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It is time for my triumphant return to the [slash]. I have been gone for a while but the feeling has returned to my fingers and I can type once again for the enjoyment of about five people. Hey I'm here to please my hardcore fans. (my fans??? How delusional am I?) One of the reasons as to why I waited to start something was to begin analyzing the new story lines within each company. The timing seemed right with it being the kickoff of the new batch of stories for the WWF, the new old era for WCW is beginning returning, and ECW as always is in a state of flux because someone has left their company for whatever reason. First off lets just say I'm really pleased with the state of wrestling right now. All three companies have picked it up a notch with the most notable being ECW. So lets start with them partly because I'm JACKED that I get to go to Hardcore Heaven in my home state and one of my favorite cities, Milwaukee. And there is nothing and I mean nothing better than ECW live. It totally makes the WWF experience pale in comparison. Also the ECW fans are a funny bunch except for that asshole at Anarchy Rules who had a 'drop Owen hear' sign. What a fucker (he did get the most negative reaction that night including the Taz reaction.) On to the fun!!!

ECW: The past two weeks of ECW on TNN have absolutely rocked. The matches have been excellent. Last weeks show featuring the three way dance for the TV title, the tag team title match, and the World Title match is about as power packed as you can get. Say what you will about the presentation of the World Title change it was still a great and very interesting moment. In a side note about this, if it wasn't for the internet and the spoilers would any body have complained about the quality of the video? I think not because they would be to busy going nuts over the angle. This weeks show featuring another quality tag team title matchup and an absolutely insane brawl that was the best I have seen on TV since I have started watching wrestling regularly again three years ago. To see a motivated Sandman is something special. This is the best I have ever seen him work at brawling. He had some good ones with Raven but at times those seemed to get tedious. This was a very special match. The ECW guys fighting for their company against a deranged group of Network flunkies and putting on the extreme effort that they are noted for should go a long way to getting new fans. If ratings go up it isn't for the lack of a great show tonight but instead on one of the worst time slots in the history of any wrestling program.

On to the actual story lines. The one pitting Cyrus and his stable of the Network against ECW has me interested. I really like this angle, not because of the particular story line but because of the people involved in it. Cyrus is fantastic as a heal manager for Rhino. Steve Corino is excellent as the second in command on the mic. And Tajiri as the crazy title holder of this group is awesome because we get such great matches out of him. As for Jack Victory. . . well it was nice to see his effort on tonight's show blood covering his V and all. The current problem with this angle is that it doesn't involve the World Title picture at the moment. Although I have a sneaking suspicion that once Sandman or Dreamer wins the title Rhino will be their first opponent to put down. Other than that minor quibble I am really enjoying the Network's angle.

The angle with Tazz is an interesting co produced story line. The WWF helps ECW out by showing that their title holder is no more than a mid carder in their promotion, but also helps get over the top angle in the company right now. So you take the good with the bad. Plus the WWF is so hot right now that it probably doesn't matter that their champion jobbed to the WWF's champion because the common fan would think that HHH would win anyways since he has beaten everybody in the WWF that has come gunning for his championship. Besides this angle being a smart fans wet dream there are some problems with it. It isn't fleshed out enough. Tonight on the TNN show their wasn't an interview with Tazz or anything like that. They did hype the ECW arena show on Saturday night to the moon though. So it was allright because of the lip service given to the Dreamer v Tazz matchup tomorrow night and Dreamer had a great match on TNN. Maybe that isn't so bad afterall. Not giving any mic time to Tazz shows off the fact that the ECW title is being held for ransom by the WWF and Tazz. At least that is the way they can push it if the angle is going to be continued. As far as this angle goes I am expecting it to continue but so far it has been a swerve a minute with this thing so you can never tell what is going to happen in ECW.

Match quality: The match quality on the past two shows has been excellent. This combined with entertaining but not great storylines make ECW a must see for any wrestling fan. I really enjoy this show week in and week out just for the match quality and now the story lines are starting to catch up. The big two does not put on two matches of over 10 minutes on their shows except when trying to pop a big rating. ECW has been doing it with regularity recently and hopefully they will continue to do so. I would really like to see them get another hour on national TV so that they can give us some twenty minute contests week in and week out. Totally differentiating themselves from the other two companies, especially WCW.

I have no desire to talk about the WWF because it is so damn good right now and because already to many people write about it as it is. The WCW is improving but they also have a ton of writers devoted to their status. So I have decided to make ECW my beat. Its fun and I like it plus the one of the only main stream voices about ECW on a regular basis is extremely negative towards the shows that they put on even when they are good. So I feel the need to put my two cents in every week or so about this company because I think it deserves more written about it than it gets. Especially columns on how to fix ECW they aren't necessary because ECW is basically the same as it has been. Many problems have besieged it since it got its national cable deal. Bad booking being one and the other being untimely talent defections. I thought they were on the right track before Awesome jumped and now it will take a few weeks for them to get back on track although it looks like they are almost there especially with the returns of RVD and Jerry Lynn being imminent. Things are looking up for ECW lets just hope that the story lines continue to improve and that they get a better time slot one of these days. You think they would since they are the top rated show on the network. But hey this could all change once the WWF jumps ship to TNN or whatever it will be called once it becomes the WWF flagship station.

Comments always appreciated. Have a good week everyone!!!!!

Gregg Mixdorf

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