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First of all, stop shitting on the Rock.

What is this, the fucking thing to do? Its fucking HILARIOUS to look at Online Onslaught or Netcop archives and see them praise the Rock only to SHIT on him today. WHY? Cuz he's popular, SHUT UP! CUZ he's monotonous? SO? Jericho matches are monotonous, Benoit matches are monotonous, damn. So WHAT if he's got the support of the crowd behind him? Does crowd support mean you suck? Well, I guess the Dudley's suck then. OK, so he punches, kicks, stomps and does his signature moves. BIG DEAL. Steve Austin does the same thing, STING does the same thing, Jericho does the same thing (baseball kick, lionsault, walls of jericho, slaps of ric flair) big fucking deal its called a GIMMICK! Its not real kiddos! WHO CARES who can do a triple asian somersault crossover sickle tackle takedown in mid air with a fucking senton reverse double loop suplex? WHO FUCKING CARES! I am drunk, but I'm SICK of every fucking internet site sounding the same. Goddamn get your own fucking opinion and stop jumping on the bandwagon. I mean, CRZ says something and hours later the EXACT same thing is said on multiple sites? Not a coincidence.

I saw Raw recently and I knew every damn move before the wrestler did it. Predictability doesn't mean its boring. What, you expect them to come up with a new move every show just cuz of YOU? Please. Its sad when I read a report and see the exact same ideas described on another page. It is not possible to have the EXACT SAME opinion as someone else unless you are that person or you are simply borrowing that person's ideas. DAMMIT! Get some heart. RAW FUCKING SUCKED!!!! RAW HAS SUCKED FOR A WHILE! I mean, we see the same Essa Rios/Latino Heat, Duds/TA/Hardy's/Edge Christian/Triple H vs. Rock/Jericho Benoit matches EVERY FUCKING WEEK. I don't care HOW hard they work, its the SAME.

Anyway, getting back to the topic, the Rock says the same things. SO? The audience relates to something they KNOW. I have to agree with Russo here, what the FUCK do you all know? How many of you are bookers? The Rock's time has come and will pass, so stop acting silly, as soon as Jericho gets popular the internet will SHIT on him the same.

Mark Madden is FAT AS HELL, Big Pun is DEAD but FAT ASS LIVES? There IS NO GOD!

Netcop is wack. Is he just bitter every SINGLE day? "Good show, but I hate _______________________________." Insert everything that happened on the show. Shut the fuck up Netcop!

Scherer has no heart. WCW has sucked for weeks. "I liked what they did with Scott Steiner, Hulk Hogan...blah blah they're paying me so I can't really say anything bad." FUCK! Scott Steiner's skits are stupid, Hogan ALWAY'S wins in the end...shut the fuck up Scherer.

Hyatte: "I am the funniest and bravest person on the net." Juggernaut: "You do not lie. Are you THAT funny though?"

Benoit is NOT going to get over soon, fuck man look at reality.

Jericho will get over for a couple of weeks, then, back to the midcard FOREVER.

Shawn Michaels was a phenomenon, not a damn standard. Stop the comparisons.

Someone will die this year in the ring.

CRZ's recaps are alright. But how come he notes free matches after the PPV (Smiley vs Funk I believe) for WCW but not WWF (Essa Rios vs. Latino Heat?). I ain't talking bias, I'm talking HABIT. (Hey dum dum, go back and read the 1 May RAW report: "well, this is TWO matches they're giving us for free from last night's pay-per-view. Maybe they're just out of ideas (har har)." If you're wrong about that, what ELSE are you wrong about? - CRZ)

When is Madden gonna die?

Is this the dirtiest column ever on CRZ? (No, but it's the most pathetic! Why am I putting this up again? - CRZ)

Michangelo, Cyandigo, no offense, but I really don't care if ya'll are raping camel's in Iraq, what does this have to do with wrestling? What? Oh, nothing? Well, tell someone who gives a fuck.

Steve Austin is gone for good (hopefully).


Has there ever been a world champion liked by the internet websites? What? NO? Big surprise.

Ric Flair is overrated, I mean, screaming, whooooooooo, ohhhhhhhh, tradition, blah, blah, I love my family/i'm crazy/i'm old/i suck/Juggernaut doesn't fucking care what I say. FUCK RIC FLAIR! Shane Douglas says: "DIE BITCH DIE."

Talk about stuck in a bad gimmick. Tank Abbott, Godfather, Val Venis, Buff Bagwell, Scott Steiner.....don't care, never will.


f*ck you all

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