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Chris Jericho pulled a swerve of sorts the other day. He attacked his core fanbase, the wrestling fans on the World Wide Web. This sent waves throughout wrestling websites and message boards. Well, Chris Jericho wasn't talking about ME anyway, and if he was I'm sure it's just a work, right?

You have to realize it would be one of the dumbest works ever. I really don't think that Chris Jericho vs The Torch is going to save the WWF from it's ratings decline. I also don't think Jericho bashing the Net is going to help him get over in anyway. So we're going to have to scratch that off our list. Jericho is *shooting* here, but not at me, right?

I've always been on the fence when it comes to Chris Jericho. I thought his WWF Title run was very good and entertaining. I didn't like the work he was putting out prior to that as it seemed like he was just mailing it in a lot of the time. I didn't see the match in question however, but I have critized and praised his matches before. But not the one Jericho is talking about on his website, so I'm probably in the clear, right?

Even though I don't really consider Jericho's rant directed at me, I'm still not impressed with it. I don't like the way he lumped everyone on the net together. I also don't like the way he went about bashing the Net, his biggest supporters as a whole. This isn't like Lance Storm vs the Net and the DVDR guys. That *feud* was somewhat productive and was more civilized. There were points, counterpoints, and a few insults, but in the end I think both sides saw where the other was coming from even if they didn't see eye to eye.

I'm sorry if HHH won't give Jericho a rub. I'm sorry that Jericho is curtain jerking when Hulk Hogan is near the top vs Angle. Those things suck and I don't agree with them, but Chris Jericho shouldn't take his frustrations out on the Net. Chris Jericho flew off the handle. He tore into his core fanbase whether he intended to or not. Chris Jericho took what he saw on The Torch and lumped everyone who posts about wrestling into one big category.

I post about wrestling because my friends aren't into wrestling like I am. It's a place where I can talk about one of my hobbies. I feel like Chris Jericho took a shot at me because I use the Net to talk about wrestling.

What's next? Is Jericho gonna hop planes and mug 15yr old kids who think his matches stink ala Jay and Silent Bob? Well, I want to take this chance to reply to Chris Jericho, fuck you Chris Jericho, fuck you up your stupid ass!

BigDaddyLoco ...or something like that>

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