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Gregg Mixdorf




I just thought I'd check in today with a few thoughts before this weekend's Hardcore Heaven fun for me. By the way I will be trying to post a recap from the live perspective, hopefully sometime monday morning I will get it into CRZ. All depending on the status of my sleep deprivation period I will be suffering from. Anyways I'm really looking forward to the card I really think it will be good. ECW has done a great job of finally building to a ppv. The last month of shows, since Mike Awesome left have been busy building up matches towards the ppv. I'm a little disapointed that nothing regarding the tag team belts has been built up but maybe they will get to that with Friday's show. Besides that I really can't wait for the three way dance main event, with storm/credible/dreamer it should be one heck of a match, I thought I heard something about Raven being thrown into the main event also wich would be interesting. Since Raven and Dreamer had the tag team rivalry with the impact players. Enough about ECW today I wanted to discuss some of the other things going on in the wrestling world and related stuff to.

WCW: I broke down and actually watched some thunder last night and it wasn't an awful show. This really surprised me becaue I thought it was going to be. Right now the most entertaining parts of WCW are Vampiro and the group of David Flair, Crowbar, and Daphney. The Vampiro interview segment last night was good and helped to develop his character more. I am really getting into Vampiro I just wish that they wowould turn him face and get away from some of the more Undertakerish things about his character that they seem to be set on putting in there but you can't have everything. The David Flair vignettes of him and Russo in New York were fairly entertaining. The rest of the show basically sucked ass except for the interview of Arn Anderson and the cruiserweight match between Crowbar and Candido. I wish Tammy would just go away.

Enough about actuall in ring product for today. Instead I want to turn my attention to the mission statement made by Greg Dilliard over at I couldn't agree more with him. I'm glad he took the time to stand up for himself and his website and tell off a bunch of people who really have no right to flame all over his ass because their shit didn't get posted. Sometimes here at the grand daddy CRZ doesn't always get my stuff posted on time. It isn't a big deal to me, I just send him a kindly reminder. I understand the dude is busy crying about the Kings, working his ass off for Wrestleline, and in general being a smartass to whomever he can. I appreciate the fact that he runs this website and posts other writer's opinions unedited onto his own website. If it wasn't for CRZ or the Rant Crew and some other sites out there like this would any of us really have a chance to spout off our opinions and start to develop into better writers? Show some fucking respect for these people. Greg Dilliard has a fairly entertaining site that i recomend you check out. I don't manage to get there all of the time but when I do I really appreciate the effort that he has put into the thing along with that other guy whose name at this time I have forgotten. I also really enjoy the real audio show The Edge. It is a great place to hear your favorite wrestlers and writers discuss wrestling and or anything else that comes up. In short it is a nice alternative to the current state of the wrestling online websites. It fits right in nicely with this site and Rantsylvania. By visiting those three places you will always get a well thought out and most likely differing opinion of what is going on in today's wrestling landscape. Most of the time everything is well written and entertaining.

Anyways this is me giving my whole hearted thanks to sites like Emzee and and Rantsylvania for putting out quality differing view points and trying to enable an actuall discussion instead of flaming out on people. Which can be fun but isn't always in the best interest of the discussion. Without these types of sites people like me wouldn't be able to write out something and send it in hoping just for one email in response.

Glad that is off my chest. Have a great weekend people and I will hopefully be checking in with an onsite report of Hardcore Heaven.

Gregg Mixdorf

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