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I didn't have all that much to work with this week compared to usual... only one pay-per-view (ECW Living Dangerously). Thankfully, ECW and WCW have TV titles.

1998 - ECW's first March pay-per-view was live from Ashbury Park, New Jersey (greetings!). The main event was the team of Al Snow & Lance Storm (Head Storm) beating Chris Candido & Shane Douglas. Homeboy Bam Bam Bigelow won the TV title by defeating Taz. Also on the card... Sabu pinned the Sandman ... Jerry Lynn & Chris Chetti beat Little Guido & Tracey Smothers ... Masato Tanaka beat Doug Furnas ... RVD pinned Scorpio ... New Jack & Spike Dudley beat Buh Buh Ray & D-Von Dudley and Axl Rotten & Balls Mahoney in a three-way dance ... Tommy Dreamer pinned Justin Credible.

1990 - The Great Sasuke made his debut.

1986 - The first ever WWF Slammy Awards are broadcast live on MTV. This included live performances of the songs on "The Wrestling Album", including "Grab Them Cakes" as performed by Junkyard Dog and "Stand Back" by Vincent Kennedy McMahon. I never saw this because I was six years old and all, but that's what I read.

1993 - Macon, Georgia, sees a great team start it's domination... the late, great Brian Pillman and Steve Austin win the WCW World tag team titles from Professor Shane Douglas and Rick Steamboat. The WCW TV belt also went to Paul Orndorff in his tournament final win over Tekno Team 2000's Erik Watts (Scott Steiner was stripped of the title when he and Dogface headed to that "other" federation).

1992 - Here's the story that Hyatte might find humorous (like HE reads this)... top-ranking WWF officials Pat Patterson and Tony Garea resign on the hells of allegations of sexual misconduct allegations by former WWF employees including wrestler Barry Orton, two former ring attendants, and former front office worker.

1936 - A NWA World title change... Dick Shikat beats Danno O'Mahony.

BIRTHDAYS: It's Boom Boom Cannon's birthday! Don't ask me who he is... but his name is funny.

1998 - Pit Bulls I and II are placed on three years probation for admittedly selling steroids and marijuana in 1995.

1922 - Ed "Stangler" Lewis won the NWA World belt from Stanislaus Zbyszko.

1996 - Jerry Lawler USWA Heavyweight Title Update! In a tournament final to crown a new champ (since Jeff Jarrett had a hurt back), Jerry Lawler defeated Mabel to win the title.

1995 - The All-Japan Triple Crown changes hands, with Stan Hansen winning it from Toshiaki Kawado.

1991 - Tatsumi Fujinami became the IWGP Heavyweight champ by defeating Big Van Vader.

1984 - The NWA World tag team titles changed hands, as Wahoo McDaniel (I had my picture taken with him!) and Mark Youngblood beat Don Kernodle & Bob Orton, Jr. (Any relation to Barry? Have you met Pat?).

1961 - To follow up on last week's question about wondering how the Cow Palace was named (thanks, CRZ)... Roy Shire promoted his first wrestling card at the Cow Palace.

1996 - Vincent Kennedy McMahon and the WWF issue a statement saying that Diesel will be leaving for WCW effective June 6th. LET'S BURY HIM!

1996 - That WCW TV belt is busy this week... Lex Luger won it back again from Johnny B. Badd in Macon, GA.

1994 - Time for that weekly "Big Boys Shopping Network" joke... Public Enemy (We've got a steal for you! That's DEAL, you idiot! Oh man... that was the greatest) won the ECW tag belts from Tasmaniac and Kevin "Bookerman" Sullivan. The ECW TV belt also changed hands twice in one day, with Taz winning it from Sabu and then losing it to J.T. Smith (gee, that's gotta do something to that whole invincibility thing).

1992 - In his pro boxing debut, Paul Roma loses in the fourth round to Jerry Arentzen after Roma's manager throws the towel in. I want to throw a Four Horsemen joke in here, but I just can't think of one.

1979 - The WWF (or maybe WWWF... I don't know) tag titles were won by Johnny & Jerry Valient, thanks to a victory of shirtless Tony Garea and "The Living Golf Expert" Larry Zbyszko. Why DID Garea give his shirt to Tori, anyway? Has he been hanging around Patterson again?

1984 - The first NWA TV champ was held (and now it's Duggan), as Mark Youngblood beat Dick Slater in a tournament final.

1963 - The WWWF International tag belts (now known as the WWF tag gold) changed hands as "Stone Cold" Buddy Austin and The Great Scott beat Buddy Rogers & "Handsome" John Barend.

1940 - Yet another NWA belt change back in the old days... Ray Steele beat Bronko Nagurski.

Next week (3.08 to 3.14)... one Uncensored, the Steiners return to WCW, The Artist Formerly Known as Demon is arrested, Vince McMahon meets Larry King (no, not JR), Jerry Lawler wins a USWA Heavyweight belt (SURPRISE!), and more! See you then. For those of you in Australia, enjoy Labor Day Monday!

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