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Jaime Lynn




Hello again, folks. I thought both Monday night programs were good, but before I get into them I want to discuss The Rock for a minute. A lot of people say Rock only has about four moves total in his arsenal, and after paying VERY close attention to his matches lately, I'd have to agree. I watched a tape of February's No Way Out PPV over the weekend, and I swear Rock only did FOUR MOVES in his match! FOUR MOVES! The more I thought about it, the more I realized that the guy isn't that great a wrestler. I mean, he's good on the mike (even if his phrases are getting old), and his two most popular moves, the Rock Bottom and the People's Elbow, do get good pops from the crowd, and he does have his good looks, but the fact that he has only four to five moves total kinda brings him down a few notches in my book.

This week's RAW managed to make me feel something I haven't felt since last December, and that is a like for DX! Maybe it was because I was mad over finally realizing what a limited move arsenal The Rock has, but I was actually not bothered by the fact that HHH is now the WWF champion. I think the DX/Run DMC video had something to do with it, too - there was a glimpse of the fun DX, the old DX attitude I loved. I know I've been complaining about DX since I began writing this column again, but maybe I can get comfortable with this new, bad version of DX, even if Tori is with them. Maybe I do have some DX green left in my blood after all. Maybe.

On with my rants and raves about Raw and Nitro. WCW did a few things that really bothered me this week. First was the Kanyon/Mike Awesome "paralysis" stuff. Tasteless. Totally reminded me of poor Darren Drozdov. There are things that should not be touched, and this is one of them.

Next was the "funeral" for Ric Flair's career. It probably wasn't that big a deal to some people, but the reason it bothered me was because WCW had the bad taste to do it the day before the one-year anniversary of Owen Hart's death. Showing the footage of Flair's collapse on last week's Thunder, even if Flair only has an inner-ear equilibrium problem, was also in bad taste. Russo screwed up majorly this week, in my eyes.

Nash vs. Jarrett for the World title? I'd rather have Jarrett as champ. Like The Rock, Nash only has a few moves, which is something he's actually admitted to in the new WCW Magazine. (I believe Nash said he had three moves total.) The only pluses Nash has with me are his looks and some of his mike work. I know a lot of people don't like Jarrett, but at least he can wrestle.

We should've known Terry Funk wasn't planning to retire Monday night. Hasn't this guy "retired" before, only to return? With all the "retirement" matches that have went down over the past few months, the wrestling audience today wouldn't know whether to believe Funk or not if he had indeed announced a legitimate retirement on Nitro.

Time for a few WWF comments. The opening segment, with Vince McMahon discussing DX's partying after Judgment Day, was mercifully short. Maybe the WWF will finally get a clue and stop with the long Vince/HHH speeches? I doubt it - this was probably only a one-time deal. We couldn't get that lucky.

As if The Rock hadn't made me mad enough after watching a few of his matches, he had to almost knock the daylights out of X-Pac with that lead pipe! I thought Rock had legitimately busted poor Waltman open with that thing! Thankfully he hadn't.

Speaking of Waltman, I know he's a heel now, but what's with all the negativity aimed toward him lately? Seems a lot of people legitimately can't stand him! Waltman's still one of the best workers the WWF has, in my view, and that's not bias speaking. He still has good matches, and he's getting good heel heat as well (has been since the Kane angle), so shouldn't that count for something, Waltman bashers?

T&A vs. the Hardyz and Chris Benoit vs. Val Venis were the best matches on the Raw card this week. Does anyone else think Trish Stratus has improved on the mike in recent weeks? One thing I have to question is why does the WWF consider Hardcore Holly and Val Venis to be top contenders for the IC title? Holly's had the bigger push than Venis, who's been Sunday Night Heat fodder for the past few months, but neither man seems worthy of holding that belt in my view.

The Euro title match was good, too. I'd always thought of Eddie Guerrero as cute, but since he's paired up with Chyna he's had that extra something. He's kinda sexy now, with his new attitude. Chyna is one lucky lady.

Dean Malenko leaving with the ho's was funny. I could never picture him doing that before, he's so serious. *G*

When will the WWF do something with the Women's title? I see Tori possibly turning on DX in the future to challenge Steph for the gold. I hope the WWF goes that route instead of the other one that's been rumored, which is Steph just dropping the belt to Tori, or having Tori wrestle for her. Both of those sound like cop-outs to me. At least the first scenario, if Tori wins the gold, would make the title somewhat legitimate again.

UNDERBIKER! I never cared for the Undertaker before, because I thought his character was way over-the-top, but this new version I could get into. It certainly beats the "Lord of Darkness" mumbo-jumbo he spat out last year.

Time to close this one out. Lots to talk about from both shows this week, wasn't there? At least Raw was better than it had been in recent weeks - I hope the trend will continue. I welcome any and all feedback on this column, so feel free to write me with any comments. Until next time, be good to each other.

Jaime Lynn

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