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Sometimes you just don't know whom you're talking to. That sounds like a cliché but it was real life Wednesday night for yours truly.

I'm in Gold's Gym working out with some buddies and I notice this huge guy walk in, looking like a smaller version of Vader. I turned to my friends and said, "That is a wrestler." I knew his workout partner, so I went over and introduced myself. It turns out he's starting at the WCW Power Plant in two weeks.

It's always fun to talk to someone in the business. Boy, was this ever an eye opening conversation, especially after the first question I asked. "Did you see Kevin Nash screw up that powerbomb on Mike Awesome and almost kill him?" I asked. His reply: "Kevin's a good friend of mine." Gulp. Talk about sticking my foot in my mouth. When the big guy went for a drink of water, I told his friend, "Man, I feel bad about that." He told me not to worry about it.

Since this guy is just getting started in the business, I'm not going to use his name. But some of the things he had to say were very interesting and kind of disturbing. I live in Columbia, South Carolina and everyone knows that's where Rick Steiner injured Buff Bagwell. But this guy said Bagwell's injury was a work. The camera tells a different story. It was a very nasty bump. I wouldn't want to take it. Bagwell lay motionless for 20 minutes and was eventually taken to the hospital.

What this tells me is that most of the news information we get on the Internet is 100 percent worked. We can watch the shows, recap them and give our opinions on angles and such. But as far as knowing the real inside stuff, forget it unless you happen to know some of the wrestlers. Then again, they can be working you. Maybe the guy I talked to was worked by someone.

It's not that I'm complaining, not at all. I just accept it. WCW ended up turning Bagwell's injury into a pretty good angle though I think the booking got messed up at the end. Bagwell should have come out of it as a big time babyface. Instead, it was a swerve and we got a heel Bagwell.

We do know that a lot of injuries are worked. So what? I think the NBA is a work. I got so excited when the Kings evened up their series with the Lakers at 2-2. My little brother brought me back down to earth. "Do you really think NBC is going to let the Kings win?" he said. Hey it isn't just me. I read something about that sort of thing in USA Today this week. Well, the term "work" wasn't used but it was hinted at.

Sometimes they tell us too much. Bagwell is a big time talent and has been badly mishandled at times. Right when Vince Russo first took over during his first tenure, he had Bagwell job to LaParka. Bagwell came out, made a parody of himself and laid down for the pin. Then he went to the announce table, grabbed the mic and said, "Hey Russo. Did I do a good enough job for you?" It was a great segment. Bagwell made it look like a shoot all the way. So what does Russo do? Shortly after the show on WCW Live, he tells us it's all a work! How stupid can you get? Yeah I know this is WCW we're talking about.

The guy I talked to also said that in real life Bagwell is a lot like his character.

We then talked about Bill Goldberg. He said Goldberg is a legitimate tough guy. And the arm injury was definitely real.

The subject then swung back to Nash. He said Nash knows what he's doing in the ring. I know some of you Big Lazy fans are laughing at that one. He went on to say that what we think are blown spots aren't that at all. He said there are instances when a wrestler doesn't like someone's attitude and goes stiff on him. That kind of makes sense to me. I have read where Awesome is getting some heat in the WCW locker room because he works stiff. So perhaps Nash was sticking him one to prove a point.

As I was talking to him, I told him that he should get over huge as a mega heel. He just has the look. But right now he is just concerned with making the cut as so many try and only a relatively few make it. Then again David Arquette waltzes in spends a couple of weeks on WCW TV and even gets the world heavyweight title. And to think of all those guys toiling at the Power Plant, real talents like Kid Romeo who may never see the light of day thanks to Russo and Eric Bischoff. I give up trying to make sense out of WCW.

At least Scott Hall is coming back soon. Hey yo to all of you.

Mr. Mean
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