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Whatever happened to real Tag Teams? Guys that stuck together through thick and thin? Guys that treated the Tag Titles with respect. Guys that made the Tag Titles seem important. Guys with matching gimmicks, tights or clothing. Teams like The Road Warriors, Midnight Express, Rock n' Roll Express, Demolition, The Bulldogs, Shiek and Volkoff, The Killer Bees etc etc. Nobody really ever talked about breaking these teams up. At least not like they do today.

The WWF *Attitude* Era may have had it's ups and downs, but one thing that it almost always had was good Tag Team wrestling. If you wanted to see Tag Team wrestling in those years you watched the WWF. It may not have been pretty all the time but it had solid entertaining teams such as The New Age Outlaws, The Hardy Boys, The Brood, Too Cool, Owen/Bulldog and later Owen/Jarrett, The APA, The Headbangers and then you had your random teams added to that foundation. WCW and Eric Bischoff had all but abandon Tag Team wrestling. Today the WWE seems to be doing the same. Sure, Smackdown is having a Tag Tournament, but what's the point when the Tag Titles you already have mean nothing. How many *True* Tag Teams does the WWE have on both shows? Off the top of my head I can think of three; The UnAmericans, Billy and Chuck and The Three Minute Posse. You could add Booker/Goldust, Eddy/Chavo and Noble/Tajiri to this list but they are more teams of the moment.

I mentioned above how the Attitude Era was a better time for Tag Teams in the WWE, but it also brought us the clusterfuck teams. The 'Can they coexist?' Teams and the 'Two midcarders with nothing better to do' teams. Now they rule the WWE Tag Division. Add this with the everyone's urge to bust up Tag Teams that have shown success and you get what we have right now, a mess.

The next Shawn Michaels has got to be in there somewhere...right? It has to be or else the WWE wouldn't have torn every one of their Tag Teams apart. Dudleys gone. Hardys gone. E & C gone. APA gone. Did they really need to break up all of them? Couldn't they have just busted up one or two and added new teams to the mix to shake things up? What has the Tag Team shake up brought them in return? Edge looks to be moving onto the Main Event. Other than that nothing much. Bubba has had modest success doing the same gimmick he was doing with DVon and Matt Hardy seems to have found something that might work, but are they any better off than they would have been if their teams did not split? Besides Edge, the answer would have to be no.

So what do they do now? I wouldn't reform the old teams since we are past that, but the WWE should really look into making some Tag Teams that are just that... Tag Teams. Make a couple teams with some matching outfits. Give a couple of them shnazzy team names. You got plenty of guys doing nothing. Put some of them together and let the fans sort out who the keepers are. The Three Minute Posse said their main goal was the Tag Team Titles. That's good. The WWE needs to build on that though, and make that other people's main goal as well. The Titles don't mean much if only one team is after them.

The *Attitude* Era was a good tag team era compared with today's, but I really long for the Tag Team Division of the Mid-80's. When men were men, women rarely wrestled and Tag Teams were REAL Tag Teams.

...or something like that

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