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Gregg Mixdorf




Hardcore Heaven only 2 weeks away and I can't fucking wait to get there. I am really digging the current direction that ECW is going. The story lines are interesting and intriguing. Plus they are something fresh, not the same old stuff going on here. There is only so much I can take of the Rock and HHH these days plus David Arquette as champion once again has me boycotting WCW. I refuse to watch any of their product until they realize that wrestlers work hard to get to the top of the mountain. Putting the title on an actor is a slap in the face to any of the men that have toiled in WCW for years not getting the respect they deserve. I specifically can think of Booker T here as the man who should be most insulted. Instead of the hotshot onto Arquette why not add Booker to the mix? Then you would have created a main eventer for the future instead of blowing your future for this shit. Trust me, the fans would have talked just as much about Booker T becoming champion as much as they have David Arquette. Probably even more so in a positive light than in the negative one that they now are getting from wrestling fans. Whoooooo do I feel relieved that had been building for a few days now.

Justin Credible as champion, let me first say that I am not a big fan of Justin but I like this turn of events. It gives ECW a new champion, something interesting for fans to talk about, and most importantly somebody who isn't going to leave for another promotion any time soon. This could be a time of great creativity coming out of ECW. They need to reestablish themselves as a promotion that brings forth great story lines and great wrestling. Right now they are only known for their great in ring product with the story lines taking a back seat to what is going on in the ring. There isn't anything wrong with that but in today's competitive wrestling industry you have to do both well if you want to compete on the WWF's level. Neither ECW or WCW has reached this level, but ECW is well on their way to catching them in the creativity department, while the southern promotion doesn't have either going for it right now in my opinion.

Besides the entertaining Friday night show that was on there is something else I want to talk about. Some news coming out concerning Paul Heyman and TNN. Apparently TNN has offered ECW a Tuesday night slot, getting them out of that hell on Friday's at seven. Heyman is absolutely furious with TNN for their lack of promotion surrounding the leading show on TNN and for the way they are openly courting the WWF. Evidently Heyman quoted in last weeks Torch newsletter says something along the lines that he would rather leave the network than except the Tuesday night slot. As much as I like ECW and want to see them succeed this attitude that Heyman is spouting is not going to help the situation. I wish he would look at it something like this.

A new Tuesday night slot would basically be giving them a try out for any other low rated cable outlet like TNN (fxtv), or as a possible replacement on USA, or possibly NBC who lost out in the running for the WWF. Heyman loves turning negatives into positives. Do the same thing with this. Put out the best fucking product on that you ever have. Don't hold back anything. Show why your show is worthy of a primetime cable network slot and don't fucking bitch about it. Don't ruffle the current network's feathers it sets a bad example towards other perspective buyers of your show. Paul should be able to see the writing on the wall. TNN will soon be WWF TV all the time, in fact I wouldn't be surprised if that became the new call letters for the revamped TNN, ECW will need a new home and have to prove themselves worthy of that home. I know it can be done but ECW in general has got to keep their shit together and make a concerted effort to keep the national deal that they now have in some form weather it be on TNN or USA or FXTV or some other unseen possibility. Plus a Tuesday night timeslot would give ECW access to the biggest possible audience that they have ever had. TV viewership is much higher on Monday's and Tuesday's than it is on Friday nights. More of your target audience is home. If ECW is already winning the key demographic on Friday nights than they should be able to do a respectable rating within that demographic as well on Tuesday nights. If they prove that than any network would love to have them because of that. As of the moment they still are somewhat of an unproven commodity because of their status as a Friday night television program.

Paul, take the Tuesday night slot. It can only help you, not hurt you.

Gregg Mixdorf

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