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Some bit and pieces of crap and WWF - The Search for Spock. Hi folks. Just a quick leap into the vast, refreshing pool of wonderment and excitement which is this wonderful thing we used to call wrestling.

  • A bit of UK news - two more ECW tapes are coming out soon, May 22nd sees the release of Anarchy Rulz and Heatwave 99. Click the links for the Wrestleline features on the two shows if you, like me, are unfamiliar with them. An additional note however is what happened to Hardcore Heaven?
    An additional additional note is that I got the Guilty as Charged '99 video a little while back and it was pretty damn good, especially Super Crazy/Tajiri and RVD/Lance Storm. Check it out sports fanz.

  • Backlash was very good, I'll probably go on and on about the Dean Malenko match and how important and wonderful it was at a later date. Suffice to say the show was much, much better than Wrestlemania 2000. I feel they could have ended the Benoit/Jericho match without the DQ because I think that just kind of confused people though. My only other complaint is that the Hardcore match was a bit of a waste of talent, especially as the stipulation that only Crash could be pinned unless he was doing the pinning meant that the people who weren't killing Crash got ignored.

  • Oops! I Did it Again sounds like Baby One More Time with a different chorus. I'm just saying!

  • Lords of Pain reported that the Backlash tag title match ended early because X-Pac had an asthma attack - I know a certain Rebecca and Sharon will get a lot of sadistic pleasure out of knowing that :)

  • What happened to Anyone out there want to fill me in?

  • I know I haven't been around much lately (work, tragic personal life, you know how it is) and I haven't been doing the PPV reports recently, but all you MX2-ites are in for a treat because I will be REPORTING the UK event WWF Inserrexion this Saturday for all you wonderful [slash] readers who can be bothered reading my stuff. As for the matches, click HERE in case they change the line up and have Midian vs. Headbanger Mosh as the main event, but otherwise the matches are:

    BRADSHAW vs. ROAD DOGG - I hope this is on first.

    KANE vs. BULL BUCHANAN - Could be okay I suppose.

    TOO COOL vs. DEAN MALENKO & SATURN - I think this will change from what I've heard about the Smackdown tapings...........

    ARM WRESTLING CHALLENGE THE KAT vs. TERRI - I have no idea what the hell they were thinking when they came up with this, probably "This is some great crack".


    TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH THE BLONDE GOTH EXPRESSSSSSSSS (Edge & Christian) vs. THE HARDYZZZZZZ - Could be good as long as they find something new to do so it doesn't get boring.


    RIKISHI & THE BIG SHOW vs. THE DUDLEYSSSSSSS - Cool, Dudleyville, England. Heh.

    TRIPLE THREAT WORLD TITLE MATCH DA ROCKY vs. SHANE 'SMALL FACE' MCMAHON vs. TRIPLE H-UH - This will probably suck but nevermind.

    Plus there's going to be a SURPRISE MATCH!!! HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!!!!!

    Now, I don't know about you but that is quite a strong card is it not?

  • I hear the WWF is coming back to the UK in the autumn, the event will be called WWF - THE WRATH OF KHAN.

  • I will be back Saturday hopefully, depending on CRZ's commitment to bringing you THE BEST REPORTS, FIRST - which I can't really comment on at this time.

    Mail me with the usual offers of special secret spy software and large boxes of used syringes.

    I'm outta here like I stole the Butchster's last line.

    Marvellous Martin
    [slash] wrestling

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