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Me, Myself, and My inner mark are sitting around doing nothing except for viewing Smackdown! on UPN. You know what? We like it. We like wrestling. A lot. If you wonder how much read below for proof.

Can you say 'THREE D!!!!!!!!' real loud like I do?

When the countdown to Jericho hits do you stand at attention and celebrate the awesomeness that is about to enter your living room?

I raise the roof with Booker T! Yall gonna make me lose my mind if he don't win soon up in here up in here!

I go nuts at the ugliness of King Kurt's tights because it is just SO cool that a grown man will wear such stupid shit to the ring to be laughed at.

Christian is just too funny. It's True It's True.

The Crippler will show you what silent but violent is all about. When he takes the title from Rock.

Knee to the face! Running Knee lift! Knee drop to the head! Pedigree! Dude Triple H offense rules!

Beat me if you can. Survive if I let you! He is a bad guy again, cool his mood finally changed. He has a nice new array of bowling shirts too.

Kane is the demonic half brother of a trucker/biker who stops delivering tomatoes to wrestle. That Paul Bearer seed sure is nasty.

Under biker/trucker taker. I used to rock, now I'm lame, but I could still put a knife in your face and dim the lights if I really wanted to. But isn't my music cool? Ok it isn't but the chaw I spit intermittently throughout the show is really cool.

Rikishi's ass. Yumm, if you like to eat golf balls.

Blame Canada! Blame Canada! Val has got a belt and now Test needs one to.

Blackman is Hardcore!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And people cheer for him to!!!! Go Steve and hopefully another poem from Al Snow showing his love and dedication to the hardcore champion!!!! That sounds so good. Lethal Weapon Steve Blackman Hardcore Champion!! Next up Euro gold for Steve! And then Intercontinental gold and then Blackman will become the WWF World Heavyweight champion! Wooohooooo!!!

Ric Flair Woooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Dancing with Tank next on Three Count is Nitro!!!!! Schiavone: Look at Tank's supple body move to the soothing sounds of Three Count. Damn is he sexy. Brain: What did you just say? S: Ummm. . . nothin.

As you can see I really like wrestling. Let me emphasize this I LIKE WRESTLING! I know it is hard for some people to figure out that wrestling writers actually like what they watch. With all the complaining and whining going on about it today in the online circles I feel the need to clarify my position on wrestling. I wonder why some writers actually watch wrestling it seems like torture for them. For the one-year anniversary of [Slash] wrestling I thought this appropriate. This is a place where many people still celebrate the fact that they like wrestling from time to time. Bitching about wrestling is fine when stuff needs to be complained about. Celebrating the great entertainment that is professional wrestling is equally important and doesn't happen often enough. Why else would you watch it?

The slash is a prime example of a place where people thoughtfully look at wrestling and put forward what they enjoy and what they don't enjoy. For example Butch Rosser's Lista del Fuego. It is funny and fun. Plus you know that he still likes what he is watching and not hating what he is watching. Several other authors on the slash have this same attitude Tanvir, Sharon Austin, Jerry Root, and other authors who at this time I can't remember their name. When people complain they actually have an argument instead of this sucks and my favorite guy isn't getting a push or whatever else pisses them off about wrestling. I get a balanced feeling about the writers here, they actually seem like real people instead of hate seething morons.

Enough from me. Enjoy the festivities here at [slash] and hopefully your fourth of July was as good as mine.

For the other writers who read this, from me to you, keep up the good work.

Gregg Mixdorf
[slash] wrestling

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