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      Well, first let me say hello to all the graps fans out there and also that I have missed writing quite a bit since I have been gone. You all may or may not remember me, I had a short stint writing WCW columns here on Slash Wrestling a few months back but, like many WCW fans, became so disgusted with the direction of the product (read: Kevin Sullivan) that I could barely stand to watch it anymore, let alone put the pen to the paper about it. (or is that "putting the words to the screen"?) Amidst all the skepticism and uneasiness running rampant on the net concerning the "Unholy Unity" of Bischoff and Russo, let me be one to say that this is likely the formula that will put WCW on top again, or at least make them a serious contender. With Russo heading the creative end of things while Bischoff keeps the hokey stuff in check and deals with the suits, prepare to see an all-new and completely electrifying version of WCW come April 10th. Russo is without a shout of a doubt an extremely talented and creative individual, but if left without a "wrestling" mind to watch over him, alot of the really strange ideas tend to slip out. Now even though Russo does have a tendency to come up with weird shit sometimes I would have to contend that in his previous WCW stint and his entire tenure at WWF he never, eeeeeeever came up with anything even remotely as incomprehensible and stupid as Mae Young's baby "hand". No, WWF marks, you're never gonna live that one down, sorry. Anyways, it should definitely be interesting to see what Eric and Vince have in store for us when they unveil their Nitro in 2 weeks.

      Now I would like to address a somewhat popular opinion that I don't really understand. It seems that whenever WCW (usually with Russo writing) ran their "insider" angles they were scoffed at and ridiculed for it. Why? Because, people say, that all WCW is doing is confusing their casual fans with that stuff. I happen to find it entertaining to say the least, and am amazed that other net fans don't feel the same. I mean, who gives a rizatt's ass if those casual marks get it or not? Besides, most casual fans don't pay close enough attention to most of the storylines to know if they understand it or not anyways, they just get into the "characters" themselves. After all the crap shows WCW has been putting on before Russo was hired, and lately with Sullivan at the helm, WCW tries to throw us (us being the ones who follow WCW the closest, the internet fans) the proverbial bone by putting stories out there that we can relate to, you would think that we would be entertained and grateful. I know alot of it stems from the fact that alot of writers and posters these days don't bother to come up with their own opinion; they just borrow someone else's, but c'mon people!

Anyways, here's my predictions for the top 3 heels and top 3 faces of WCW by the time Slamboree rolls around:

1. Big Poppa Pump
2. Jeff Jarrett
3. Shane Douglas (I believe at this point he is working us and already is set to return)

1. Goldberg
2. Booker T
3. Vampiro

Agree or disagree, I'd love to hear from any of you if you want to talk rasslin!
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