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Better late than never! Welcome once again to This Week in Wrestling. I'm your party host Andy, and it's a pretty busy week this time around. Stay tuned after the history for corrections and a few words regarding The People's Column. Here's that history you should've had last week, but didn't.


1999 - Live on the ever-so-wonderful Monday Nitro, Ron Misterio, Jr., won the WCW Cruiserweight belt from Billy Kidman. Meanwhile on the USA Network, it was the title changes that totally messed up two WrestleMania XV matches... Bibby Gunn won the Hardcore belt from Hardcore Holly and Road Doggy Dogg won the I-C belt from Val Venis.

1998 - WCW was Uncensored in Mobile, Alabama for another rousing pay-per-view. The main event must have sucked, because it was a no-contest between 'Wood Hogan and Randy Savage. We didn't have a single title change, but we did have four title defenses... TV champ Booker T defended against Eddy Guerrero, Cruiserweight champ Chris "Man of 1,004 Holds" Jericho beat Stinko Malenko, U.S. champ DDP beat Chris Benoit and Raven in a "triple jeopardy" match, and World champ Sting pinned Scott Hall. In the other three matches on the card, Lex Luger d. Scott Steiner, The Giant d. Kevin Nash, and Bret Hart d. Curt Hennig by DQ.

1997 - It's Philly and it's an ECW tag title change... the third-coolest tag team around (behind Too Cool and Head Cheese), D-Von and Buh Buh Ray Dudley won the belts from the Eliminators, who were that radical Perry Saturn and John Kronus.

1977 - Antonio Biasetton, better known as Antonino Rocca, died in New York City at the age of 49. Two weeks earlier, he was admitted due to a urinary infection.

1966 - Here's an early NWA World title change for you... Whipper Billy Watson won the belt in Toronto from "Nature Boy" Buddy Rogers.

1963 - Boxer Archie Moore knocks out wrestler Mike DiBiase (yes, Ted's dad) in the third round of a boxer vs wrestler match in Phoenix. Meanwhile, Charles Barkley threw someone through a window.

Birthdays - The Iron Sheik is one old dude today... as in 61. Speaking of the Sheik, you'll never believe what I saw on "Talk Soup" last week. It was the "clip of the week" and it from was Springer... and it was the Iron Sheik! He was on there saying how he was with this girl and this other dude would never get her back. Seriously. It was hilarious.


1998 - Live on Raw (or taped... I don't know), Triple H regained the WWF European belt from Owen Hart. If I remember, Owen had his leg in some kind of cast and HHH goated him in the ring to defend the belt.

1997 - WCW's Uncensored was l-i-v-e on PPV from Charleston, SC. Your main event was a three-way four-man tag match, with Team nWo (Hogan, Savage, Outsiders) defeating Team WCW (Giant, Luger, Steiners) and Team Piper (Piper, Jarrett, Benoit, Mongo). With this, the nWo could demand a shot at any WCW title whenever it wished, which makes me wonder... why did Vince and the nWo black and white gang ever use that? The solo title change was Dean Malenko, our WWF Lightheavyweight champ, winning the U.S. belt from Radical partner Eddy Guerrero. Also on the card... Ultimo Dragon d. Psicosis ... Brunswick's very own Glacier d. Mortis ... Buff Bagwell d. Scotty Riggs in a strap match ... Harlem Heat d. Public Enemy (insert "Big Boys Shopping Network" joke here) ... TV champ The Artist Currently Known as Prince Iaukea d. Ron Misterio, Jr.

1994 - You might have read about this... Cactus Jack lost two-thirds of his ear in a match against Vader in Germany when it was entangled in the ropes.

1992 - The WWF denied allegations of sexual misconduct within its organization (two weeks earlier, Pat Patterson and Terry Garvin resigned due to those charges... but Pat was back in time for Mae's baby) and promised to conduct its own investigation. Meanwhile in Memphis, the USWA heavyweight belt changed hands... and Jerry Lawler wasn't involved. Instead, it was Kamala winning the belt from Koko B. Ware. That's a match I want to see!

1986 - Hacksaw Jim Duggan became the last man to hold the Mid-South North American heavyweight belt as he won it from Buzz Sawyer in Oklahoma City.

1985 - The world's most dangerous spotch and Dusty Rhodes won the NWA TV belt from Tully Blanchard in Greensboro, NC.

Birthdays - CURSE! CURSE! CURSE! It's Steve Armstrong's birthday. The former Henry Godwinn, Mark Canterbury, is also celebrating one today.


1996 - Big Daddy Cool goes heel when he attacked his best friend Shawn Michaels at a MSG house show. Those of us not in the area didn't have to worry, we had video footage the following Raw.

1993 - Over in Dublin, Ireland, Big Van Vader regained the WCW World belt that he lost to Sting a little less than a week earlier in London.

1981 - A memorable WWF World tag team title change (yeah, about as memorable as Pete Gas winning the Hardcore belt on Raw)... The Moondogs won the belts from "Shirtless" Tony Garea and Rick Martel.

1976 - Oklahoma's very own Danny Hodge (good ol' JR's favorite) was in a car wreck and suffered a broken neck, making it where he could never wrestle again.

Birthdays - Well, maybe HHH won't steal his cake, too... it's Test's birthday. I just hope they don't start swinging a stick at a pinata, because if they do... WATCH YOUR NOSE, TEST!


1995 - In good ol' Philly, 2 Cold Scorpio (minus Funkettes) won the ECW TV belt from Dean Malenko.

1985 - I guess this is what led to the Triad tag defending (and I think the Freebirds, too)... Ivan & Nikita Koloff won the NWA World tag team belts from Dusty Rhodes & Manny Fernandez. Any two of Ivan, Nikita, and Krusher Khrushchev were allowed to defend the belts. Check back around mid-July to find out which two lost the belts.

Birthdays - Rick Martel and his "Arrogance" are celebrating today.


1995 - WCW has their first Uncensored in Tupelo, Mississippi. I remember this so well... my cousin and I begged to get this ordered, and we got it. >From there... um, wow. It all started with the first match, with the Blacktop Bully (you might know him as Barry Darsow, Smash, Repo Man, or that golf guy) beating Dustin Rhodes in the back of a moving 18-wheel flatbed truck. Those bales of hay must hurt! The winner was the first to ring a bell at the front of the truck. From there, we had a martial arts match won by Meng... against HACKSAW JIM DUGGAN. Yes, he's a martial arts star. It gets better... Johnny B. Badd beat Arn Anderson in a boxer vs. wrestler match. From there, Randy Savage beat Avalanche by DQ on an anything-goes card when Ric Flair ran out in drag and attack Savage (yes, Flair WILL do anything for his company). We had a break from the chaos to have a regular match (well, I guess) with Big Bubba Guardian Angel Boss Man Ray Traylor Rogers pinnning Sting. Then, it's back to the Uncensored fun with a "Texas Tornado" match between Harlem Heat and the Nasty Boys, won by the Boys. I remember Sherri getting involved and mustard being squirted around. Finally, Hulk Hogan beat Vader in a strap match... when he dragged Ric Flair around to the four corners. By the way, the Renegade - who was then supposed to make everyone think he was the Ulllllllllllllllllllllllltimate Warrior (like that McMahon effect?) - made his grand debut on the Huckster's side. Yes, the event was a bomb.

1988 - The AWA World tag titles made a March change as Paul Diamond & Pat Tanaka won the belts from the Rockers, who I think were the Midnight Rockers at the time.

1974 - Blackjack Mulligan won the World Class Texas American title from Fritz Von Erich.


1996 - Big John Studd died of liver cancer near his home in Burker, VA, at the age of 46.

In happier news (somewhat, anyway), the finals of a tournament to determine WCW's first cruiserweight champion occured, with Shinjiro Otani (who can tell you HE was the first champ?) winning against Chris Benoit. Geez, this week's history is full of Radicals.

1994 - It's WrestleMania time! This would be version X, in the "World's Most Famous Arena" MSG in New York City (which reminds me of a Pace Picante commercial... I miss those). The WWF Title was on the line twice, due to Bret Hart and Lex Luger both winning the Royal Rumble. First, champ Yokozuna successfully defended against Lex Luger when he was disqualified for touching referee Mr. Perfect. Then, he lost it to Bret Hart (with guest referee Roddy Piper). Earlier in the evening, just to make the odds fair, Bret had to wrestle another match... he lost to Owen Hart in what I think is the greatest Owen match eeeeeever. The first PPV ladder match was held as well, with Razor Ramon winning both his real I-C belt and Shawn Michaels' wannabe I-C belt. Hair Club For Men president Sy Sperling also gave Harold Finkel a one-night deal. Anyway, also on the card... Bam Bam Bigelow & Luna Vachon d. Doink & Dink ... Randy Savage d. Crush in a falls count anywhere match ... Women's champ Alundra Blayze d. Lelani Kai (whatever happened to WCW's womens division?) ... Men on a Mission d. tag champs the Quebecers by countout ... Earthquake d. Adam Bomb.

1987 - The IWGP International tag belts did the ol' switcharoo (I won't stoop as low as to say "spinarooni") as Akira Maeda & Nobuhiko Takada beat The Great Muta & Shiro Sashinaka.

1983 - Everyone's favorite broadcaster, Larry Zbyszko, paid NWA National champ Killer Brooks $25,000 for the belt. Larry was stripped of the belt, but it made one heck of a story to tell out on the links.

Birthdays - THIS.... IS.... STIIIIIIIIIIING! It's his birthday, too. Whatever happened to Gary Capetta?


1999 - ECW was "Living Dangerously" in Bam Bam's home town of Asbury Park, New Jersey. The main event was Taz (with one "z") successfully defending his ECW heavyweight belt against the suicidal, homicidal, genecidal, and whatever else Sabu. The only other title match on the card was TV champ RVD defending his bellt against Jerry Lynn in one of their awesome matches. Also on the card... Amish Roadkill & Danny Doring (livin' la vida loca) d. Chris Chetti & Nova ... Super Crazy d. Yoshihiro Tajiri ... Balls Mahoney d. Steve Corino ... Little Guido d. Antifaz del Norte (I have no clue who that is) ... New Jack d. Mr. Mustafa (I'm very badly burned!) ... Lil' Spike Dudley & Nova d. Buh Buh Ray & D-Von Dudley (kudos on the whole Mae Young thing, on both sides) ... Shane Dean Douglas & Tommy Dreamer d. Justin Credible & Lance Storm.

1991 - WCW and New Japan held a joint show in the Tokyo Dome that drew a pretty darn big 64,5000 fans. The main event was IWGP heavyweight champ Tatsumi Fujinami pinning NWA World champ Ric Flair to win the belt. WCW disputed the title change while it was recognized in Japan. Anywho, the NWA Board officially recognized the change in the summer.

1984 - I feel like I just covered a Ric Flair overseas NWA World title loss... Flair lost the belt this time to Harley Race in Wellington, New Zealand. Did he win it back? Clue: Read next week's edition. Maybe around March 23rd or so.

Birthdays - Now that he's officially signed with WCW, I guess I can announce this... it's Chris Candido's birthday. And Tammy Sytch's birthday is on the same day as mine, so ha (12.07 - make all checks payable to "Andy Moseley").


As if last week's People's Column wasn't enough, Sri checks in with some more animal names. First, the obvious that makes me feel so bad that I left him out, is Gorilla Monsoon. We also have Tiger Mask, the Italian Stallion, Bobby Heenan as "The Weasel", Johnny the Bull, "Texas Rattlesnake" Steve Austin, Rhino, Jackyl, Beaver Cleavage, The Black Scorpion, and the Wolfpac. In a totally unrelated note, Sri says, "On a side note, have you ever heard of an indy wrestler named the H.I.V.Kid? It's the sickest and most hilarious gimmick ever created: he bleeds during a match, and his opponent runs for cover to avoid getting infected, thus securing him a countout victory. Or perhaps a submission. That has nothing to do with anything, just heard it from a friend and though I'd pass it along." Yeah, that's pretty sick.


It's... um... history. For now, anyway. Here's the deal... I'm just tired of writing it. It was fun for a while, but as Shawn Michaels would say, "I lost my smile." This is the column I really enjoy writing. I started this out as "This Week in '90s Wrestling History" back in the third or fourth "People's Column", and then it became so big and I enjoyed doing it so much that it sprouted off into its own monster. Meanwhile, I ended up writing what I think were usually second-rate "People's Columns." All those columns where I just did lists (cage matches, animal names)... I was bored with it. Besides, college life keeps me pretty busy. So, sayonara to the "People's Column" for now. Maybe I'll bring it back in the summer when I don't have six classes to worry about. Meanwhile, this column gets more attention and even more facts. Next week (3.22 to 3.28, which is actually this week since I kinda sent this one in a little late), it's really busy... four WrestleManias, the first ever Clash of the Champions, a family reunion, LT works out, Hulk Hogan hurts somebody (no, not viewers like you), and more! See you then... now... whenever!

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