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NOTE: I apologize to all who read my review of Wrestle Mania 10. It had too many typos in it, and I didn't proofread it very well. In addition, I meant to give the Bam Bam Bigelow/Luna vs Doink/Dink match minus 3 stars rather than 3.


  • Live from the Mead Lands Arena. August 20, 1989.

  • The Hart Foundation vs the Brain Busters(c) w/Bobby the Brain Heenan in a non-title match. If Bret and Jim win, they get a title shot. Jesse says if they lose they will not get one for a year. Bell rings and match starts.

    Bret and Tully start. Double-lockup and a break. Bret pushes off a side-headlock, arm drag takedown. Another arm drag takedown followed by a full arm dragon twist by Bret. Bret elbows the arm, but Tully is able to get a tag. Drop toe hold to Bret, but the Hitman is able to get out of a side-headlock. Hammerlock into a scoop slam by Bret. Tag to Anvil. Anvil works on the arm and applies a wristlock. Tag to Bret. Bret holds on to the wristlock and legdrops the arm of Anderson. The Foundation double-team Arn in the corner. Tag to Anvil. Anvil wrenches the arm and pulls Arn to his corner to keep him from tagging. Tag to Bret. Arm drag takedown by Bret into an armbar, but Arn is able to get a legscissor hold on Bret. Bret gets out of it. Tag to Tully.

    Bret blocks a kick and tags in Anvil. Anvil blocks a hiptoss and nails a facebuster. Full arm dragon twist takeover. Tag to Bret. Bret holds on the wristlock. Tag to Anvil. Tully comes back with some chops, but Anvil doesn't sell it. Whip to both corners. Bret gets tagged in and elbow drops Tully. Hammerlock applied by Bret. Reversal into an overhead wristlock by Tully. Arn sneaks in and applies one to the other arm of Bret. Bret flips and delivers a double-hiptoss to the brainbusters. Neato spot. Bret gives chase to Tully, Arn is able to sneak in a clothesline on Bret. Arn gets tagged in. Double axehandle and a scoopslam sets Bret up for a corner sling body splash (aka Vader BOMB!!!). Bret gets the knees up. Tag to Tully.

    Tully reverses an irish whip, single leg takedown by Bret, and a kick to Tully's abdomen. Tag to Anvil. Tully springboards off the corner, but Anvil catches him in a bearhug. Tully in the corner, and Anvil pummels him. Arn gets the backhit in, and Bret punches him to the outside. Arn pulls Tully out of the way of an Anvil shoulderblock. Tag to Arn. Arn kicks at Jim. Tag to Tully. Tully nails an elbowdrop off the top rope. Camel clutch to Anvil. Anvil powers out, but Arn is tagged in. Irish whip and an abdomen punch to Anvil gets 2. Tag to Tully. Tully lays some punches in on Anvil. Tag to Arn. Anvil comes back with a clothesline. Bret sneaks in a knee to the back of Arn. Bret tagged in. Reverse elbow to Tully and a scoopslam to both men. Clothesline to Tully and Arn. Dropkick to Arn. Scoopslam to Tully sets up a second rope elbow drop by Bret. Vertical suplex by Bret, but he breaks the cover to go after Arn.

    Bret clotheslines Tully and Anvil takes Arn to the outside. Inverted atomic drop by Bret. Bret slingshots Anvil off the apron into a flying shoulderblock to Tully. Scoopslam by Anvil. Anvil reverse powerslams Bret off the top rope onto Tully for the cover. Arn goes to the second rope and nails a flying double-axehandle on the back of Bret. He covers. 1...2...3! The Brainbusters win at 16:23. Yeah both were legal.

    ****. Great tag team match. The in-ring pyschology and pacing of this match was great. I think Bret pretty much carried the Hart Foundation tag team though. Bret and Jim don't get the belts until Summerslam a year later from this one.

  • Mene Gene interviews Dusty Rhodes who looks like he is in the Village People. He talks trash to Honky Tonk man. I almost go deaf listening to him blabber.

  • Honky Tonk Man w/ the Mouth of the South, Jimmy Hart vs the American Dream, the one and only true Texan, Dusty Rhodes. Dusty and Honkster make their respective entrances. Bell rings and match starts.

    Back body drop by Rhodes. Honky scuttles out of the ring. He goes back in, and Rhodes messes up his hair. Rhodes ducks a clothesline and gets an inverted atomic drop. Dusty takes Honky Tonk Man to the corner and gives him the 10 punches. Both trade side-headlocks. Jimmy tries to trip Dusty, and Dusty goes after him. Honky hits Dusty with the megaphone and gets a 2 on Rhodes.

    Sleeper hold applied by Honky. Dusty powers out, but Honky gets a kitchen sink knee lift. Back to the sleeper. Dusty powers out and gets a scoopslam. Dusty misses the elbow drop. Honky goes back to the sleeper. Dusty comes back and dances around while he punches Honky Tonk Man. Honky sends Rhodes into the ref, and the ref is out. Jimmy accidentally hits Honky Tonk Man with the gee-tar. Dusty nails his patented elbow drop for 3 at 9:36.

    DUD. Match did nothing for me.

  • Honky Tonk man gets interviewed after the match. He thinks he is Elvis and Jimmy is Mrs. Presley.

  • Show starts with commentary by Jesse "the Body" Ventura and Tony Schivaonne.

  • Mr. Perfect vs the Red Rooser. Perfect is already in the ring when we start. Rooster makes his entrance. You know after the past years of WWF and WCW viewing here is what I came up with. Vince McMahon booking=campy stupid. Vince Russo booking=vulgar stupid. Bell rings and match starts.

    Shove fight to start. Double-lockup, arm drag by Perfect. Fireman carry takedown by Perfect. Rooster goes for a scoopslam, but falls down and Perfect gets a lateral press for 2. Dropkick to Rooster. They brawl a bit, then Perfect nails the Perfect Plex for 3 at 3:21.

    1/4*. That is mainly because I was a Perfect mark back in the day.

  • Mene Gene interviews Rick Rude and Bobby "the Brain" Heenan. The Summerslam sign falls down. Cut to shots of the arena. Jesse says its all Gene's fault. Back to the interview. Rude talks about how Warrior promised the warrior maniacs that he would win the title tonight. Rude calls Warrior the Ultimate Liar.

  • The Rockers and Tito Santana vs the Rougeau Brothers and Rick Martel w/ Bobby "the Brain" Heenan and Slick. The heels come out to All American Boys and are waving little American flags while singing the song. This is good tv. Bell rings and match starts.

    Tito and Jacques will start things off. Double-lockup. Irish whip to Jacques. The Rockers come in and double-hiptoss Jacques. Tito crossbodies Raymond and Martel. The faces send the heels out to regroup. Marty and Jacques go at it. Tag to Raymond. Savate kick by Raymond. Tag to Martel. Marty punches down Martel and tags Tito, but Martel rushes to a tag for Raymond. Tito gets a clothesline for 2. Side-headlock by Tito. Kneelift by Raymond gets 1. Tag to Jacques. The bros double-team Tito. Tag to Rick Martel. Double-snake eyes by Jacques and Rick on Tito. Martel hammers Tito. Tag to Jacques, and Tito recieves a textbook dropkick. Jacques keeps keeps Tito from tagging. Tag to the Model. Martel shoulder thrusts Tito in the corner. Tito is able to come out of the corner with a sunset flip for 2. Martel comes back with a blatant choke. Tag to Raymond, Martel gives Santana a rib-breaker for good measure.

    Boston Crab by Raymond. Jacques sneaks in a big knee drop on Tito. Raymond gets 2. Tag to Jacques and an abdominal stretch. Martel assists by pulling Jacques arm, but Hebner doesn't see it. Tito arm drags Jacques off. Jacques is able to sneak in a tag to Martel. Rick runs in and gets an elbow drop. They brawl a bit, and Jacques eventually gets tagged. Tito gets a crossbody for 2. Tag to Raymond. He gets a 2 on Tito. Tito comes off the ropes with a sunset flip for 2. Raymond retaliates with a chinlock. Jacques gets tagged in. Jumping reverse elbow smash on Tito for 2. Jacques accidentally knee lifts Raymond. Tito gets the tag to Shawn! Jacques meanwhile tags Rick.

    Shawn back drops Martel. Dropkick and a vertical suplex by Shawn. Michaels climbs to the top and nails a knee drop off the top rope. Tag to Marty. Shawn body press drops Marty on Martel, and Marty covers. Jannetty gets out of the way of a Jacques elbow drop, and Jacques hits Rick. The Rockers whip the Rougeaus into Martel. Tito sends Martel down with a big flying forearm.

    Pier-six brawl erupts. Martel gets a cheapshot on Marty and covers him for 3 at 14:58.

    ***. Good match, but the ending was pretty lame. Not enough of the Rockers in the match and too much face in peril by Tito.

  • Intercontinental Title fued recap. We start at Royal Rumble '89 with Rude beating down the Warrior. Fast forward to Wrestlemania 5, when Rude wins the Intercontinental title from Warrior after Heenan held Warrior's feet when he attempted a suplex. In turn, Rude got a cover and 3 count on Warrior. Now we go to Prime Time wrestling in July with Rude beating down Warrior after the Ultimate One's match with Haku. Next is WWF superstars. Rude has an interview and Warrior shows up and beats the crap out of him. Finally, we go to WWF Superstars a week before this event. Andre the Giant gives a beating to the Warrior.

  • Mene Gene interviews the Warrior. Warrior promises he will win and that Rude will bow to the gods above. Hellwig says he will pin Rude, 1-2-3.

  • Rick Rude (c) with Bobby "the Brain Heenan" vs the Ultimate Warrior for the Intercontinental title. Rude does his old pre-match promo. Warrior makes his entrance and he seems jakked. In other words he is totally no selling his beatdown from the Giant. Bell rings and match starts.

    The Ultimate One tries to pysche out Rude by huffing and puffing. Side kick by Rude, and Warrior no sells. Rights by Rick, irish whip, reversed by Warrior, Rude ducks a clothesline, Warrior does the same, and clotheslines Rude to the outside. Rude is on the apron and goes for a sunset flip, but Warrior blocks it. Military press by Warrior, and he drops Rude to the mats on the outside! Warrior goes outside and slams Rude's face to the apron and the time keeper's table. Warrior then whacks Rude with Rick's own IC title belt. Jesse is upset there is no disqualification for that. Vertical suplex on the floor by Warrior.

    Both men go back in. Warrior beats his chest like Tarzan. Warrior tosses Rude outside the ring and follows him out. Scoop and a slam on the floor by Warrior. Rude goes back in, and Warrior climbs to the top rope. Flying double axehandle gets 2. Irish whip to the corner and a right by Warrior. Whip to the opposite corner, pick up, and a scoopslam by on Rude gets 2. Vertical suplex gets another 2 for Warrior. Running-Manhatten drop by Warrior. Warrior does the Ravishing Wiggle to mock the Ravishing One. Damn that Warrior. Atomic whip (atomic drop without the knee) by Warrior. Warrior goes up top, but Rude punches him, and Warrior gets crotched. He topples to the ring.

    Warrior actually sells like his groin is in pain. Rude starts to forearm the back of Warrior, and Warrior still sells! Snap suplex by Rude gets 2. Rude goes back to forearming the back of Warrior. Warrior won't stop selling. Is this really Jim Hellwig, or possibly a robot? Rude hooks on a camel clutch. Warrior tries to power out of it, but Rude buttdrops him. Warrior keeps popping up from it. Forearm to the back of Warrior gets 2. Roundhouse kick by Rude, and that sets up the Rude Awakening. Warrior pushes Rude's hands off. Rude ducks a shortarm clothesline and gets a sleeper hold. Rude almost gets Warrior down, but Warrior nails a jawbreaker. Rude pushes off a side-headlock, but both men collide with a shoulderblock. Rude accidentally knocks out the ref. Both men are out. Heenan revives Rude. Warrior shakes himself up and no sells Rude's punches. Right hand and an irish whip sets up a big back body drop by Warrior. Warrior winds up and shakes the ropes. Rude gets sent down by 3 consecutive running clotheslines. Irish whip and a powerslam by Warrior.

    Warrior covers, but there is no ref to make the count. Warrior revives the ref. Piledriver to Rude. The ref crawls over, Warrior almost gets a 3-count, but Rude gets a foot on the ropes. Pickup and a running-powerslam by Warrior. Warrior goes for the splash, but Rude gets the knees up. Warrior sells it. Rude going for a piledriver, no--GANSO BOMB!!! Rude gets the cover, but only a 2-count on Warrior. Lunging elbow drop by Rude. Rude goes up top, and comes down with a fist drop. That gets 2. Piper makes his way to ringside. Piledriver on Warrior gets another 2-count. Rude starts talking trash to Piper and poses. Piper moons Rick, while Warrior is getting up. Rude is up on the second rope talking trash to Piper. Waistlock by Warrior, and a GERMAN SUPERPLEX OFF THE SECOND ROPE!!!!!! This can't be the Warrior. I refuse to believe it. Tony Jabroni, like Jim Ross, calls it a belly to back suplex. Flying shoulder block by Warrior sets up the military press drop. Jumping splash on Rude gives Warrior the 3, the win, and his second Intercontinental title at 16:02.

    ***1/2. Suprisingly great match here. One of the few, fabled good matches by the Warrior. However, Warrior did no sell the back at the end though, and the finish was a bit anticlimatic as you could predict all the moves that lead to the finish after that wicked german suplex.

  • 5 minute intermission.

  • Time for the main event fued recap.

  • Big Bossman, Andre the Giant, and Akeem vs the Demoltion and King Hacksaw Jim Duggan in a 6 man tag team battle. Bell rings and match starts. How much do I care about my Jeffreyoholics for recapping this match?

    Duggan and Akeem start. Duggan hammers on Akeem a bit and tags in Axe. Axe smashes the arm of Akeem after a full arm dragon twist. Tag to Smash. Demoliton double-teams Akeem and beats him down. Full arm dragon twist, and Duggan is tagged in. Duggan drives the arm into the corner, and Axe is tagged in. Axe gets a reverse elbow, but Akeem comes back with a right and tags in the Bossman. Damn, the Bossman used to be a big tub of lard. Axe gets punches him down and tags Smash. They brawl a bit and Duggan is tagged in. Duggan smashes the shoulder with the elbow and tags Axe. Axe gets a front face lock. Bossman punches out and tags Andre the Giant. Andre sits on Axe. Andre then starts to choke Axe with his foot. Bossman comes in and headbutts Axe. Axe gets a boot by Akeem who is tagged in. Akeem misses charge in the corner and Axe tags smash. Smash scoop slams Akeem and Bossman, but Andre sneaks up from behind and decks him. Elbow drop by Bossman. Big splash, but Duggan nails him with a 2 by 4 shot and puts Smash on top of him for 3 at 7:23.

    -**. *GAG* *GAG* *GAG*

  • Finkel announces Ronnie Garvin as the guest ring announcer for the next match.

  • the Mighty Hercules vs Greg "the Hammer" Valentine with the "Mouth of the South" Jimmy Hart. Garvin makes jokes about Valentine as he comes to the ring. Bell rings and match starts. Hercules hammers Greg. Irish whip and a reverse elbow gets 2. Irish whip and a spinning scoopslam gets 2. Schoolboy rollup on Greg gets 2. Greg nails 2 consecutive elbow drops. He goes for a spinning toe hold, but Hercules kicks him off. Snap mare by the Ric Flair ripoff. He goes for a double-axehandle off the top, but Hercules gets a punch to the midsection. Hercules gets a vertical suplex. Greg begs him off in the corner. Greg is able to get a double-leg takedown, covers, and puts his feet on the ropes to get 3 at 3:08.

    DUD. Nothing match here. This second half of the show could kill me.

  • Mene Gene interviews Macho Man, Sensational Sherri, and Zeus. They all look at a smoky cauldron and talk about how they are going to beat up the faces. Once again Vince McMahon=campy stupid.

  • Ted Dibiase (c) with Virgil vs Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka for the Million $ Title. The Million Dollar Man is already in the ring with Virgil. Snuka enters the ring and ducks a million dollar back hit. Bell rings and match starts.

    Snuka punches Ted, headbutt, and Ted goes to regroup outside. Ted back in. Snuka ducks a clothesline and nails an atomic drop. That sends Dibiase outside. Ted goes back in. Double-lockup, side-headlock by Ted. Snuka pushes it off and leap frogs Ted. Snuka drives the million dollar head to the turnbuckle. Ted comes back with a kick. Ted hammers Snuka in the corner. Snuka reverses a whip into the corner and nails a back body drop. Ted tries to beg him off. Ted pushes off a side-headlock, but Snuka gets a shoulderblock. Ted catches a charging Snuka in a hotshot. Snuka gets punched in the corner, and Ted gets a vertical suplex, and Ted gets a vertical suplex and a 2-count on Snuka. Ted starts to knee drop the back. Pickup and rib-breaker by Ted gets 2. Scoopslam by Ted sets up a second rope reverse elbow drop.

    Snuka moves out of the way. Snuka follows it up with rights and headbutts. Scoopslam by Snuka and Snuka goes to second rope. Elbow drop. Snuka calls for superfly and climbs to the top rope. Virgil distracts after him. Virgil gets decked by Snuka, but Ted gets a backhit. Ted rams Snuka into the ringpost, and he slides back into the ringpost, and he slides back into the ring. Snuka gets counted out at 6:27. After the match, Snuka beatsdown Virgil.

    *. This could have been good, but it was way too short, and the ending was bad.

  • the Genius recites a lame heel poem.

  • Macho Man and Zeus with Sensational Sherri vs Hulk Hogan with Miss Elizabeth and Brutus "the Barber" Beefcake. The heels enter and pose around the ring. Brutus comes out and whips out the shears. Hulk Hogan comes out. Tony is ready to go into cardiac arrest. Fink introduces Elizabeth. Bell rings and match starts.

    Both teams go at it. Brutus tosses out Macho Man. Zeus no sells Hogan's punches. Hogan attempts a scoop slam, but he can't do it. Zeus chokes Hogan. Barber goes for a double-axehandle off the second rope, but Zeus catches him in a bearhug. Zeus lets go after a backhit from Hogan. Zeus locks a bearhug on Hogan. Savage gets an elbow smash off the top rope on Hogan. Scoop slam by Macho Man sets up the flying double-axehandle. Knee lift out of the corner by Macho followed by a neck breaker drop on Hogan gets 2. Macho hooks on a sleeper hold. Hogan elbows out and gets 2 shoulderblocks on Macho. Zeus gets a kick on Hogan. Tag to Zeus. Please let it be quick. Hogan gets caught in a bearhug. Hogan tries to power out, but Zeus rams him into the corner. Tag to Macho Man. Savage nails his rnning-over the ropes neck snap. Randy then nails a belly to back suplex for 2. Savage misses 2 elbow drops, and Hogan tags in Brutus.

    Clothesline and a running-knee lift by Beefcake gets 2. Irish whip, Savage ducks a clothesline, but Brutus locks on the sleeper hold. Macho Man is able to send Beefcake's head into the ropes to break it. Zeus is tagged in, and Brutus gouges the eyes. Sleeper hold on Zeus. Macho hits Beefcake with a purse to break it. Macho Man is tagged in and goes for the cover. Hogan pulls his foot after 2. Repeat. Macho sends Brutus into the boot of Zeus and Zeus is tagged in. Brutus gets choked on the ropes. Blatant choke by Zeus. Zeus chokes Brutus in the corner. Brutus gets a snake eyes from Zeus. Tag to Macho Man. Punch, whip reversal by Brutus, Randy ducks a clothesline, double-clothesline spot. Brutus is able to tag Hogan. Hogan hammers Macho and gets a cheapshot on Zeus. Irish whip and a big boot. Macho rolls out of the ring. Hogan tries to suplex him back in, but Sherri grabs Hulk's legs. Macho gets a lateral press for 2. Clothesline to Hulk. Macho climbs up top and nails the big elbow. Hogan pops right back up. REINVIGORATING ELBOW DROP!!!!!

    Atomic drop sends out Macho Man. Hogan hammers Zeus. Liz trips down Sherri off the apron. Brutus trips Randy on the top rope. Hogan whacks Zeus with Sherri's purse. Pickup and a scoopslam. Leg drop finishes it for 3 at 15:04. After the Match, the Barber gives Sherri a haircut.

    DUD. Dammit this match should have been one minute.

    OVERALL: The first half of this show is pretty solid. However, if anyone ever watches a tape of this show only watch the 3 good matches in the first half. Watch the second half at your own risk.

    Jeff Harris

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