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Do any of you remember when your mother wouldn't let you get up from the dinner table until you ate your vegetables?

Well, you can't watch WCW these days without seeing The Wall get pushed whether you like it or not. And you might wonder why. This guy has no heat. It's obvious that WCW is afraid to have him talk on the mic. So why should we care about him? When Goldberg started, he didn't talk either but his physique and overall presence is a lot more impressive than The Wall. This whole thing with The Wall and other mid-carder types being pushed as main eventers speaks volumes about WCW.

But what about that chokeslam!?

When The Wall chokeslammed Devon Storm (Crowbar) from the ring apron through the announce table on Thunder, I sat in my recliner and said, "Wow!" It really looked sensational. Maybe all is not lost. Of course, Storm is a tremendous talent and he did his part in that move superbly. Before we get too carried away, the chokeslam was over, not The Wall. Not yet. They've still got to give us a reason to care about him. That won't happen until he talks.

Now for the Harris brothers and their huge push. The main event on Thunder was simply terrible. Booker had one of the Harris brothers pinned but the ref got pulled out of the ring. Somehow that didn't cause a DQ. Naturally, after Sid's double clothesline, Jeff Jarrett got in the guitar shot and the ref counted the pin. I guess the ref didn't see the guitar shot. No wonder you call them blind, Chris. I think it's safe to say that the Kevins, Nash and Sullivan, booked that crap. The crowd didn't like it one bit as evidenced by the debris thrown in the ring. That's not the kind of reaction you want, WCW.

I think that maybe the Kevins weren't booking Monday night because Sid Vicious beat Tank Abbott in the main event that had no ref bump and no run-in! Unreal. But that match had its minuses. Big ones. Sid, if you're going to use the crippler crossface as a finisher, go to the Power Plant and learn how to do it. While we're on that subject, Stevie Ray, you go to the Power Plant as well and learn how to do the pedigree properly. As for the other bad aspect of that match, WCW has been building up Abbott to be some kind of monster, emphasizing his UFC background. Yet they have him tap out to a terrible crippler crossface. Another one gets buried.

It really amazes me that WCW can put a product on national TV and have it be so continuously bad. I have written John Petrie of Slobberknocker Central about that several times. John basically says that Nash, Sullivan and the others running the show don't care. They only care about their own jobs. Great. I wonder if Nash and Sullivan would care if WCW went out of business. Maybe they know something we don't know.

The ineptitude is laughable at times. Gene Mean asked Jarrett at one point where the Harris brothers were when they had already staged a run-in! Come on Gene, pay attention to your own show.

At least Ric Flair is getting back over as a heel again. His pairing with Lex Luger seems to be working rather nicely. When they Pillmanize opponents' arms, it reminds me of the old Four Horsemen days. Back during those days, Flair was the consummate heel. His supporting cast of Arn Anderson, Tully Blanchard and various other combinations of Barry Windham, Luger and others worked like a machine. I'd like to see them reform the group, adding Curt Hennig and Jarrett. I think they would be huge. Goldberg, Sting, Sid and Booker could form some great opposition.

I would also push Billy Kidman, Buff Bagwell, Vampiro, Chavo Guerrero, Psychosis, Lane, Idol, LaParka and Storm as far as they can go. That's a fair number of names. If the talent is used right, WCW could come back. I still like Meng. What would really be cool is to have him take that chokeslam from The Wall and no-sell it! The Mamalukes aren't bad either. But they need a better angle. If they keep getting stuck in train wrecks like on Nitro, they'll go nowhere fast. Once Miss Hancock stepped onto the announce table, only she was over. Not that I mind looking at those legs.

As I said, WCW does have talented performers. But then look at whose doing the booking. I think that says it all.

Mr. Mean
Powerbomb Press

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