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THIS WEEK IN WRESTLING - 5.10.00 to 5.16.00

Sigh... another week here and gone. Aw, who am I kidding... school's out for the summer! Woohoo! Well, college anyway. I decided to not take any summer classes because I'm burned out as it is. If I can get one of the local newspapers to hire me, I'm planning to work for one of them. Otherwise... who knows. I won't be at a fast food place, though. I refuse to do it. Not saying there's anything wrong with working at a fast food place, it's just not for me. You don't want me cooking your french fries.

BRAVES UPDATE: Let's see, we are 22-10 and dominating all of baseball. The week ahead has two games at the Marlins, then three at the Phillies, the Raw off day on Monday, and the first of three back at home against the Giants. Not a single game is on Turner South this week... somebody likes me!

Can I go one week without making a stupid typo that makes my total sentence sound wrong? Maybe I should use the spell checker or something.


1999 - You might remember this... Debra lost an evening gown match to WWF Women's champ Sable (who?) on Raw, but Commissioner Michaels annnounced that the winner was the one to have their gown stripped off first, so Debra won the belt. Thankfully, Debra would lose it to a REAL wrestler, Ivory, later in the year. Unfortunately, it's held by a person who never defends it - or wrestles - now. Better than Moolah and Mae wrestling, though. Especially each other. Crickey.

1981 - AWA World champ Verne Gagne retired following a title defense against Nick Bockwinkel. Meanwile in New Japan's MSG Tournament, Stan Hansen defeated Hulk Hogan. That was before Hogan was an egomaniac, in case you were wondering.

1980 - According to the "PWI Almanac", the first NWA World tag champs were crowned as Rick Steamboat & Jay Youngblood won the belts from Ray "The Streak" Stevens & Greg Valentine.

Birthdays - A real man's man, Lord Steven Regal, celebrates today. It's also Tito Santana's birthday.


1997 - "WWF In Your House: A Cold Day in Hell" was live on pay-per-view from Richmond, VA. In the main event, WWF Champ Undertaker pinned Steve Austin. Ken Shamrock made his PPV debut (well, WWF PPV debut) by making Vader submit. Also on the card: LOD 1997 d. World tag champs Owen Hart & British Bulldog by DQ ... Hunter Hearst-Helmsley d. Flash Funk ... Mankind d. Rocky Maivia ... Ahmed Johnson d. Crush ... Ahmed Johnson d. Savio Vega ... Faarooq d. Ahmed Johnson (man, I don't know if I could've put up with THREE Ahmed Johnson matches!).

1996 - Philly saw "The Franchise" Shane Douglas win the ECW TV belt from 2 Cold Scorpio.

1987 - Here's something really scary... during a eight-man match with Kevin Von Erich, The Fantastics, and Bruiser Brody against Brian Adias, Black Bart, Al Madril, and Al Perez, Kevin collapsed in the middle of the ring. Tommy Rogers of the Fantastics noticed Von Erich turning blue and administered cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

1985 - After 30-years off of network TV, the WWF again broke the barrier, debuting "Saturday Night's Main Event" on NBC. In the main event, WWF Champ Hulk Hogan battled Bob Orton.

1953 - Thankfully, New York lifted a state ban on tag team wrestling. Thanks to that ban being lifted, we've been able to see such high-quality matches as The Natural Disasters vs The Bushwhackers (SummerSlam '91), and The Bushwhackers vs The Beverly Brothers (Royal Rumble '92), Doink & Dink vs Bam Bam Bigelow & Luna Vachon (WrestleMania X).

Birthdays - The guy who's finally getting a push - even though he'll end up jobbing to the big boot and legdrop in the end - celebrates one today... yep, it's Billy Kidman. Maybe he'll find that Kidcam.


1997 - Rob Van Dam appeared on "Raw is War", calling himself "Mr. Monday Night." (No relation to "Mr. Monday Nitro"... even though Madden might wish he was) RVD defeated Matt Hardy in his first match. This was before Matt and Jeff were the crazy mofos they are today.


1995 - The last wrestling event ever in the Boston Garden - the "WWF's A Night to Remember" - is held.

1988 - Barry Windham (he's The Stalker, you know) won the NWA U.S. title in a tournament final against Nikita Koloff. Dusty Rhodes (I miss him broadcasting WCW... he could make me watch Thunder if he was a commentator on there - and I'm not even kidding) was stripped (of the title - thankfully) when he hit the NWA President Jim Crockett with a baseball bat.

1984 - Rick Martel - minus "Arrogance" - won the AWA World title from Jumbo Tsuruta in St. Paul, Minnesota. Meanwhile in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Magnum T.A. won the Mid-South North American belt from Mr. Wrestling II. I want to say something about "Magnum P.I.", but I just don't know how to fit it in.

1983 - Harley Race won the Missouri State heavyweight belt from Crusher Blackwell in St. Louis - where all Missouri State title changes happened.

1975 - Victor Rivera & Dominic DeNucci won the WWWF World tag belts from Jimmy & Johnny Valient in Philly.


1995 - The WWF had it's first ever "In Your House" pay-per-view from the Onondaga County War Memorial in Syracuse, NY. The theme... the WWF was giving away a house, and Todd Pettingill and Stephanie what's-her-name (no, not McMahon) called the person up to win the house. Some boy won it. I just remember seeing highlights of it on "WWF Mania." Anyway, the pay-per-view was focused on Bret Hart's little feud with Jerry Lawler. Bret said he would wrestle two matches in one night, and he did... defeating Hakushi and then losing to Lawler. WWF Champ Diesel also defeated Psycho Sid by DQ when Tatanka interfered. I still, to this day, can't figure out why Sid and Tatanka were paired together. Also on the card: Razor Ramon d. Jeff Jarrett & The Roadie in a handicap match (Savio Vega made his debut as Savio Vega by jumping over the guardrail to help Razor) ... Mabel d. Adam Bomb in a King of the Ring qualifying match ... World tag champs Owen & Yokozuna d. The Smokin' TGunns.

1990 - After wrestling for six years as Tiger Mask II, the guy takes off the mask mid-match in Tokyo and reveals himself as... Mitsuharu Misawa!

Birthdays - The man they call Vader (yep, that's what they call him) celebrates today. I miss seeing Vader all the time. You know, I bet he could be one of WCW's top heels if they signed him right now. It's also Oklahoma's buddy's birthday - "Dr. Death" Steve Williams, pally.


1999 - Hey, it's that Break the Barrier thing that Al Isaacs plugged and plugged and plugged forever! Hey, he got his name in the "PWI Almanac"... what more could a guy want? For those of you who missed it, a bunch of wrestlers from independant federations wrestled each other. Your results, in chronological order, are: Stevie Richards d. Allied Powers Wrestling Federation champ Jimmy Cicero and Tom Brandi to win the belt ... World Legion Wrestling heavyweight champ Derrick Stone d. Steve Sharpe in a falls count anywhere match ... New Dimension Wrestling brass knuckles champ Rick Link and Manny Fernandez went to a double-DQ (in a brass knuckles match?) ... The Pitt Bulls d. Independant Pro Wrestling tag champs Phi DeKappa U to win the belts ... Maryland Championship Wrestling heavyweight champ Mosh (hey... I've heard of him!) d. Romeo Valentino ... The Tennessee Volz d. The Badstreet Boyz (I want to make some kind of N'SYNC joke or something... but I can't think of anything!) ... Scab d. World Wrestling Organization heavyweight champ Natrone Steele in a ladder match to win the belt ... Independent Professional Wrestling Allian (geez, can we shorten our names PLEASE?) heavyweight champ Cueball Carmichael d. Julio Sanchez ... Mike Quackenbush d. Lou Marconi and Dan Montoya to become the first Steel City Wrestling lord of the dance champ (isn't that one of those Broadway shows?) ... Allied Powers Wrestling Federation (it was nice of Lex & Davey Boy to start up their own little promotion) wrestler Fang d. Blade Boudreaux in a ten-minute first blood match (both were attacked - and forked - by Abdullah the Butcher) ... Hardcore Nick d. Justice Pain in a staple gun match (OUCH) to win the NWA-New Jersey/Combat Zone Wrestling hardcore belt ... Tom Brandi won a multi-federation battle royal, then gave Al Isaacs the ol' powerbomb-through-a-table.

1995 - The ECW tag belts did a flip-flop in Philly, being won by the Super Destroyers from The Suicide Blonds, and then won back by the Blonds.

1994 - Mikey Whipwreck won the ECW TV belt from Pit Bull. I don't know if it was just Pit Bull or Pit Bull I or Pit Bull II, but he did win it.

1971 - Way back when in Milwaukee, Red Bastien & Hercules Cortez won the AWA World tag titles from Mad Dog & Butcher Vachon.

Birthdays - One of my personal favorites, Faarooq, will celebrate his birthday today by playing cards with Bradshaw.


1999 - The WWF's second UK-only PPV, "No Mercy", was broadcast from Manchester, England. The main event was a three-way for the WWF Championship, with champ Steve Austin beating The Undertaker and HHH. Shane McMahon brought the European belt out of retirement for one match as well (seeing how this WAS in the UK and all), successfully defending it against X-Pac. Also on the card: Tiger Ali Singh (whatever happened to him?) d. Gillberg (non-title) ... The Acolytes & Viscera d. The Brood ... Steve Blackman d. Droz ... Kane d. Mideon ... Nicole Bass (ugh) d. Tori ... Billy Gunn d. Mankind.

Meanwhile back in New York, ECW had their "Hardcore Heaven" PPV. Taz (with one "z") defended his heavyweight belt twice, first defeating Chris Candido and then Buh Buh Ray Dudley. Also on the card: Skull Von Crush d. Danny Doring ... Tag champs Those Damn Dudleys (Buh Buh Ray & D-Von) d. Spike Dudley & Balls Mahoney ... Yoshihiro Tajiri d. Little Guido ... Super Crazy d. Taka (or TAKA) Michinoku ... Lance Storm d. Tommy Dreamer ... TV champ RVD d. Jerry Lynn ... Sid Vicious d. Justin Credible.

1963 - Skull Murphy & Brute Bernard (who?) won the WWWF U.S. tag belts from Buddy Austin & The Great Scott. Great Scott! Sorry... bad joke.

Birthdays - Light a fatty for this pimp daddy, 'cause it's The Godfather's birthday. Who knows how he'll celebrate his birthday, but I bet it will be illegal in every state except Nevada (everything's legal there).

And that's all the history that I have for you! I don't even have any general comments this week. Maybe double next week. I'm also planning another special People's Column soon, so be on the lookout for that (don't worry, it won't be anytime this week).

NEXT WEEK (5.17 to 5.23): Sadly, we lose Owen Hart. Plus, one Capital Combat, one SuperBrawl, one Wrestle War, five Slamborees, that one sad Over the Edge, and plenty more! See you then!

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