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Our 3rd Anniversary

Andy Moseley




Well, here we are. The [slash] has hit three years. Not a bad landmark at all. And what a three years it's been in the wild world of professional wrestling.

WCW was bought by the WWF.

The WWF became WWE.

If that doesn't say enough, what does?

We've seen The Rock star in the #1 movie at the box office. Mick Foley's given us another #1 selling book. The nWo hit WWE with the original Hall, Nash, and Hogan trio.

Yes, Hulk Hogan came back to the world of the McMahons AND won another world title. WWE gave us that awesome Desire video with the Kid Rock song. Vince Russo returned to WWE. Chris Jericho rebelled against the 'Net, where it is often made to seem like the world of wrestling is going to come crashing down to a end any minute now.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg. It's been a fun three years, and it's great to be able to come to [slash] and read CRZ's recaps, see all of the various things written by everyone, and see what the fine citizens of the message board are babbling about. It was great adding almost fifty random columns in the early days, and it's great adding this short little entry into the anniversary party.

Thanks CRZ for the site, and thanks y'all for everything you're made it!

Andy Moseley
[slash] emeritus

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