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Will They or Won't They?

Hey yo, WCW, it's time to either put up or shut up.

Bring Scott Hall back or don't bring him back. But don't keep teasing us. I personally want to see Hall return because he's the only wrestler other than Col. DeBeers that makes me mark out. If WCW doesn't bring the bad guy back, then what I'd like to see is for a Nitro crowd to simultaneously throw toothpicks to get the point across.

This whole mess is WCW's own making although some people seem to think it's just Kevin Nash and Diamond Dallas Page shooting. Even if Nash and DDP are shooting, it's still WCW's mess. Even though he hasn't been on camera for several months, Hall is the most over performer in WCW. And no wonder. His best friend Nash keeps putting him over. The ultimate was Monday night when Nash and DDP went into overdrive.

The culminating moment was when the Wolfpac music fired up again during Nash and DDP's rant. All eyes shifted to the entrance as the fans expected Hall to come out. Instead we got the Natural Born Jabronies. Well, it wasn't like I expected Hall to come out. I've gotten used to WCW's stupid ways.

If WCW does not bring Hall back after all this teasing, the company will be worse off than ever. The fans will continue to tune WCW out. They want Hall back. If he doesn't come back, why should fans believe anything WCW says? They're already getting to that point. When Bam Bam Bigelow suffered his "injury" on Nitro, the fans booed. They didn't think he was really hurt and they were right. WCW has done so much swerving of the fans that it has lost all credibility.

There are a couple of other issues at play here. All of Hall's fans know about the trouble that he has gotten himself into, including last week's arrest. That is all so very unfortunate. I wish Hall would clean up his act and be a good father to his children. That's more important than anything else even he never wrestled again. It would also be a shame to see such a talent go to waste. No one can work up a crowd like Scott Hall. All he has to do is say "hey yo" to get a ear splitting pop.

In considering this mess, we have to consider the "shoot" aspect of Nash and DDP. One would think the bookers would have to approve anything that gets aired. But since everything in WCW revolves around Nash, perhaps not. Big Sexy can probably say whatever he wants to. And that he has done by continuously putting over Hall.

Finally, you have to look at how dysfunctional WCW is. Duh, like nobody knew that. We had the spectacle of Lex Luger giving his rambling discourse on why Goldberg should have been disqualified for spearing the referee. Great, now we're getting into a Florida election-style angle. But Lex, the reason Goldberg speared the ref was because YOU pulled said ref in front of you. So YOU should have been DQ'd! What a stupid angle. Yeah, I know, the overpaid Luger needed to keep his heat and heavens no way he should do a clean job on TV.

With crap like that, is it any wonder WCW bumbles around with the Hall situation? To all the other Hall fans out there, "hey yo!"

Mr. Mean
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