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Consider yourself SQUOZEN!

Hi cuties.

I'm CyanIndigo, and I've almost been here a year, and I'm amazed I haven't been canned. (That's it, I'm cutting your salary in half. Now...what's half of zero again? - CRZ)


So what's on the agenda for the next bit? Well, I can't give guarantees, but I will be present at next week's RAW and SMACKDOWN tapings, so perhaps, perhaps, I might provide an On-Site Recap for one.

(I'd like to, we'll have to see how drunk I get.)

I have a new apartment with the painter! Whoo! I can walk around in my underwear free of judgement from bitter roommates!

(Those who know what this feels like can sympathize and smile. The more people you live with, the more it's guaranteed to suck.)

RUMOURS I'VE HEARD AND GATHERED FOR Y'ALL (and a couple of notes from me)

In one of the worst times in WCW history, some major pay-cuts could send shockwaves through the wrestling industry. With WCW projected to lose over $80 million dollars this year, several WCW and Time Warner executives and accountants have been figuring out ways to cut costs within the company. WCW wants all these changes to take place before the AOL-Time Warner merger in December. There is reportedly a list of wrestlers that WCW wants to get rid of, whether it by release or buy-out of contract. This list includes:

  • Hulk Hogan
  • Diamond Dallas Page
  • Bill Goldberg
  • Scott Hall
  • Lex Luger
  • Buff Bagwell

    Vince Russo has had much imput on this topic, and has told Time Warner that he would like to build the company around these people:

  • Booker T.
  • Jeff Jarrett
  • Sting
  • Scott Steiner
  • Kevin Nash

    NOTE: It's no secret that I hate Goldberg; it's just pleasant to hear that everyone else seems to be catching on the fact that he's an over-paid jerk. On an opposite note: releasing Buff Bagwell, and considering him in the money-making bracket with Hogan and Scott Hall? What sort of sense does that make? Unless the WCW is considering canning Bagwell because of his previous neck injuries, he's still young, built, works every week..... what's the problem? If you're thinking that maybe it's the incident with punching a WCW employee in the neck that's left a sour taste in management's mouth, that makes no sense, considering that Scott Steiner has been known for causing trouble, and he's staying on.

    It is believed that when Hardcore Holly returns he will have a very small feud with Kurt Angle.

    NOTE: Why?

    Mona has supposedly been signed by the WWF. The WWF's Kevin Kelly is good friends with Mona and had always said that he regretted not picking her up before WCW did.

    Brian Christopher recently went to WWF officials and complained that Scotty Too Hotty was getting too much of a baby push

    NOTE: What, are they supposed to be heels? Or is this just the basis for the Too Cool split? News for you: neither of these boys have what it takes to have truly successful solo-careers, at least not at this stage of their wrestling career. Team splits are always teased, but often not as successful as you might think. Consider the split of the Road Dogg and Badd Ass Billy Gunn.

    As it turns out, the Vince Russo pre-taped interview that was scheduled to air on WCW Thunder this past Wednesday night really was nixed by WCW management. Brad Siegel decided on Wednesday afternoon that some of the things said in Russo's interview could be litigious in nature and therefore the interview was being pulled from the show.

    NOTE: Mainly, it was some Hogan comments and the claim that Booker T was held down for discriminatory reasons (thus providing evidence for the lawsuit former WCW employees are gathering together for discrimination in the WCW workplace) Makes me wonder what happened to those sections of tape..... think they're still around?

    Hulk Hogan has supposedly filed a lawsuit against Vince Russo and WCW for defamation of character. This is most likely an angle, but the lawsuit is reportedly for $20 million. What may not be an angle is that Goldberg has filed a lawsuit against WCW as well. Goldberg believes that the heel turn WCW has forced upon him has cost him a great deal of revenue in merchandise.

    NOTE: *sigh*

    Kanyon has reportedly asked for his release from WCW. Okerlund confronted Kanyon about this, and Kanyon didn't deny the fact that he may want to leave.

    The real-life Tony Norris, aka Ahmed Johnson, has been training in WCW's Power Plant for the past few months alongside his soon-to-be tag-partner, Steve Sharpe. WCW's been pushing Big T. to lose weight ever since he signed with WCW, and they want him to slim down into the "280-to-290" range. Plans are for Norris and Sharpe to debut as a team once he [Norris] reaches that weight goal.

    NOTE: Isn't it interesting that even though "Ahmed Johnson" was killed and buried about 3 years ago, we still all call him "Ahmed" instead of anything else? Remember when he won that WWF Slammy for Most Promising... or something? What happened?

    WCW's higher-up's are thrilled with Stevie Ray's color commentary and plan to make his role on Thunder a permanent one. However, depending on how you feel about Bobby Heenan's microphone-work, Ray would replace Heenan, contrary to the rumors of Mark Madden being the replacement. WCW will most likely lean towards Ray in the long-run, as wrestlers and officials alike have complained about Mark Madden's commentary during matches

    NOTE: Bobby Heenan will always kick ass. Why is he being phased out, and not Madden???

    It now looks like the Trish/ Lita feud will turn into a Trish/ Stephanie/ Lita feud. As a result of what happened on Smackdown between Stephanie and Trish, expect Trish to approach Stephanie on Raw is War, and perhaps challenge her to a match. Lita likes neither of these women, and she wouldn't mind tossing her name in the hat. There may very well be a triple threat match at Summerslam between these three ladies.

    Rikishi and Val Venis were nervous heading into their catch match at last month's Fully Loaded pay-per-view, a match that ended when the 400-pound Rikishi splashed Venis from the top of the cage. Most of the afternoon before the match, the two sat in the ring talking but never going over anything physically. The first time Rikishi even got on top of the cage that night was moments before he plummeted off the top of the cage and onto Venis during the show. Though the move was impressive and looked extremely painful, neither Venis nor Rikishi was hurt.

    Saturn is expected to remain the European Champion for at least another month.

    In some WCW news, Madusa has retired herself from WCW TV. She'll now act as WCW's head trainer for up-and-coming females in WCW's Power Plant

    Sid Vicious is still on WCW's sideline and isn't expected back until well into this years' autumn. It's said he's doing "better" health-wise, however, Russo isn't exactly fond of the former WCW Champion and hasn't requested for him to return.

    NOTE: He's popular, though, and always has been. The rest of the roster dicks around and causes trouble, so Sid would fit right in. Why not?

    Once again, Scott Hall's name has been a hot topic in the WCW locker room. No one knows if Scott Hall will be brought back or not. One thing is for sure: Kevin Nash will not give up on his quest to bring back Scott Hall. Because no one knows about Hall's future with WCW, there are no current booking plans for him.

    LETTERS! (questions in normal text and numbered, answers in italic......please, CRZ?)

    1) "Yo, Cyan. You move kind of frequently, don't you? Seems like only a few columns ago you had just arrived in That Country South of Canada. Another fine piece of work, highlighted by the huge font "breasts" at the top. I'm kidding, I'm kidding. I have to agree with what you said about the whole Lillian/Trish thing. If she wants to voice her disapproval, she should have a right as an employee of the WWF to do so without being mocked. So, I join you in a good swift kick to the WWF's nether regions. And I would be remiss not to notice your closer line, "We would have words with thee." In my opinion, that's like one of the great all time comic book scenes. Thor, battered and bruised, beaten almost beyond his limits, confronts the villian (whose name escapes me here at 1 a.m.) with the rest of the Avengers, and then utters that classic line. What makes it so great is that it's not overtly threatning, in fact it's almost polite, but with the look on Thor's face, you just know there's an ass-kicking on the way. That about does it. If your travels ever find you in Delaware, I'll happily buy you the drink of your choice. Hey, I can paint too! Later." - Jonathan Dalecki, Renaisannce Man

    Hey, another painter at my beck and call! This column thing is adding up a bunch o' positives in my favour. And yeah, I do move a lot. This one's the best yet, though, so keep your fingers crossed that the packing tape stays in the drawer for more than a month.

    2) how can he be the s.o. when you are him and he is you? you must really be attached to yourself. - StevenSams

    For those puzzled, I'm ASSUMING he's making reference to the age-old claim that former [slash] columnist MIchaelangelo and myself are the same person; most popular is the idea that it's a singular mid-30's man who assumes the characters of the painter and young, female me.

    Boy, this brings back memories. [Slash] Historics, brought forth by the god that is CRZ.

    3) "We would have words with thee?"

    Thor, speaking to Ultron.

    Holy crap...Mikey's a lucky MF.

    That is all."

    - Shadowlongknife

    Indeed he is.

    "Who? To my friends, de name's Remy LeBeau. To my enemies, it's Gambit! You can go on ahead an' forget dat first name right about now."

    This is CyanIndigo.

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