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Booker T vs. Lance Storm tonight on Nitro...will you see any match-up that good on Raw tonight? Hell no...and if you check out the better show, that match enough will make the night memorable...

See I, the ultimate WCW mark, made a few attempts at crafting a column midway through last month, but for some reason I just couldn't seem to get it posted here on CRZ's site. Hence, I'm gonna scratch my eloquent introduction of myself and just let you know that the programming people are praising today is more predictable and boring than ever fact, why would anyone in their right minds wanna watch Raw is War?

Lets just take a look at the last PPV offering by the WWF: Fully Loaded. After all the hype of three new stars getting their chances to shine, did any one of them win? Nope...All Vince did was put over the established stars in a bore-fest that hurt to watch, even for free...

Now looking to the future: New Blood Rising. Tell me that this show doesn't have the potential to be one of the best of all time. Not only does WCW have the more talented wrestlers, they have the Cat. Compared to Mick Foley, the Cat is a little less amusing, but can still actually get in the ring and enforce his rulings. Yes I admit Mick has a better voice on the mic, but half the reason I like the Cat is that its funny they would give someone who sounds like trash such an important role, yet he is still what's helping make Nitro and Thunder more fun to watch each week. Nonetheless, NBR should be a show worth the $30, unlike that over-hyped WWF sh*t, i.e. Wrestlemania XVI, yet it will still get a pathetic buy-rate...and why?---because today's wrestling fans just won't turn on WCW due to the negative connotation that goes with its name.

Even I at one time hated WCW because of the hick feeling I got whenever I looked at the arenas it was in or thought about it's hometown of Atlanta, but if you actually turn it on and watch it for more than a 3 minute Raw commercial you'll see that Raw doesn't hold a candle to Nitro...problem is no one really cares at this point. Much like Hogan did in the 80's, the Rock today holds people spellbound with silly sayings and sh*tty matches, hence the posers jump on the bandwagon and the wrestling itself is partially forgotten. How many WWF fans watch Metal or Heat where their better wrestlers strut their stuff? About as many watch WCW, and I think you know what that means...

Seriously, WCW may have lost its edge since 96 and 97, but to me it was, and is, always better than the WWF. All Vince was able to do was get people to start watching wrestling not on the wresters merits, but on how well they can recite the same old catch phrases or how hot their valets are, etc. I won't deny that WCW has its fair share of cheese in that respect, but the talent has always been there, especially in its heyday. Just take a look at the more talented guys that have went to the WWF in the last while. Tazz has been taken from being one of the more respected men who, though only 5'6", could f*ck you up with his suplexes; Benoit has been pulled away from using his awesome wrestling skills, as has Malenko; and Eddie had been told not to use the Frog Splash partially because someone else had it. Now all these men do is get in the ring and throw punches. Wow that's some real skill there. In fact anytime you watch the WWF all you see is a bunch of 4 minute cheesy brawls. Whatever happened to actual decent matches where these men got to show off their talents...oh wait they went to the bad...

Now had the radicalz (sp) stayed in WCW, all but Benoit would have had more success and made more money. But its not their fault for running...Kevin Sullivan booking would scare me too, but still...the facts are facts...

Assuming anyone decides to read this and then e-mail me telling me I suck, just remember I might be a big WCW fan, but I do see the WWF's and ECW's merits, and in fact can admit when they are doing the better job, but now is not that time, and in fact I don't understand how anyone could think that WCW wasn't at least decent wrestling.

Well for some reason I'm not in your face today so I think I'll retire cause this calm sh*t just doesn't become me... Until something pisses me off...


Kid Kash

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