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Hi, Wrestling fans. Nate's back! Did you miss me? Before I start my rant, let me take this opportunity to apologize to both of my readers for my lack of column as of late. For the past few months, due to circumstances beyond my control, I have not had a computer. However, that problem has now been corrected and I'm back for good! (or bad, depending on your opinion)

Well, on with the show! The upside to all this is that my return coincides with the return of HHH. Has anyone noticed how incredibly huge the Game has gotten? He's almost as big as Scott Steiner... but with actual talent. I for one have been chomping at the bit waiting for this guy to get back. He can do nothing but add some much needed substance to the show. But enough of kissing HHH's ass; God knows there's enough of that going on already. I really came here to do what I do best... BITCH!

First and foremost on my mind is this Austin/Rock Vs. Booker T./Bossman crap. Who's booking this shit? I mean give me a break, Ray Traylor comes back for a week and gets put in a major angle with the 2 biggest stars in the company?! And who did Austin/Rock piss off, anyway? As if it weren't bad enough that I have to listen to "Can You dig it, Sucka", and watch this no-talent Jackass do the Spin-a-roonie every week, but now I have to watch the Big, Fat, Out of shape Bossman sweat all over the damn place!

Second, these are just quick incoherent ramblings, so please try to keep up. Release Billy Gunn, and tell him to take his sissy-ass, bleach blonde partner with him. I love Test's new gimmick but somebody write the guy a decent story-line already! Who's idea was it to put Tag Team gold on Spike/Taz? Does credibility have anything to do with championships anymore? And in case anybody's wondering, I haven't changed my stance on the womens division. Let the talented ladies wrestle, and shit-can all these over paid strippers!

Finally, I want to reply to all the negativity on the net concerning Kevin Nash's possible return. What did Big Sexy ever do to you people any way? You People (and You know who You are) act like Nash's return would be a personal attack on your families.And I'm willing to bet You were all Diesel marks at one time in your life. Give the guy a break. Not every body can like every wrestler on the show, but we have to put up with them all or watch something else. I guess that's the beauty of being able to write an opinion column. My point is, there are plenty of other places to point your hatred in this business, see above, instead of focusing it all at a man who has given us all a lot of memorable entertainment over the years.

Well, that's all I have for now. I look forward to reading all your venom-charged e-mails regarding my views on Nash. C-ya next week.


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