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This kid has truly lost it. Perhaps, but let us look at what effects Wrestlemania will have on the future of the WWF.

Triple H is still the champion. He has been the champion or the only serious competitor to the championship for several months now. At this point, he may as well be unbeatable in the viewers eyes. Before Wrestlemania, he had already beaten the only three true main event wrestlers in the promotion: The Rock, The Big Show and Mick Foley. The latter two were even beaten cleanly. Looking back on these events, one can only wonder what the bookers were thinking when they included The Big Show and Mick Foley in the main event. Neither wrestler rivals the popularity of the Rock or HHH. Both have lost to Triple H cleanly, whereas the Rock has beaten HHH on several occasions. Simple logic would seem to suggest that since TBS and Foley can't beat HHH while the Rock can, they would have no chance in winning a four way. There can be only one reason for the four way match: so the McMahon's can put themselves over. Even though it makes no sense for Vince to embrace his children after they have beaten him, his wife, his d---, no, no, no, not that. Wasn't a bloody Vince fighting Triple H not too long ago? This entire storyline is getting dangerously close to Russo type logic.

When the Rock leaves, who is the next big babyface? Some say Rikishi and Kane and already ready to step up. Rikishi, however, is just too damn fat to get into that position. He couldn't possibly last very long in a match and his size alters all the moves that wrestlers are accustomed to performing. The era of the really big fat indestructible wrestler (King Kong Bundy, Andre the Fatass Giant, Yokozuna, Earthquake, Big Bossman?) is pretty dead at this point. Kane, on the other hand, does have the size and the gimmick to carry the strap. The only problem with that is that Kane doesn't talk or does it pretty badly. How do you start a feud with Kane? I-I-I'M GOOOOOOOIIIIIIINNNNNNNGGGGGG TOOOOOOOO KILLLLLLLLL UUUUUUUUUUU!. He can't honestly talk about his opponent, or make a funny comment, or make a catchphrase, or help explain a storyline in any was. The next logical person (outside of a returning Undertaker--who is boring and lazy, or Austin--who is supposedly going heel) to step into the role of top babyface is Chris Jericho. It makes sense, but you got to wonder how many of the big men, like Big Show, Rikishi, or HHH, are going to sell convincingly for him. It only makes sense for him to be a threat as a heel, since in that form he can at least cheat to win. I'll briefly talk about others:

  • Chris Benoit--great wrestler, unbelievably boring personality, better as a competitor than a champion since he always makes the champs look good....haha
  • Undertaker--too boring and lazy now
  • Tazz--TBS like mass in the body of a four foot dwarf? be fucking serious
  • Kurt Angle--that would be cool, but it'd never happen, who knows though, did you hear the USA chant?
  • Mick Foley--barely human now
  • TBS-zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  • Eddie G.--too new, although it would be cool, same with Buh Buh Ray
  • Chyna--maybe if she gave Vince the best bj of his life....or patterson, cuz, you know, Chyna has TESTICLES

    Alright, enough about faces, what about heels?

  • DX is dead
  • Benoit is not convincing and doesn't cheat enough
  • Saturn is bleh, Deano is good but small
  • Eddie G. is fricking great, he should get the Rock level heel push of 2000(which looks like its going to Kurt Angle)
  • Austin could be a great heel (he already has been) but isn't he essentially crippled? who knows.

    The WWF went too far just to shock the fans. The heels dominated 'Mania. Chris Benoit, just brought it recently, already has the IC belt? Triple H's character has morphed into some twisted version of a heel. He is not only the 'asshole' character, but the asshole with the belt. The belt has become his gimmick as well as the McMahon-Helmsley nonsense. As soon as he loses the belt, he's going to become pretty damn boring, which we have already seen during Big Show's reign as champion. Edge and Christian, fresh off a heel turn, are the tag champs? Even though the Dudley's are better heels? Even though the Hardy's are fan favorites? Big Show is stuck in limbo now. Isn't it interesting that the net, which only reaches *5* percent of the fans has influenced the bookers (who the hell made up this number? Hogan? there are 300 million people on the net, there is NO WAY to determine how many are wrestling fans)? Wasn't everyone calling for a silly TBS? Something must be done quickly to undo the damage. Someone needs to lay out Triple H, or someone needs to become a monster heel and kick his ass and take the belt.

    Question: what do people mean when they say Hulk Hogan ran Steamboat out of the WWF

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