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To introduce myself, my name is Veronica "SaiyanLuchadoress (or Luchadoress)" Jones. 20 year old college freshman. I started watching WWF and eventually WCW shows in June of 1999, and have been watching it nonstop until this year. School and disinterest led to the decline of my viewing.

Tonight, I was working on art homework, focusing on shading a bottle of astringent, Eddie Vedder crooning to me when I decide to take a short break. I put my headphones aside and tuned in to Raw to see Terri urging Kane to get something off his chest in front of the fans. 5 minutes later, Iím laughing like "my teeth are having seizures" (credit to Theo from Road Rules)

Like many wrestling fans, I became a "casual fan" who turned into a "smart fan". Lately, I decided asking "why" when watching wrestling leads to nothing but neverending "whyís". "Why isnít Molly being pushed?" "Why is Jericho jobbing?" "Why is this storyline developing when it has nothing to do with the feud?" etc. etc. Címon, do you really think most of the guys in the back knows the answers? The storyline writers themselves? When I feel they are taking it more seriously, then maybe I will too. Until then, Iím not weeping over and rating The WWE Elementary School play.

Back to tonight. A remorseful Kane (Sam Bennet, John Black, Josh Lewis, etc.)confesses he couldnít drive a stick shift and accidently killed passenger Katie in a car accident. HHH (Julian Crane, Tony Dimera, Alan Spualding, etc.)enters the scene and issues a shocking statement, Kane loved Katie, and because she didnít love him back, he killed her! And thatís not all, HHH reveals that tests show Kaneís *semen* was in Katieís body! HHH then wondered if Kane *raped* her before or after her death! Admitedly,due to my perception and bad memory, that may have not been exact, but its good enough.. If the WWE is allowed to be sloppy with details, then why not me, right?

With a storyline like that, my thoughts about quality over shock TV were put aside and replaced with "this is so stupid and unintentionally funny!" My point is, why should I be angry about how crappy this is? The writers, I believe, donít care if Iím angry not. Why should I complain? My thoughts to the PTA have always been "just change the channel", which I have. Why should this upset me? Iím at the point where I personally just donít care that much anymore. The UnAmerican storyline upset me for good reason, so I changed the channel. This storyline is so far fetched and poorly written at the same time that I laugh before I change the channel.

I leave you with this: WWE & HHH/Kane storyline = Terry. Seemingly nonstop Funk.


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