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No this has nothing to do with (hed)Pe so don't even go there.


They whine and complain.

No matter who you are, no matter what you say, no matter what you do, they bitch.

Bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch.

Now I am a bit of a cynic. I'm a sarcastic cynic and that makes me even worse. But even I am capable of occasionally, just now and then, being optimistic and saying something nice. Hell, I'm great actually, but that's another story.

Some people just don't know when to sit back and just calm down and enjoy what is being performed/written. They bitch about things and make life irritating for those who would rather just read about wrestling

At this point, I want to throw two words your way, discussion, and contradiction. Do you know what they mean? Well according to Merriam Webster Online's online dictionary:

Discussion: 1. Consideration of a question in open and usually informal debate or 2. a formal treatment of a topic in speech or writing.

Contradiction: to assert the contrary of : take issue with

Do you see the difference? Well I'll make give examples:

Post A says: "The Rock is far too overrated, he uses the same catchphrases each week, and he does far too much formulaic brawling."
Reply to post A says: "Well, yeah that's true. But he is charismatic, the crowd love him and he makes the WWF a lot of money. Also he has been integral in helping get wrestlers over by either wrestling them or teaming with them, just look at how big Rikishi is now, and don't you think Benoit has been helped by being put in the ring with Rocky? He can work well if he puts his mind to it too."

Post B says: "I didn't like the way Raw ended. I would have like to have seen a swerve, maybe with the Big Show actually winning. The WWF were far too predictable with this and it spoilt the story."
Reply to post B says: "You retard. Stop talking crap. The Rock is going to Wrestlemania like he's supposed to. Who cares if the story is good or not? Get a life."

One of the above examples was not a discussion. I'll give you a sort-of hint, they're not called 'Contradiction Forums'.

These people are missing out on something. I have to wonder sometimes if these people actually enjoy wrestling any more. Last December I wrote a column when I talked about how the internet was spoiling wrestling for me. The response I got from that was astounding and I have never seen such feedback since (thanks again for that by the way). I talked about how the internet takes the magic out of wrestling, how you can't take wrestlers at face value any more, you aren't allowed to just enjoy it any more. Its like seeing how magic tricks are done, its far more fun trying to work it out for yourselves, rather than having it shown to you by the Masked fucking Magician isn't it? It seems that some people aren't allowed to enjoy talking about it either. Personalities clash, which is normal I guess, but some go hysterically over the top. Disagreements turn into petty arguments, before you realise, these people are bitching at each other every chance they get.

Why do these people have to be so negative? I thought we were all here because we all love wrestling. We are all passionate about enjoying a good match, a good interview, whatever. The problem is that we might have differing ideas about what a good match is, or who does good interviews. Now some of us might see this as a chance for a bit of lively debate. Others see this as a chance to take potshots at someone they don't like. What can start off as a jokey comment by someone, like something CRZ writes with a ':)' at the end (yes, that means its not serious), turns into a big 'flame war', with people taking sides and it all gets silly.

Why can't people lighten up? Should we be at each other's throats because we don't agree? We don't really need to bitch about anything do we? We all have the capacity to be positive, even polite, don't we? It gets me down a little seeing all this in-fighting, if you really have a dislike for someone, learn to do what I do and just ignore it. You see, I'm 'flame retardent', har har.

Those of us who believe we have a genuine love of wrestling and can conduct adult conversations, we get fed up with those "WWF SUX", "NO, WCW SUX" people don't we? They are regarded as ignorant and irritating in smart circles, are they not? These flame wars are just as bad, only with wider subject areas, such as sexual habits and mothers :)

If you see people flaming, just ignore them. Don't join in, definitely don't tell them you're ignoring them, just leave them be. I try not to dislike people too much unless they do something nasty to me, like killing my cat, or being continually unpleasant to me. It can all get a bit silly, you know? How do people get into situations where they are threatening to run each other off the internet, pursuing personal vedettas that start and end in pettiness? The way I see it we have far more important things to worry about than each other - like the environment, crime, and the threat of international Communism. Children are shooting each other in their schools, who is to blame? No not Sean bloody Shannon. It's the Communists, but that is again another story. You are my brothers and sisters in internet wrestling, and I'm feeling a lot of love here people. But I'm feelin' the bad and the anger here too people, cast it out people, keep it only if you can use it to good comedic effect.

Honestly, wrestling cannot really be taken that seriously when you look at it. So why take talking about it seriously? People are entitled to opinions, but don't expect everyone to agree. "I don't feel that way, though I can see why you would say that, I feel that ________", is much nicer and more mature than "No, you're wrong and I'm right so there" isn't it?

The key is light-heartedness. If someone is being genuinely unpleasant, they are not worth dealing with because they clearly exhibit anit-social behavoir. Leave them to it and talk to the many nice people instead, like me. I'm sure the flaming bitches are a minority, so lets keep it that way.

I don't want to be put off going to forums and reading opinion columns, because I really enjoy it. I'm making a request as a fan of wrestling, and a fan of the internet. Stop the madness :)

Also, stop trying to be sarcastic, most of you don't have a clue :)

Mail me at with the usual threats.

*NOTE* I won't write many rambling 'smart' columns like this, so don't worry.

Preaching is over.

Marvellous Martin
Willing to suffer for you, even a Lex Luger promo.
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