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My really long commentary on WCW.


I know anyone reading this has never heard of me, and probably couldn't care less what I have to say. Still, bear with me on this because as Gregory Peck put it:

"I'm as mad as hell and I'm not going to take this any more!"

Well maybe that is a little strong, but I do have something to say. See I love wrestling. It is one of the simple pleasures of life that seems to make the voices stop. I was a fan from the day I first saw Hulk Hogan and Andre on T.V. Yet I fell out of step for quite some time, until one company brought me back: WCW.

Almost two years ago I came back to my beloved sport(entertainment) with the arrival of the Wolfpac, and have been hooked ever since.

This is why I'm so mad at World Championship Wrestling today. For the last two years I've watched them flounder and flail. Ruining what was could have been the best roster in the history of American wrestling. Yea you can call me a WCW shill, but they brought me back and for that I feel some loyalty. Still, I haven't been able to sit through Nitro for the past month, and have been down right disgusted with the company since October. So now I'm going to play "serious internet journalist", and offer a few suggestions. Some of what I have to say has been said, some is new. All of it is how I feel. So let's get it on.

The Bookers: Vince Russo can suck my C*c*. Getting rid of this no talent peice of monkey crap(yes I'm a Rock mark, deal) was the best thing WCW has done in the last three years. There was no way he was going to save that company. Instead of working on strengths(Actual wrestling, more T.V. time) the dumbass exposed all the weaknesses(Poor mic work, inability to sell racy angles). Good riddance to that ass. Now WCW needs desperatly a new batch of bookers. Sullivan and Nash just don't cut it. Total overhall. Guys(or gals) who will bring fresh ENTERTAINING ideas, yet still stay true to the product.

This may seem like and odd tangent, but bear with me. Six years ago the comic book industry began a sales boom. In response companies like Marvel, D.C, and Image flooded the market with books that were all flash and no sizzle, stomping all over time honoured traditions for the sake of new readers who wouldn't stick around. Subsequently the boom ended and the industry took a nose dive. Over 50% of America's local comic stores went with it. We've already seen this happen to wrestling, and mark my words it will happen again. Since WCW is already diving it has nothing left to lose.

So they should take an example from the slowly recovering comic industry. Characters such as Superman, Daredevil, The Punisher, and The Avengers were all D.O.A. Now all are slowly coming back due to visionary writers who inject new ideas, without corrupting the essence of the story. Anybody get me on this? Wrestling will always be wrestling. I enjoy good mic work, more soapy stories, and T and A(especially T and A) as much as the next guy.

I don't doubt at all that the aforementioned more than help ratings too Yet there has to be great ring action to support this and create a truly entertaining package. What WCW needs are some truly visionary minds to pull this all off.

What else does WCW need? An above average front office, that's what. No Buschs or Bischoffs that let wrestlers do whatever, whenever, with whoever. Someone who will lay down the law on the egos. Someone who will punish the failure to use marketable talent, and the pushing of ratings killers. I'm sure somewhere out there is someone with the balls to alter that which isn't working; while having compassion for both the industry, and the bottom line(Sorry folks, but I don't think that is Ric Flair either). WCW needs to start looking now.

Finally I have a few(okay a lot) of suggestions for the current WCW talent. This is strictly MY opinion, and isn't meant in any way to be the perfect solution.

Number One: NEW BLOOD: Scout the indies! Get better trainers at the power plant! Use connections at the Dungeon! WCW desperately needs younger stars. New tag teams, a more rounded midcard, and even some willing jobbers are essential. Fresh faces, please.

Number two: No more b.s. from employees: Wrestlers are getting paid to entertain. Those who fail to do so should shape up or ship out. No more assholes refusing to job. Jesus Sting jobs all the time(when he's around) and is still over. If a wrestler is charismatic enough a few jobs won't hurt. Clean finishes are a good thing. Not to mention an anyone on any day atmosphere makes for more exciting T.V.

Number Three: Always have a backup. WCW tends to drop all its eggs in one basket. This leads to a Sid/Jarrett main event at Superbrawl. No. If WCW steals ANY idea from WWF it should be this. Have midcarders poised to strike at all times. The ten main event level guys in WWF could die in a bus crash and the company would keep moving. Maybe not a strongly for a time, but no Jarrett/Sid, that's for damn sure.

Number Four: Payoffs. WCW stories tend to end with a whimper, not a bang. Heels need to lose occasionally. Injuries need to be worked around. And if an angle sucks, tie it up quickly, but don't just drop it, that's sloppy.

Number Five: Better Pay Per Views. That explains itself

Now on to talent:

Goldberg: When he gets back it's time for the strap. Make the big man dominating, but not invincible. He is relatively young and gets better with every match(really, watch him) He just needs to learn how to sell. The first cornerstone of a new foundation.

Hart: Needs to be a killer heel, no more of the whiny little bitch Bret. Stays there until he is no longer able, then pass the torch to an up and comer. The second cornerstone.

Sting: Steve we need you. Take time off acting and become the "franchise" again. A great face who can help established stars, and put over the rising talent. The third cornerstone.

Booker T: Should be pushed to nothing less than the top midcard face now and the champ in 3-5 years(possibly sooner). Could save the U.S. title, and make any heel look good. A leader and the fourth cornerstone.

The Triad: Yea I liked this gimmick a lot, but never saw it reach its potential. Give it another go; only this time no lame "yo' momma" jokes, just three killer heels who don't take shit from anyone. This group serves so many purposes. A stiff kick to the nonexhistent tag ranks first. DDP would make a great heel to contend for the title, I don't think he'd qualify for the top strap again, but who knows? Bigelow is a big scary dude who makes a great midcard flunky. As for Kanyon: KEEP KANYON FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!! Keep him and push him to the moon. The U.S. title would be nice. One of the last great scuzzy heels. By the time this sees the light of day it may be too late.

The N.W.O: R.I.P

Sid: Big, dumb, and jobber to stars. Or fire him.

Norman Smiley: A comic relief midcarder who is actually funny and over. Plus he can really can go. Need I say more?

Buff: Work on the skills and solidify the character. Much potential.

Konnan: He kept the Wolfpac alive by himself for three months. Competent enough to strengthen the midcard quite a bit. Just keep him away from Rey Jr.

Rey Jr and Kidman: Both can move easily from top cruiserweights to great midcarders depending on where they are needed. Versatility like this is good. Not to mention Torrie is hot.

The Cruisers: Get more air time for great 10-15 minute matches. Great for pumping up the crowd. Go Juvi!

Crowbar: Talented and entertaining. Could help the cruisers quite a bit right now. Then head for midcard Bye David.

David Flair: Power. Plant. Now.

The Mamalukes(Or whatever the hell they are now): Not tag champ material just yet. Disco and Vito are good ( albeit goofy) enough to make this team solid contenders. I see MUCH potential in Johnny the Bull. He's built and good looking enough that with work on mic work and ring skill(which is already improving) he could main event someday. No really, I mean that.

New Harlem Heat: See Sid

3-Count: Until the boy band craze dies beat the shit out of them once a week. Then continue with a new beating enhanced gimmick

Vampiro: Creepy, sadistic heel.

Lash Leroux: Drop in hole. Fill.

Hall and Nash: Give Hall three months to get his shit together and get his workrate to where it should be. Otherwise fire him. Nash should never step in a ring or book a match again. If he was less smarmy the big man could be good a colour.

Hacksaw: No more matches. Jim can still fire up a crowd though. Needs to be used in that capacity.

Ric Flair: He has nothing left to prove. Hang up the tights, but stay on the air. The personality will always be over, heel or face.

Roddy Piper: Hang up the tights. Just try him as a colour man. It could so work.

Hogan: Bye. Yes I said my prayers and took my vitamins, but the day is done. He may be an egomaniac and prick, but he helped the business in many ways. Time to ride off into the sunset Hulkster.

All around dead weight: Tank Abbot, Lex Luger, The Steiners Fit Finlay, Brian Knobbs, The Wall, Ernest Miller, Rotunda, Madusa, The Demon, The Maestro, and of course the worlds most annoying human being Oklahoma(as a booker too) Change gimmicks, never let them past Saturday night, job the in three second squashes, or fire them.

And as for the WWF: They are hitting it perfectly right now. A perfect balance between talking and wrestling. It seems as if Vinnie K knows the golden age won't last forever, and is going to do the best he can to keep long term fans. So hopefully I won't have to write a long ass commentary on them anytime in the near future.

That's it. For those that stayed for the entire thing I give my thanks. I would also apreciate feedback of any kind. Drop me a line at

Remember: If we all belive and clap our hands WCW won't die.

Y'all take care,
Mike Marlow

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