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Kid Kash is back...and so is, or were, the Quebecers...

Well its not like I am a permanent member of this site, or that anyone cares, but damn its good to be writing again, and no longer be feeling sick (I had the flu all last week, or something like it).

Well this past week's TV was extremely interesting to say the least. I saw one of my favorite tag teams of all time return, just for Jacques to walk out on Thunder as opposed to jobbing to the Cat, which is somewhat understandable considering he just came back and the state that my favorite company is in.

The PPV was amazing to say the least, with the only thing that was cheesy being the tag titles situation. If Rey and Juvi are too short for Kronic to lose to, how are they going to defend the belts against the rest of the giants in WCW? Now I am a big Filthy Animals fan, but if they plan on getting rid of the Juice when his contract is up, why give him a push now? Also, I really like Vampiro and Muta as champs, and hope they give them the belts again one day (of course I doubt Muta will be around that much longer).

I wonder if Vampiro is really going to come out with the JCW belt (I think that's what ICP's organization is called) and pseudo take over Nitro on Monday with the posse at his side...oh and what is the deal with the Demon? I was just starting to like him with the Dark Carnival, and so Russo decides, "oh sh*t we can't get a wrestler over now can we, lets turn him face..."---what a dumbass...

Now Nitro started off a little out there (I'm not even sure if a lot of viewers even got what was supposed to be happening) and to make it worse lost any of the realistic feel that may have been there as soon as Goldberg started going after wrestlers...I thought the deal was Russo wanted to fire the b*tch, but the shoot was gone less than an hour later...what a waste...

And Thunder...I loved the US-Canada war in the WWF back in 97' cause a lot of my favorite wresters were involved, and this time Russo is close to being on again...but Lance Storm lacks the oomph that Bret Hart had back then. He's a great wrestler, but in the US he is still a major mid-carder, yet the entire show was booked around him and his boys, including the cheesy ass CFL star (lol) Skip Over. No one, not even me, wants to see the same guys wrestle for two hours. Even the Canadians were starting to get sick of it (or at least I think).

Oh that reminds me, did you read that letter by Wayne O'Brien , eh? If what he says there is true that's some funny sh*t, and if not it's still amusing. I am a big fan of the Disco, Hip Hop, Dim Shady, Inferno, and would love to get the chance to chill, or even smoke up with him.

Now what was the point of having Nash attack Booker T? I really liked the idea of mutual respect etc. in a fight (it makes for decent matches that you don't see often), but its choreography was off making the attack kind of obvious. In fact, the ending was a cop-out lacking a match or was Nitro's...Russo man, clean that sh*t that leads me to another point...

I read what Andy Goss had to say about CRZ's recaps of Nitro. Despite that fact that I am a very big fan of WCW, I have no problem with him voicing his opinions in his weekly recaps. In fact he disses the WWF, though not as much, when he feels right, and his witty commentary is always amusing. The fact is if Andy wants a boring ass recap of a wrestling show go to either or and read what the organizations put up the following day. For someone so passionate about wrestling, you think he would know that those sites offer full recap's, and videos in some cases too. But I guess that's just a testament to his intelligence in general.

Love ya Andy

Kash 420

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