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Jaime Lynn




Hello again, folks. Well, it's official: The WWF is obviously on cruise control. Things are becoming stale as of late, and I don't like it one bit. Maybe it's just the angles that were written for the upcoming Judgment Day PPV, since things have only recently gotten bad, but the storylines lately have been somewhat boring and predictable, and things need to change. This week's RAW was better than last week's episode, but I've seen better. The highlight of RAW? HBK! WELCOME BACK, SHAWN! He's grown his hair long again - he looked great! Neither of his announcements, though, came as a surprise. I don't think HBK will be a fair ref... I'd like to think he'd help The Rock retain his belt, but I'm not entirely sure he'll do that.

DX didn't do much this week... I liked the T-shirt X-Pac wore. I believe it's the first one I've seen that had his picture on it - most of them just said "X-Pac" on the front and had a catchphrase, if anything, on the back. I may just have to buy this new one. Anyway, I have to admit I was impressed by Tori's actions this week. Buh-Buh Ray did have it coming to him, and it almost - not quite - made me forget the fact that I'm not happy at all with the character of Tori at the moment. If Tori did more stuff like what she did Monday night, instead of standing around like a mindless T&A exhibit, maybe I could regain the respect I've lost for her, despite the fact that she's horribly misplaced with DX. It's obvious, though, that she'll be going through a table this Sunday - whether the DX boys win the match or not.

One more thing about DX, and I'll move on... The Run DMC/DX video on MTV. I really liked it. It would've been better, though, if ALL the DX members appeared in it. I understand the video shoot took place the week X-Pac's mother-in-law died, so that was why he wasn't present at the shoot, but where was the Road Dogg? Couldn't they have been somehow placed in the video, despite the fact that they weren't present at the taping? And I would've had the DX members do something more besides setting a car on fire - that's not an incredibly impressive sight in the least, and it doesn't really define who DX is. Also, who the hell hired those "dancers?" They were horrible - the Nitro Girls could've done a better job, and we all know how bad they are!

Can someone tell me what The Godfather's done to get so many title shots lately? Please - this guy has to be one of the worst, if not THE worst, wrestler on the WWF's roster! The Ho winning the Hardcore title, even if she only held it for a few seconds? I don't care one way or the other, since both the Hardcore title and the division are nothing more than jokes.

Are T&A and Chris Benoit somehow aligned with DX and/or the McMahon/Helmsley Regime? I hope not, but it kinda seems that way. It's bad enough for me that poor X-Pac is stuck in the mess that is the McMahon/Helmsley Error; T&A, and especially Benoit, should not in any way be involved with the most boring group currently in the WWF.

Nitro was good, but I don't have a lot to say about it. Daffney as Cruiserweight champ? I like Daffney because she has her own style and is not like most other women in wrestling, but her holding the Cruiserweight strap doesn't sit right with me. From what I've seen of her wrestling, she's okay, but it kinda cheapens the title.

What's up with Torrie Wilson and Horace? I think she and Kidman may just be messing with him, but I could be wrong. No, scratch that - I probably AM wrong. I think she'd be misplaced with Horace; she still belongs with Kidman at the moment.

I guess that's all for me this week. I'll close with my prediction for the DX/Dudleys match at Judgment Day: DX will win, but as I said earlier, look for Tori to "get wood." Take care and be good to one another.

Jaime Lynn

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