out the noonchucks and swings them at Ken. Dragon screw leg whip into a leglock by Shamrock. Steve gets out of the hold, but Ken gets the chucks. Legsweep by Blackman, and he grabs the chucks and chokes Ken with them. Arm drag into a cross armbreaker by Ken. Ken tosses out the chucks and slams Steve's head into the cage. Irish whip into the cage and a super kick by Ken. Ken grabs a kendo stick, but Steve blocks the attack and irish whips Ken into the cage. Inverted atomic-drop by Steve. Steve grabs some dueling sticks and lays in on Ken. Irish whip to Ken, but he jumps off the cage and gets a flying shoulderblock. Belly to back suplex off the cage by Shamrock.

    Blackman is able to nail a DDT on Ken. Ken keeps Steve from climbing out. Irish whip off the cage and powerslam to Steve. Both men duck round house kicks, and Steve eventually gets an insiguri. Steve grabs a kendo stick and creams Ken with it numerous times. Shamrock ducks the lethal kick and nails a belly to belly suplex. Ken snaps and blows up at Steve with the kendo stick. Steve is KO'ed and Ken wins at 9:06.

    **1/4. Suprisingly decent contest. I was expecting it to suck.

  • smackdown promo.

  • Love her or leave her match: Test vs Shane w/the Posse. Fued recap. Test comes out with his ribs bandaged. Shanes comes out followed by the injured members of the posse who sit at a couch at ringside. Test takes down Shane. Bell rings and match starts.

    Shane gets a spear on test on his way into the ring and punches away. Test rolls it over and lifts Shane in a double-choke to the corner. Irish whip and a back body drop by Test. Shane runs outside and Test follows. Test rams Shane into the steps, and misses a boot. They brawl on the outside. Shane clotheslines Test back over the barricade. Shane jumps off the barricade and gets powerslammed! Test slaps at the Posse, and Joey Abs spits champagne at Test. Test catches Shane into a military press and tosses him into the posse. We get a shot of Steph in the back laughing. Test creams the posses with a cookie sheet, the Posse retaliates and beats down Test. Shane naisl Test with a mailbox, a do not enter sign, and a glass portrait of the posse. Shane rolls Test in and gets 2. Shot of Steph with a look of concern. Shane leapfrogs over Test and gets a jumping reverse elbow smash. Shane misses a corkscrew moonsault off the top. Shane tries to leapfrog Test, but Test catches him in a fall forward powerbomb for 2. Test accidentally boots the ref, and then clotheslines Shane outside.

    Test nails Shane with a sign and scoop slams him on the floor. Shane is rolled back into the ring and the Posse attacks Test. They lay Test out on the Spanish announce table. Shane comes flying off the top with a big elbow to Test on the table!!!!! urrrgghhh!!! Shot of Steph caressing her beautiful hair for me, or probably looking concerned for her man. Posse throws some water at Shane to wake him up. Test is rolled back in. Shane cover for 1...2...3! NO!!!!!! Kickout by Test. Pete accidentally hits Shane with a sign, and Test boots him. Cover on Shane for 2 after Abs pulls Shane. Rodney hits Test with his cast and puts Shane on Test for the cover for 2. The Stooges come out and beatdown Pete and Rodney. Test big boots a chair in Ab's face. Shane misses a blind charge, and Test nails a pump handle front powerslam. Test nails his patented big elbow off the top to finish it at 12:04.

    ***1/2. Probably the best match either guy ever had. Test's push pretty much goes to pot after the HHH marries Stephanie. Unless you count his short hardcore title reign.

  • Post match, The stooges celebrate with Test and Stephanie.

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  • Tag team title fued recap.

  • Cole interviews X-pac and Kane. Xpac says he and Kane are homies.

  • Kane(c) and Xpac(c) vs the Twin Fat Asses, BlunderTaker and the Pig Slow DOWN! for the Tag titles. The combatants enter. Xpac's skills haven't totally deteriorated yet. Bell rings and match starts.

    The teams brawl to start. Taker and Show double team Kane. Kane ducks a Show clothesline and gets one on Taker. Kane clotheslines Show out. Xpac comes out of nowhere witha flying crossbody on Taker for 2. Taker beats Pac like a bitch. Full arm dragon twist and arm wrenches by taker. Taker misses a shortarm clothesline, Kane tagged in. Pac and Kane get their shots of Taker in the corner, and Kane clotheslines Taker out. Xpac gets a flying forearm off the arpong to Taker. Taker tries to chokeslam Xpac on the floor, but Kane pulls Pac in. Back in, flying lariat for Taker by Kane. Show pulls out Xpac. Irish whip by Kane, but Taker gets a DDT. Show is tagged in. Show beats down kane. Kane gets a back eblow and ducks a clothesline, but Show gets a big boot. Elbow drop and a choke by Show. Kane tries for a comeback, but gets powerslammed for 2. Taker is tagged in. The brother go at it. Irish whip and a double clotheslines spot. Pac comes in and manages a leg lariat on Taker for 2. Pac kicks at Taker, but Show slams him down by the hair. Pac tossed outside so Show can military press Pac on the guard rail.

    Show tosses Xpac back in. Taker crothces Xpac into the ring post outside. Back in, Show head butts Xpac's groin. Scoopslam and a knee drop by Show. Elbow drop misses. Xpac gets up and jumps into a bearhug. Pac bites Show's nose to get out, but runs into a double handed chokeslam. Kane breaks the pin. SHow goes for a chokeslam, but kane breaks that up, and xpac nails a low blow to Show. Taker is tagged in, but he gets a low blow as well. Kane tagged in. 3 clotheslines to Taker. Xpac comes in and kicks Taker outside, while Kane works on Show. Taker blocks an Xpac pescado, but Xpac is able to ram Tkaer to the post. Xpac is tagged in and Bronco Buster Show. Tkaer gets an inverted gulliotine on Kane. Pac checks out Kane and Taker, but gets caught in a chokeslam. Show covers Xpac with his foot, and Pac barely gets a shoulder up to break the 3 count. Taker tags himself in and nails a tombstone for 3 to finish it at 12:01, for the win and the titles.

    *. Nothing really special here. Taker's skills have pretty much already deteriorated here, and Big Show pretty much always sucked.

  • Smackdown! ad.

  • Ventura tells Austin to do whatever he wants, but the pin and finish has to be in the ring. Austin doesn't say a word or acknowledge Ventura and brushes him off.

  • Kiss My Ass Match: Billy Gunn w/Fat Woman vs the Rock. Gunn comes out with a fat woman, with an ass he wants Rock to kiss after he beats him. Rock comes out and absorbs the crowd reaction. Gunn attacks Rock. Bell rings and match starts.

    Gunn lays it into Rock in the corners. Irish whip reversed by Rock, Gunn ducks a clothesline, but Rock gets in the punches. Gunn gets in the corner, and he recieves kicks from Rock and the Spit punch. Gunn gets punched to the barricade, and Rock follows. Rock hammers Gunn's head around the arena. Gunn reverses an irish whip into a railing for seats and gets a clothesline on Rock. Snake eyes to Roc on the guard rail. Rock whips Gunn into the lion's den and gets a clothesline on Gunn. Man this is exciting! not. Rock gets smashed into the steel steps. Gunn then gets his head smashed to the announcing table. Rock puts Lawler's crown on Gunn and lays him out. He spits water at Gunn. Gunn then lays out Rock with the ring bell.

    Back in the ring. Knee drop by Gunn for 2. Choke by Gunn. Rock comes back with an irish whip and a clothesline. Gunn comes back with a fall behind neckbreaker for 2. Bulldog by Gunn out of the corner gets 2. Rock is in the corner, and Gunn gets the stinger splash. Rock comes out of the corner with a right!!!! AMAZING!!!! Irish whip reversed and a reverse elbow smash by Gunn. Irish whip by Gunn, but the Rock connects with a floatover DDT for 2. Irish whip reversed by Gunn, but Rock gets a sloppy swining neckbreaker for 2. Samoan drop by Rock gets 2. Gunn blocks the uranage and gets the fame-asser on the Rock. Instead of pinning Rocky, he decides to try to stick his face in the fat woman's ass. Instead Rock stick gunn's face into that ugly, large ass. A rock bottom and a people's elbow finishes it for 3 at 10:12.

    *1/2. I gave this silly match that rating, because...well thats the one it deserves. Gunn's main event attempt was very unsuccessful, because he just can't do it. The guy is a tag team wrestler and it shows. He is not at all a very good singles competitor.

  • recap of world title fued.

  • Stone Cold(c) vs HHHw/chyna vs Mankind for the World title. Ventura enters first and says he is proud to be here. Mankind is out next. HHH enters after Foley with his companion Chyna. Austin is out last and gets a great pop. Bell rings and match starts.

    Brawl by Austin and HHH. Foley drags out HHH and lays it in. Mankind whips HHH into a clothesline by Austin. Back in. Mankind and Austin trade punches on Foley. Irish whip and an abdomen punch by Austin and a running knee lift by Foley. Mankind hugs Austin and asks for a handshake, but Austin punches out Mic. Mankind blocks ths Stunner and throws Austin into HHH, who falls outside. All 3 on the outside. Austin knocks down both men. Foley gets and irish whip into the aprong and then gets clothesline by Austin. Chyna rams Foley into the ringpost. Austin starts to choke HHH with the wires. HHH gets a chair and waffles Austin's bad knee with it.

    Back in the ring. Ventura asks HHH if he hit Austin with a chair. HHH denies it. Ventura asks the crowd and I think they say yes. Irish whip by Mankind, but HHH gets the knee to facebuster. HHH stomps a mudhole into Mankind. Irish whip and a clothesline ducked by Mankind, who applies the mandible claw. Chyna pulls down Foley and crotches him to the ringpost. Ventura runs out Chyna. Austin goes after HHH. He beats him around the arena.

    Back in the ring. HHH is able to wrap Austin's leg around the ringpost. HHH chopblocks Austin's bad knee. Foley and HHH trade stomps into Austin. Double irish whip and double clothesline by Mankind and HHH on Austin. Spinning toe hold by HHH on Austin, with a legdrop on Austin by Mankind. Cactus clothesline to HHH. Mankind misses a somersault off the apron to HHH. Austin tries to pull HHH back in, but HHH gets a gulliotine. Austin counters the leg wrapping, and clotheslines HHH over the barricade. Brawl in the crowd. Mankind goes for a piledriver, but Austin turns it into a backdrop.

    Back in the ring. Austin continues his devasting punch assault. He gets Foley in the corner and lays in the shoulder thrusts. HHH attempts a pedigree on Austin, but Austin gets a double leg takedown and catapaults HHH into foley. Austin gets a stunner on Mankind, but HHH breaks the pin with a chairshot to the back of Austin. HHH grills Mankind with a chair. Ventura refuses to count a pin for HHH. They almost get into a brawl. Shane comes in to yell at Jesse, but Austin stunts him. Jesse tosses Shane outside. Double clothesline by Austin and HHH. Mankind whips out Socko. Mandible claw for Austin and HHH! Lowblow by Austin breaks it. Austin lariats HHH out of a pedigree on Mankind. Austin heabutts HHH to Mankind. Stunner by Austin on HHH. Foley breaks the pin. Pedigree on Austin. Foley knocksdown HHH. Double-arm DDT to Austin. 1...2...3! Foley gets the pin and his third world title win at 16:23. Match was pretty pointless because HHH wins the title the next night.

    **1/2. Many people thought this match was 4 stars, but I thought differently. The match was a big clusterf*ck, and the wrestling in it wasn't very good. The match was supposed to be HHH and Austin, and HHH was supposed to go over clean, but Austin isn't a company man. He decided to be a pussy and give the win to Foley. I mean I think it makes Foley look stupid to win the title just so he can lose it to HHH. Austin's best days were way behind him as you can tell in his 99 matches. HHH didn't really start stepping it up with the workrate for a little while.

    Overall: Not that good of a ppv. I think Vince McMahon gave Russo too much booking power around this time. CRZ even noted you should say no to most of Russo's ideas. Anyway the WWF product got head over heals better after Russo left, especially pay per views. However the weekly tv nowadays can seem pretty ridiculous.

    Jeff Harris

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