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Raw's roster is too thin. At least that is what many of us are saying, but maybe we should take a closer look at the top of the card. Raw features Triple H, Jericho, Ric Flair and RVD. Smackdown sports Brock Lesnar, Kurt Angle, The Undertaker, and Chris Benoit. Then there are the guys toeing the line Booker T and Kane for Raw, Edge and Eddy for Smackdown. If you ask me the main event rosters are Even Steven, at least star power wise.

So that takes us to the next level the Mid Card. It's one thing to have a roster full of midcarders, it's another to actually give them a purpose. Raw for example is a total cluster fuck at this point. One week Booker and Goldust are fighting off evil UnAmericans. The next Booker is fighting Regal (who was teaming with Nowitzki against BuhBuh and Trish) Booker's good buddy for the last couple of months, Goldust, didn't even appear. Bradshaw pops out of nowhere and now appears to be feuding with the UnAmericans along side Kane, who just appeared in this battle, after 4 months off, to help out Booker and Goldust who were no longer fighting this battle. Or so it would seem.

You have Tommy Dreamer and Stevie Richards putting out some of the best Hardcore matches on WWE television. Then you drop the 24/7 rule and have a 6 minute tournament to give the belt some dignity only to have it disappear the very next week. Dreamer goes on to fight the Big Show while Richards is seen in the back shaking hands with Triple H.

Three quarters of the Raw roster is just there, taking up space and time. They aren't in any type of meaningful feuds. There is no consistant storyline for them what so ever. It's a lot like the random tag team generator CRZ mentions in his recaps. Only this is the random midcard generator. They're just throwing matches out there and not even taking a look at what sticks.

Nobody has a personality that is consistant. One week Booker T is goofin with Goldust the next he is serious and stepping up only to be seen messing around with Goldust again. Jeff Hardy is ready to live for the moment, but we are not told why or how he's planning to do this. William Regal breaks down in tears after losing the Euro Title for the last time, but the story is never followed up on. Big Show is one nasty bastard one week the next he can't buy wins. I shouldn't have to go on you guys watch the shows. I'm sure we could make a list a mile long. I'm not even asking for guys to get pushed or for them to break out of the glass ceiling. Just GIVE THEM SOMETHING.

Then you turn around and look at what Heyman is doing on Smackdown. It's like light and day. Everyone seems to be doing something, no matter how small it may be. Characters are better defined on the Smackdown roster. That and they have a Cruiser Division to fall back on which helps.

Raw could easily define there show with a Hardcore Division or better yet a Tag Division. Midcarders can do well for themselves in tag teams. It's also a good way to keep a bunch of guys busy. Raw needs to do something to make their roster stand out. You have to have more than just four guys doing things in the storylines. If you don't, you'll end up with what we got this last Monday. Wrestlers doing double duty. There is no excuse for that. None. Not when you have three titles on your show and a full roster.

All I know is Raw better do something about this *thin* roster and soon. They earned... yes earned a 3.6 rating last Monday night. This coming Monday things get even tougher as they go head to head with the "No Fun League", Steelers/Patroits, Madden/Michaels. I don't know about you but my remote control finger has been real itchy lately.

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