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Jason K. H.




We've all seen the story before.

Watch "COPS" or one of those made-for-tv movies that pop-up every two years and end up re-run on Lifetime and you know what I'm talking about. Stories like this are so common and the activities are so similar that I think we can safely subtract the fame factor from this equation. I'm sure it has some effect, but not enough to skew the common threads that run through all of these situations. Put yourself in the situation.

You get involved in a relationship and can never find the exit. You fall in love with someone and believe he/she will always be there, and will always love you. Sometimes, though, your love's personality gets a bit rough, and a change occurs. You begin to be mistreated, abused, taken for granted, used, and insulted on a regular basis by what was supposed to be a source for happiness and support. One day, your love walks out on you, never to return, or so you think.

Time passes, and you are about to give up, which is what you should have done in the first place (at least, that's what all your peers are telling you). Then, your love is back, maybe with something pretty for you, to show his/her regret over what happened. Perhaps, you get an incredibly moving speech, one that stirs your heart and reinvigorates the passion you once had for this person. You're in love all over again, you've let the abuse go.

But you know its not over, and you know its going to come back. All those terrible things that were done to you before, begin to happen again. And again, you think its all over. And again, you fall in love. You give that person "one last chance" and they always come through...just long enough to earn another "one last chance" down the road. That person just keeps reminding you of all the great times you had together. You know that this time things will be different. There might be pain every once in a while, but you know deep down that you really are loved. Besides, you know that you have no other place to turn. Like the song says, "can't find a better man."

Every so often you get faced with that decision: Let it go or let him/her go.

You can be like the WWE and decide enough is enough, and Steve Austin will never be allowed back. You've had enough of the mistreatment and you don't care what it means right now, the initial hit will be gone soon, and you'll move on. There's other fish in the sea, one's that will treat you better.

You can be like WWE fans and decide that one pretty speech by The Rock is enough to sucker us back into believing that the WWE isn't going to mistreat us like it did all those other times. This time its going to keep doing those things that we feel in love with it for, even though we know its going to hurt us again, deep down.

If what's been said is true, I'm parying that Debra is more like Vince McMahon, and less like us when she makes her decision. All we are risking is a few hours a week and a source of escapism and entertainment. Her decision is infinitely more important.

And yes, I fell for Rocky's speech, too.

Jason K.H.

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