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Hey ya'll! It's good to be back after a week away. I don't really have all that much to say up here. Minor note... my e-mail address is now if you get the urge. It's not like many people e-mail me in the first place, but still...


1997 - Japanese female wrestler Plum Mariko dies at the age of 29 as the result of head injuries suffered in a tag match the previous day.

1990 - FOrmer NWA World champ Pat O'Connor died of cancer in St. Louis at the age of 69.

1985 - The Rock 'n Roll Express won the NWA World tag belts from the Midnight Express.


1998 - WWF promoter and former wrestler Terry Garvin died of stomach cancer at age 60. Shane Shamrock, a wrestler for Maryland Championship Wrestling, was shot and killed at the age of 23 when he was shot by Ann Arundel Officer Pete Scarpetta after pulling a knife during a domestic dispute with his former girlfriend.

1997 - ECW's second pay-per-view, "Hardcore Heaven", was live from Ft. Lauderdale, FL. The big thing was Shane Douglas winning the heavyweight title in a triangle match also including Terry Funk and champ Sabu. The WWF invasion also occured, as Tommy Dreamer successfully fended off the challenge of Jerry Lawler, who had help from Rick Rude, Sunny, and Jake Roberts at times during the match. Also on the card: TV champ Taz d. Chris Candido ... Bam Bam Bigelow d. Spike Dudley ... Rob Van Dam d. Al Snow ... Tag champs Buh Buh Ray & D-Von Dudley d. PG-13. By the way, the Dudleys were awarded those titles from the Gangstas when Mustafa could not compete. He was very badly burned. Oh, wait... that's a movie.

1987 - Nikita Koloff won the NWA TV belt from Tully Blanchard.

1986 - In the final match of a best-of-seven series to determine a new U.S. champ, Nikita Koloff beat Magnum T.A. to win the belt.

Birthdays - Dick Togo, former Kai En Tai member, was born back in 1969.


1996 - The WWF's "SummerSlam" came to us from Cleveland, Ohio. Our main event saw Shawn Michaels actually lose to Vader twice. Defending his world title, Shawn was first counted out, then disqualified. Both times, Jim Cornette demanded the match be restarted and it was, with it finally resulting in Shawn pinning Vader. After years of being together, Paul Bearer turned on The Undertaker by hitting him with the almighty urn at the end of 'Taker's "boiler room brawl" against Mankind. Also on the card: Steve Austin d. Yokozuna in a match shown on the "Free For All" ... Owen Hart d. Savio Vega ... World tag champs The Smokin' Gunns d. The Bodydonnas, The New Rockers, and the Godwinns in a four-way elimination match ... Sycho Sid d. British Bulldog ... Goldust d. Marc Mero ... Jerry Lawler d. Jake Roberts.

1993 - WCW's 24th "Clash of the Champions" was in Daytona Beach's Ocean Center (hey, I've been there!). Let's see... World champ Vader beat Cactus Jack. There were two title changes, with Arn Anderson & Paul Roma winning the World tag belts from Steve Austin & Lord Steven Regal (subbing for Brian Pillman) and Rick Steamboat winning the TV belt from Paul Orndorff. Also on the card: 2 Cold Scorpio d. Bobby Eaton ... Johnny B. Badd d. Maxx Payne in a mask vs Norma Jean mask (Explanation, you ask? Maxx shot Badd in the face with Badd's little confetti shooter, Johnny started wearing a black mask, and they decided to put Johnny unmasking up against Maxx's guitar Norma Jean) ... Sting & Ric Flair d. The Colossal Kongs ... Hawk & Dustin Rhodes d. Rick Rude & The Equalizer.

Birthdays - Tom Prichard, who is not what is called a snappy dresser (or, for that matter, that great of a color commentator - and it really shows next to the horribleness that is Kevin Kelly), was born on today back in 1959.


1999 - In Lubbock, TX (home of Natalie Maines, which means nothing to most of you), Lenny won the WCW Cruiserweight title from Ron Misterio, Jr.


1999 - Bret Hart returned to action for the first time since the tragic death of brother Owen, going to a no-contest against WCW World champ (sigh) Hulk Hogan at the Cow Palace in San Fransisco.

1996 - In Dalton, GA of all places, Lord Steven Regal won the WCW TV title from Lex Luger.

Birthdays - Everybody's favorite garbage man, Duke "The Dumpster" Droese, is celebrating a b-day today.


1997 - WCW's final "Clash of the Champions", edition thirty-five, was live from Nashville, TN on the Superstation. The main event was World tag champs Scott Hall & Randy Savage (subbing for Kevin Nash) defeating Lex Luger & DDP. Two title changes as well, with Steve McMichael (oy) winning the U.S. belt from Jeff Jarrett and Alex Wright winning the TV belt from Ultimo Dragon. Also on the card: Raven d. Stevie Richards in a no-DQ match ... Cruiserweight champ Chris Jericho d. Eddy Guerrero ... Psicosis, Silver King, Villano IV & Villano V d. Super Calo, Juventud Guerrera, Hector Garza & Lizmark, Jr. ... Ric Flair & Curt Hennig d. Syxx & Konnan.

1979 - Harley Race won the NWA World title from Dusty Rhodes in Tampa, FL.


1999 - The most recent "SummerSlam" was brought to us from Minneapolis. With Gov. Jesse Ventura as referee, Mankind pulled out the surprise win in a triple threat match against champ Steve Austin as well as Triple H. Shane McMahon stole the show in his "Greenwich streetfight" against Test, but still lost. Al Snow won the hardcore belt back from the Big Bossman. Jeff Jarrett won the Eurocontinental titles from D'Lo Brown when Mark Henry turned on D'Lo. Also on the card: The Acolytes won a big ol' elimination Royal Rumble-style match that also included Edge & Christian, the Hardys, Mideon & Viscera, Droz & Prince Albert, and the Hollys ... Women's champ Ivory d. Tori ... Ken Shamrock d. Steve Blackman in a Lion's Den match ... The Undertaker & Big Show d. World tag champs X-Pac & Kane to win the belts ... The Rock d. Billy Gunn in a "Kiss My Ass" match.

Birthdays - Who needs Bobby Heenan when you've got STEVIE RAY DOING COLOR COMMENTARY? "Tony, can I ask you a question?" "Mike, can I make a point here?" Such a polite guy, that Stevie Ray. Stevie was born today back in 1958.

Sorry for the pretty dull and somewhat abbreviated column this week. Between feeling downright bad and getting ready for the start of classes tomorrow, I'm worn out. Hopefully, I'll see ya next week!

Andy Moseley
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