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It's another very slow week as far as history... next week is going to make up for it BIG TIME!

1983 - The Samoans win the WWF World tag belts from Jules & Chief Jay Strongbow.

1991 - The Steiners regained the NWA World tag champs, which were renamed the WCW World tag belts, against the Freebirds.

BIRTHDAYS - Tiger Ali Singh! Whatever happened to THAT guy? Also, get down on your hands and knees and start barking... Rick Steiner celebrates another birthday.

1996 - WCW Uncensored '96... Tupelo, Mississippi... what may have been the wackiest main event ever. OK, get this... it's in the "Doomsday" steel cage... which was something like three cages on top of each other. Team one: Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage. Team two: Ric Flair, Arn Anderson, Kevin Sullivan, Lex Luger, The Barbarian, Meng, Z-Gangsta (Zeus), The Ultimate Solution (Warlord). You get one guess as to which team one (clue: EGO). Also, Oklahoma wasn't the first... Col. Robert Parker pinned Madusa. This must've been embarrassing: The Booty Man pinned DDP. We also had a Chicago street fight (in Tupelo) with Sting & Booker T beating the Road Warriors, The Giant pinning Loch Ness, The Belfast Bruiser (Fit Finlay) beating Lord Steven Regal, and Konnan defending his U.S. belt against Uncle Eddy Guerrero.

1985 - Bill Watts' Mid-South Wrestling debuts on Superstation TBS and lasts for a few months.

1996 - The Steiners make a "surprise" return to WCW to challenge the Road Warriors on Nitro following visits to a few other promotions (WWF and ECW).

1993 - Dino Bravo was murdered "gangstyle" at the age of 44 in his Quebec home. Police found 17 empty bullet shell casing in his living room during their investigations.

In happier news in London, Sting won his second WCW World title (no, I'm not counting NWA World belts in this category) by beating Vader. More on this next week.

1991 - Here's what you've waited for! Jerry Lawler wins his eighth USWA Heavyweight belt, beating Terry Funk.

1941 - Bronko Nagurski regained the NWA World heavyweight belt by beating Ray Steele. You may remember Ray winning it this time last week.

1993 - In a tournament final to determine a new champ, Jimmy Snuka beats Glen Osbourne to become the second ECW TV champ. This was back when ECW was "Eastern Championship Wrestling."

1990 - Jerry Lawler won his fifth USWA Heavyweight belt against Jimmy Valient.

1983 - We had a NWA World tag team title change... Rick Steamboat & Jay Youngblood won the belts from Spittin' Sgt. Slaughter and Don Kernodle.

BIRTHDAYS: Little Guido!

1995 - Crush (who you might also know as the original Demon and/or Brian Adams) was arrested at his home in Kona after narcotics officers searched and discovered 500 units of anabolic steroids and several unregistered semi-automatic guns. His bail... $10,275.

1992 - Vincent Kennedy McMahon appears on "Larry King Live", calling the allegations of sexual misconduct (PAT!) and steroid abuse "a bunch of bunk."

1999 - Just so we wouldn't be let down, WCW held their "WCW/nWo Uncensored" in Louisville. The main event was a world title, winner-is-president match, with Ric Flair beating Hollywood Hogan. Two other titles changed hands as well, with Booker T winning the TV belt from Scott Steiner and Chris Benoit & Dean Malenko winning the world tag belts from Curt Hennig & Barry Windham in a lumberjack match. The big match, however, hwas a Harlem streetfight (in Louisville) for control of the nWo Black & White... Stevie Ray beat Vince, for those wondering. Also on the card: Perry Saturn pinned Chris Jericho in a dog-collar match ... Hak won a three-way hardcore match against Raven and Bam Bam Bigelow ... Jerry Flynn beat Ernest Miller & Sonny Ono in a handicap match ... Kevin Nash pinned Ron Misterio, Jr. ... Cruiserweight champ Kidman beat Mikey Whipwreck.

1978 - Dominic DeNucci & Dino Bravo win the WWF (or WWWF) World tag belts from Professor Tanaka & Mr. Fuji (san).

BIRTHDAYS - It's Wrath's birthday! Whatever happened to THAT guy?

CORRECTIONS: I screwed up majorly last time! First, I missed not one, not two, but three birthdays. Thanks to the brand new "WWF Magazine" featuring the awesome Rikishi and Too Cool on the cover, I know them now... Debra had a birthday on 3.02, Steve Blackman's enemy Jim Dotson on 3.05 (did that little angle just die or what?), and Val Venis on 3.06.

A week earlier, I goofed up when I said WCW had it's first "War Games" at SuperBrawl in 1991. Thanks to Aldo D., the Thunder recapper (bless you) for DDT Digest, for this tidbit of info:

"You are off by nearly four years. During the Great American Bash '87 Tour, the WarGames match was introduced with the pairings of Ric Flair, Tully Blanchard, Arn Anderson, Lex Luger & JJ Dillon v. Dusty Rhodes, Nikita Koloff, Hawk, Animal & Paul Ellering. The faces got the win when the Road Warriors made J. J. Dillon submit after several minutes of sheer, unmitigated slaughter.

There was another WarGames shortly after with War Machine (Ray Traylor) subbing for Dillon, who separated his shoulder in the first match. Machine was the fall guy for the second match as the good guys won again."

Sure enough. Whoops. Thanks!

Next week (3.15 to 3.21)... IT'S ONE CRAZY WEEK! One WrestleMania, three Uncensoreds, one Living Dangerously, a WHOLE BUNCH of title changes, Cactus Jack learns to say "Eh?", Larry Zbyszko buys a title, and much more! See you then! Have a great St. Patrick's Day (if you are of legal age, don't drink too much green beer - if you aren't of legal age, I guess you won't be getting any anyway), and to my readers in Australia (or reader), have a great Canberra Day (whatever that is)!

Someone buy me the "Jerichoholic" t-shirt!
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