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Hello and welcome to another edition of The People's Column. I'm your party host Andy, and this week... MIDGETS (little people) WITH CHEESE! STEAMERS! Plus, I correct the column from two weeks ago, give you two or so weeks worth of "WWF vs WCW", and anything else I decide to toss in!


Wrestling tends to have a love for animals. Since I'm right smack in the middle of one of those "it's midterm week and I'm stressed" periods, here's a look at some of wrestling's animals. Next week, I'll do a big, back to normal column. Consider this a list of names... they should all be animals. Or bugs. Some are probably stretches, but hey... it's my column and I'll do what I want to do. Feel free to send me any that I may have left off and they'll be here next week.

Amish Roadkill (oh, that's just wrong...)
Animal (duh)
Arachnaman (you know - spiders, arachnids...)
Big Cat
"Birdman" Koko B. Ware
Bull Nakano
"Dogfaced Gremlin" Rick Steiner
El Gato ("The cat" in Spanish, right? Or am I showing no signs that I took
two years of Spanish?)
Ernest "The Cat" Miller
George "The Animal" Steele (duh)
H.O.G. (yes, that counts)
Jake "The Snake" Roberts
Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka
Junkyard Dog
Justin Hawk Bradshaw
"Lionheart" Chris Jericho
Little Beaver
Mad Dog Vachon
P.I.G. (see H.O.G.)
Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat (do dragons count?)
Road Dogg
Nicole Bass (hey, it is a fish)
Ron Bass (ditto)
Scotty Flamingo
Shark Boy
Tatanka (isn't that how they said "buffalo" in that Kevin Costner movie?)
Tazz (-manian devil)
Teddy Long
The British Bulldogs
The Dog
The Freebirds
The Kat/Miss Kitty
The Killer Bees
The Moondogs
The Pitbulls
The Red Rooster
The Shark
The Yellow Dog
Tiger Ali Singh
Ultimo Dragon (see Ricky Steamboat)

I know there's a lot more, as I didn't get to look at the years before 1995 in WCW/NWA. Feel free to e-mail me the ones I missed!

Stupid, stupid, stupid! Two weeks ago I did a little "tribute" to cage matches, when I listed every PPV cage match ever... except one, apparently. I can't remember matches from THREE MONTHS AGO! Yes, just a few WWF pay-per-views ago, X-Pac faced Kane in a cage match at Armageddon. Thanks to GMEN27.


WWF: OK, so the last two Raws haven't been as exciting as the Dallas one. Whoopie... I'll take these two Raws over any Nitro or Thunder put on in the last couple of months. Yeah, I didn't need to know - even more see - that Mae Young gave birth to a beautiful, two pound, eight ounce hand. However, how cool was the return of Mr. Bob Backlund (besides the Rumble) as Kurt Angle's pal? Two American icons who won't take any smack from plebians (which I just spelled wrong - Mr. Backlund: "AUGMENT YOURSELF WITH A DICTIONARY, YOUNG MAN!"). I am sick of Kane vs X-Pac, though. I am still wondering how exactly The Rock is going to be turned sideways and stuck into the WrestleMania main event... I think a guy named Vince may have something to do with it, and I'm not talkin' about Curly Bill (haven't seen him lately... and man, do I miss him). I admit it... I miss parts of the first hour of SmackDown! every week. ABC has one of the best and funniest shows on TV, "Whose Line is it Anyway?", on for a whole hour and I find myself watching that. Besides, the WWF will show highlights of everything during the second hour anyway.

WCW: Well, it has to get better someday... I can tell that CRZ isn't putting much "umph" into his Nitro Recaps (and now Thunder) (You're one to talk! - CRZ), and I can't say I blame him. The shows aren't anything to sit there and go, "WOW!" over. I have never liked The Wall and his gimmick and now he's being shoved down our throats as a main eventer when it's pretty obvious he isn't over. Ditto for Tank Abbott... eh. By the way, needs some continuity... in some parts of the site, Tank's last name is spelled "Abbott", in others it's "Abbot." I wish you would make up my mind already. The Dog is a stupid gimmick - period. "HE'S RABID!" Puh-lease. Personally, I'm ready for Mark Madden to eat another 95-pound hot dog instead of trying his best to make CRZ sound stupid ("Hey, 3 Count is the best! This music rocks! Lynryd Skynard and 3 Count!" Who sounds stupid...).

That's your column for this week. Like I mentioned for CRZ's Nitro Recaps, this one lacked that certain "umph." (Oh - well I take back my earlier comment then. :) - CRZ) Next week, I won't be so stressed. Hopefully. See you then!

Andy Moseley
I'm the next contestant on "The Price is Right"!
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