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Hi people. Bet you'll all wondering why the hell my name is all over [Slash] Wrestling's Newboard every few updates or so.

I'm known for taking long periods of time off, but I rather like this little rumours collection deal I've gotten myself into. I know that there are those out there that would rather read them all in one spot than travel around from site to site looking for it.

Hell, I already do that.

So you guide me.

You guide me. (Vague Reference)

My weekend has been tainted with the arrival of the Lord CTD, an old friend of mine. He snuck on the computer and laid in his own personal comments when I was out of the room, and I've left them in just to appease his fragile nature.

They're near the bottom, if a few lost souls are interested.

RUMOURS I'VE HEARD (and a few additional notes)

When Raven returns to the WWF sometime in late August/early September, he is expected to start a stable much along the lines of his old stable in WCW, The Flock. Among members that we may see in this new group include Gangrel, Viscera, Perry Saturn, Scott Vick, and Paul Bearer as the manager.

NOTE: this sounds like a copy of the Misfits In Action, with taking all sorts of struggling undercards and grouping them together. While Gangrel and Saturn are great wrestlers, Viscera should be fired. Immediately.

Rumors of Steve Austin returning at Summerslam as a guest referee or enforcer are very doubtful to take place. Austin is being reevaluated by doctors later this month, and is aiming at a fall return.

The ho that went through the table on RAW on Monday from the RTC, who's real name is Lisa Marie Varon, has been given the name "Victoria" to be used in the "Save the Hos" skits on WWF television. Varon, along with fellow ho, formerly Miss Delicious of UPW, have been given contract offers by the WWF.

Chris Candido and Tammy Sytch have been reporting on their own website that they are not on bad terms with WCW, and are just being held off television while Candido's broken arm is healing. However, many other reports state that Candido and Sytch are not going to be brought back to WCW.

NOTE: I wish I had more clarity on this situation, but the two sides of the story are keeping steady. Hard to say whether it's Candido's broken arm, or Tammy's alleged drug use that's causing the problems, but if something is made apparent, I'll let you know.

One major concern with the WWF right now is simply that many fans do not want to boo the "Human Wrecking Machine," Tazz. Vince McMahon is hoping that Tazz's verbal attack on JR during RAW is WAR will turn fans against Tazz. Rikishi will most likely continue to feud with Tazz, leading to a match between the two at Summerslam.

If you watched RAW is WAR this past Monday, you most likely noticed that Trish Stratus was no way involved with Stephanie McMahon, or Triple H. The WWF wants to center the "cheating angle" around strictly Triple H, Stephanie McMahon, and Kurt Angle. WWF writers feel that keeping Trish Stratus out of the big picture at this point will better setup Triple H's expected face turn. In other words, the WWF wants Triple H to be in the position of the "good guy," up until Summerslam. Triple H is expected to turn face before Wrestlemania 2001. Expect Trish to continue managing Test, Albert, and Val Venis.

Bryan Alvarez and Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer reports that The Artist could change his gimmick every week; on Thunder he had a "Raven" gimmick.

NOTE: Great. I know I'm entralled.

Terri Poch (Tori) is up to rehab three times per week. Dr. James Andrews reported to the WWF that she should have complete strength and flexibility back in the shoulder when she returns.

There's a possibility that Bret Hart and/or David Arquette could be making an appearance at the New Blood Rising PPV on Sunday. Arquette is reportedly shooting a film in Vancouver, and Bret is of course Canadian and would be a crowd pleaser at WCW's Canadian PPV. is hinting that Universal Studios might be interested in starting up an Undertaker theme park.

Chyna on TV this week had dropped a lot of weight, because she was doing a Playboy shoot. National Enquirer TV ran a piece on Chyna last week. She said Triple H was the love of her life. I think this was taped fairly recently, and I believe they are trying to ease back into a relationship. She talked about working out and her childhood. She said she never wanted to see her parents again and was doing just fine without them. The segment closed saying she’d just signed a new multi-million dollar contract.

Although there have been reports to the contrary, as of this past week there have been no negotiations involving Curt Hennig coming in.

NOTE: I could have gone for that kind of news too. The return of Mr Perfect to the WWF.

HHH has been wrapping his arm because of a badly bruised bicep. There was fear of the bruise becoming calcified, which would have forced surgery that would have kept him out of action, but they did X-rays on 8/1 in Birmingham which showed it wasn't healing

SummerSlam is officially headlined by a three-way with Rock vs. HHH vs. Angle for the title and Benoit vs. Jericho. Probably also Undertaker & Kane vs. Show & someone (most likely Shane, maybe Edge & Christian both) and Venis vs. Guerrero for the IC.

Dave Hebner (Earl's twin brother who works as a road agent) suffered a mild heart attack on 8/7 and at press time was at University Hospital in Newark, NJ recovering.

NOTE: He's alright, by the way. He had some surgery to correct the problem and is recovering well. Best wishes.

A progress report should come out on Austin this week. At press time, there are no plans for him to be involved in SummerSlam in any way, although it's also said not to be ruled out completely either. Right now the belief is that Austin may never return as a full-time worker, but may be able to work smart enough and promo good enough to be effective with a toned down style on big shows, but again, until the reports on his condition all come back, it's all speculation.

The Demon's real-life wife, Asya [Christi Wolf], looks like the next WCW employee on the way out. In the midst of the huge pay-cut WCW's taking, several wrestlers and valets alike that haven't been used recently are usually the victim to WCW's firing. It's turning into a snowball effect, if you will, as the list just continues to grow and grow. On a side-note, Mona and The Harris Brothers, some of the first victims to fall to WCW's firing spree, have both signed with the WWF.

NOTE: The Disciples of Apolcalypse..... RETURN. Who thinks they'll join up with the Undertaker?

One source says the original plan was for Goldberg to do a clean job to Booker T on July 24th, then embark on a new undefeated streak. Goldberg ended up complaining about being asked to do the job and forced Russo to re-book the show so he’d pummel Booker T into submission before doing the job later that evening. Because of that, the plan to give him the undefeated streak has been scrapped.

Goldberg is said to be the most hated man in WCW right now. One wrestler said he didn’t "have heat" with everyone, they just all hated him. During his initial win steak, Goldberg was said to be a humble guy and somehow managed to be the most pushed guy in the company but still loved by most of the wrestlers. Since coming back from his injury, and pretty much being booked in a completely incompetent manner, he’s said to have "totally changed" and is no longer concerned with what’s best for the company, "but only what’s best for Bill". One source said that during his win streak he used to tell guys that he was only doing what was asked of him and really didn’t know anything about how the business works, but in the last couple of months "he suddenly knows everything".

NOTE: Yes, this is turning out to be the bi-weekly Goldberg Bitching/ Bashing Column.

Chris Benoit reportedly suffered a mild shoulder sprain on last Monday's RAW. If you'll review the tape, the injury occurred on the match's six-minute mark; when Rock threw Benoit into the steel steps. Benoit, who looked to have fabulously "sold" the move, was legitimately in pain as his shoulder popped almost instantly. Benoit showed the same excruciating look when The Rock slapped Benoit into his version of the crossface.

THE GUEST SPOT (this week, the Lord CTD. I do this as a meanial favour; I have no part in these opinions.)

I am the Lord CTD and I am just sitting here, sealing time on this wonder site, to showcase my own theory on things. But sshhhhush, don't tell CyanIndigo. (Like I wouldn't see it, you schmuck) I just have one thought, or more like a question.

How many people out there want to see a good clean match between Kane and the Big Show. Now I know that you are out there saying; "They 've already had a match." Well every time they do, something happens, either intoference or some other sittuation that stops a perfectly good match from taking place. I just would like one match, no hold bared, between these two giants. Just think Kane was the only person to pick up BS and was going for a Tomestone. It may just be me, but I think one good match, if done correctly, could steal the show.

But as for eveything else that the Goddess has written, well the Lord CTD is here to remind you that even I could make something,, like the return of the Goon, but that doesn't mean that it's true. To think about it, don't you think it'd be great if the Goon returned? Yeah, he could team up with Tazz, and they could be called the 'Brute Squad'. Hey, Rikishi could join them, and together they could take control of the WWF! HA HA HA ha ha ha hhaaaaaa..... Yes.

I am the Lord CTD, and in my world everything is a lot more interesting.

LETTERS!! (questions numbered and in normal print; answers in italic)

1) "Thank for the roundup. It now looks like the Trish/ Lita feud will turn into a Trish/ Stephanie/ Lita feud. As a result of what happened on Smackdown between Stephanie and Trish, expect Trish to approach Stephanie on Raw is War, and perhaps challenge her to a match. Lita likes neither of these women, and she wouldn't mind tossing her name in the hat. There may very well be a triple threat match at Summerslam between these three ladies. That would be cool because the only chance Stephanie would have would be teaming up with Trish, whom of course is after her husband. Lita is awesome. Rikishi and Val Venis were nervous heading into their catch match at last month's Fully Loaded pay-per-view, a match that ended when the 400-pound Rikishi splashed Venis from the top of the cage. Most of the afternoon before the match, the two sat in the ring talking but never going over anything physically.

The worst part of high school football, which I played 1978-1981 (oh my...that IS a long, long time ago), was before the start of live tackling drills in preseason practice. You knew it was going to hurt, and hurt alot, and you'd be thinking about it for a few days ahead of time as you went through conditioning. It'd be in the back of the mind, in the fore of the mind and in the places in between. Then it would be time to start crashing into each other and after two or three days of it you worked the kinks out. Either that or it hurt so bad that your mind got numb to it. But it was never as bad as the build up to it. Me? If I had been Val Venis or Rikishi, I'd been writing my will in the afternoon.

"We would have words with thee?" Thor, speaking to Ultron 3. I remember that. I liked Thor, especially the Ragnarok and Roll storyline from way back. But my favorite superhero team was the highly underappreciated The Defenders. Everyone could be a Defender. My favorite combo: Silver Surfer, Dr. Strange (two of the top 3 most powerful characters in the Marvel Mythos), Valkyrie, Spider-Man, Gargoyle, the Beast, Hell Cat, the Vision and the Scarlet Witch. Now THERE's a team."

Clyde Ford

I don't even recall the Defenders (?) but then again, I'm young. I'll learn.

2) "you know you want me" - StevenSams

Yup. I do.

3) "Hey, Cyan. Another great column on Slash, I must say. Of course, I would say that about any column that included feedback from me. Hey, honesty SO rules! Just wanted to drop in a few comments, because sharing is fun. First of all, finally someone who agrees about Goldberg. In a sport where the outcomes are pre-determined, winning 100-odd matches in a row means nothing. Goldberg' skill or lack thereof did not get him those wins, the booking of the shows did. He needs to stop being such a mark for his character, and if he doesn't want to be a wrestler, hey, no one's forcing him. Glad to see you agree. Secondly, about the long stewing rumors about you and the painter being one and the same. Here's my theory: it's the dream of every net wrestling fanboy to find a beautiful woman who shares our passion for the sport. But deep down, we know it's a rare thing, so when someone like yourself comes along, a beautiful female wrestling fan, the tendency for guys is to believe it impossible. Their loss, I guess. Third, the comic book reference, which is becoming quite the regular feature. I've always felt Gambit had one of the coolest mutant powers of all the X-folk. Although I for one have tried throwing playing cards, and it just ain't happening. Lastly, how can you, a person, be the Kama Sutra, a book? Shouldn't you have said Kama Sutra *teacher*? Or should I just not be questioning a female wrestling columnist who offers herself as the embodiement of the Kama Sutra? I'm thinking the latter. Well, that's it for now. Until next time, Make Mine Cyan! or something."

Jonathan Dalecki, Renaissance Man & Comic Book Guy

1) I always thought more people than myself believed that Goldberg is an asshole.
2) Ah, my fans can believe what they like. No skin off my back if they think I'm not legit.
3) I always liked Rogue quite a bit, as well as Magneto.
4) Why are you, as a guy, questioning any sort of reference of the Kama Sutra in a wrestling column? That's just wrong.

4) "I thought you were moving back to Canadia for school? WTF? ME" - Josh Frank

The honest truth? I was going back for sure to Canada to finish my university degree. Now I'm not sure. Got offered a graphic design internship in New England, thinking of taking it. We'll see, perhaps Americana has grown on me.

That's all for now. Mail goes to

If things go well, look for an On-Site Report for RAW or Tuesday's taped SMACKDOWN.

My life flashed before my eyes...and I was being played by Jim Carrey. -Dark Beast

This is CyanIndigo.

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