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It's not hard to figure out the formula when Jeff Jarrett and Sid Vicious are involved in the main event: ref bump, run-in, guitar shot, Jeff pins Sid. It's also called being too predictable. And just a little bit stale.

At least they threw in a little bit of a curve. Ron (or was it Don....does it really make any difference?) Harris was supposed to be Jarrett's partner in the match. But the Harris brothers earlier in the show H-bombed a bunch of Power Plant guys and got "arrested." So what did that tell me? Just scratch the run-in. Everything else applies. And that's exactly what happened.

The other obvious reason for the booking of the main event was WCW's continuing attempt to get The Wall over. I've got to say that it may be the wrong guy but they sure are trying. They seem to be going ECW-style in their efforts. David Flair going through two tables was the latest installment. It did look impressive. But, again, they've got to give me a reason to care. The spots are over, not The Wall. Obviously, he doesn't have any mic skills or they would let him talk. Until he does talk, he's not going to get over.

Jarrett is still over but I think they are relying too much on the guitar shots. It may not be apparent to WCW fans because of the booking but Jarrett has considerable wrestling skills. For anyone that says this isn't about wrestling anymore, I point out the Ric Flair-Ricky Steamboat classics. I once saw these guys go 54 minutes! That match was very compelling and it had my attention each and every minute. So it is possible.

They did throw in a nice swerve when Jarrett appeared to be looking for babyface heat when he asked the Chapel Hill crowd if they wanted the NW0 girls to stay at ringside. The girls were gorgeous. Of course the crowd wanted to stay out and roared their approval to Jarrett, who promptly sent them to the back. What made it funny was the way the girls sold being upset.

The other player in the main event, Vampiro, looked good. Vamp executes the rock bottom flawlessly. It's good to see him get a push. The guy has talent. It was also good to see Mark Madden put him over.

There were some bright spots throughout the show even though some things were just the usual awful. In my opinion, Dustin Rhodes cut the best promo of his career Monday night. He had tons of heat. If he keeps this up, Dustin can be a monster heel. He's got the look and his mic skills are considerable when used in the right way. And it doesn't hurt to have him in a program with Terry Funk, who can still talk with the best of them. Dustin did botch that first piledriver during their non-match but, hey, nobody's perfect, especially in WCW.

Ric Flair and Curt Hennig put on a good show as one might expect. Flair really worked hard in the match. When he went to the top turnbuckle he was able to execute an offensive move. Nah, just kidding. Still, it was a solid effort. In a surprise booking turn, Hennig got the pin after a perfetplex despite the usual Lex Luger run-in. Unlike many of today's performers, Flair won't hesitate to put someone over. But at the same time, I think Flair is asked to do too many jobs. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I want to see the vintage bad-ass Flair of the old Four Horsemen days. Flair did very few jobs then and had an air of invincibility about him. Before I realized wrestling was a work, I used to get so infuriated when guys like Barry Windham, Steamboat and Luger would come oh so close to winning the belt only to see them fall short to the "dirtiest player in the game." Bring back those days, WCW.

Get rid of Evan Karagias, WCW. He sucks. Laughing while getting pinned. Now that's the way to do a job (Mr. Mean drips sarcasm). On the other hand, push Shane and Shannon. They have Hardy Boyz potential.

That whole episode with Tank Abbott, LaParka and Meng had me reeling. LaParka is getting a push yet sells a one-punch KO to Abbott, who then refuses to leave the ring. Meng wants to charge out there but Doug Dellinger tells him that will be a 60-day suspension or something like that and Meng stays put. Huh? What happened to Meng's no-selling tough guy image? They're killing the heat of two guys who have talent while seemingly elevating someone we don't care about. Arrrrrggghhh. This is hurting my head.

Then how about the trainwreck between Harlem Heat and Kidman and Booker? Anything involving Stevie Ray makes me laugh. However, we seem to have a new "rule" in WCW. Pull the referee out of the ring to break up a 1, 2, 3. It counts as a save because it sure doesn't cause a DQ anymore. Harlem Heat did it Monday night and that same ref counted a pin for them shortly thereafter. So why even have a ref? Because he has to be available to get bumped.

And speaking of refs, Billy Silverman saw the instant relay of the ending of the Big Vito-Ron (or Don) Harris match and reversed the decision! What the.......???? My head is really hurting now. So I guess we can go back and review the match when Kevin Nash ended Bill Goldberg's unbeaten streak thanks to Scott Hall's taser. OK, the "executive board" looked at the tape. Goldberg gets his title back!!! All is well in the world!

This booking has me reaching for the Motrin and a toothpick to throw at each of the bookers. I think that says it all.

Mr. Mean
Powerbomb Press

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