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Gregg Mixdorf



Talking ECW

I'm getting sick and tired of a lot of internet columnists claiming that ECW is not entertaining. The only thing wrong with the extreme federation a month or two ago was no story lines. The wrestling was solid if not downright spectacular at times and most importantly the effort was there. There weren't any guys phoning in their performances or being lazy or any of that shit that goes on a lot in the WCW and the WWF. Sure some of the guys in the ring at an ECW show might be less talented in certain areas than the other two but the total effort they give makes up for any such deficiencies when it comes to promos or in ring work. This is what makes ECW special and now they have some very special angles to go along with the effort.

The best thing to come out of this past weekends ppv was the birth of many story lines within the company, which was furthered by a brilliantly put together Friday night show. The Pay Per View itself was nothing special with the in ring action. In fact it just had this feel of trying to get out of the ppv without anybody else getting hurt. With Spike Dudley, Jerry Lynn, RVD and New Jack being injured can you really blame Heyman for cutting things short. It probably was in the best interest of the future of this growing but still vulnerable company. Although I still felt cheated by the shortness of the ppv.

And for everybody who bitched and moaned about the negatives of this ppv there still was a lot of good to come out of it. Good storylines and good character development. The turn of Electra on Doring/Roadkill and the interplay between Cyrus, Gertner and Styles was fun to watch. Even better was Corino on the mic calling Sandman's wife a whore. That was great stuff and extremely entertaining..

The Unholy Alliance between Awesome and Raven against Dreamer and Tanaka is a very special story line. This is the type of angle that can carry a company for over half a year if done right and I have no doubt in Paul E. being able to pull this one off. The possibilities to come out of this story line are great. The best thing to come out of this would be the total elevation of Mike Awesome to superstar. He needs a little rub as a heel and Raven can give it to him. ECW needs Awesome to become this and he can, with a continued feud against Tanaka as his main rival giving great four star matches and continued improvement on his promos he will become over like the champion before him, Taz. Hopefully for Raven's sake this gets him motivated to lose that gut and get back to the fantastic wrestler that he can be.

With the World Television title we have a nice story brewing. We have RVD helping Super Crazy get the win at the ppv because he doesn't like Rhino. He belittles the luchador throughout his interview on TNN Crazy responds by saying Van Damn is loco and the belt belongs to him now. Lurking underneath all this is Cyrus and Corino. Two guys you really don't want to have lurking just below you. Look at the possibilities with this one. The continuation of a great matchup now feuding over the tv belt with Tajiri and Crazy. Cyrus and Corino could team up and form team TNN to take out Super Crazy, RVD, and Sandman. Rhino most likely will become involved in all this, continuing his now longstanding feud with Sandman. I can't wait to see what happens with that one.

Then in the tag team scene we have the building feuds between the Impact Players and Nova/Chetti. Now I'm betting that this will also end up involving Doring/Roadkill and Lou E. Dangerously's group. Admittedly this division is a little less fleshed out then the other two angles in the promotion but it has great promise. The matches that could come out of this tag team scene have me salivating. I really love the team of Nova and Chetti. When Chetti is healthy his is one of the top workers in ECW's tag division. Give him a little time to work off the ring rust and the fat that has accumulated and we could be seeing new tag team champs in about three or four months. Then you can kickoff into a hot feud between the dastardly one and Roadkill against Chetti/Nova. That can be special since that combination seems to put on good matches together.

The ironic thing about all this is that the all the defections within ECW in the past few months have helped to bring these great angles about with mostly fresh faces deserving a push or old faces who need these angles to re-energize themselves. If Sabu hadn't walked out and had the problems with Heyman don't you think that the tv title would be strapped around his waste instead of Super Crazy? If Taz hadn't left would Mike Awesome even be in ECW? If Shane Douglas hadn't left would we even get to listen to Steve Corino the old school hero shoot his mouth like we do? Isn't it great to know that we still get to see all those guys if we want to and still get to see Super Crazy with gold around his waste on Friday nights now? The wrestling world can be wonderful at times and this is one of them.

Post Script

Where the fuck is the positivity about wrestling in general on the internet these days. I love wrestling and see a great growing company in ECW while it seems that many people just see the negatives and compare it to the WWF. The WWF it is not. ECW has a style all its own they do some things differently. They actually tell a story with their ppv's front to finish. It is different and I personally enjoy it. I really am looking forward to next weeks show, more so than I am towards Monday's Raw. Why? Because I know what I'm going to get on Raw, more build up towards Wrestle Mania. More stuff with the Rock and pretty soon Linda McMahon will show up and bring in Foley to be her special invitee to the main event. To tell you the truth I really don't care about the main event until Foley gets put in it. He will but it just seems to be taking such a long time to get there. But hey I should just shut up and enjoy the ride much like I'm telling you to do with ECW. All right I will but only if you do too.

Gregg Mixdorf

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