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Hi, Wrestling Fans. Nate here with another thought provoking rant. Sorry my column is late this week but I have had lots of internet problems. Now, you guys know I'm not one to complain(ha-ha), but locally, my Verizon Internet Service really sucks! Oh well, lets get on with it...

Recently, VKM and Company haven't entertained Me much. I thought I had a little ray of sunshine last Thursday when I saw that black and white lettering on the chair, but I got screwed Monday. So, I'm not going to write about current events this week. At the request of a brother of mine, I'm going to talk about the 'Taker.

Big, Bad, Mark Calloway is without a doubt one of the most talented and influential players in this game we all love so much. However, he has received the least amount of recognition and respect. My question is, who the fuck is Maven, and what has he done to deserve to be in an angle with the Dead Man?

I mean, think about it, the 'Taker is the one WWF Title contender that always gets dropped from the title picture. For ten years, this guy has put asses in seats and sold merchandise, but where is the payoff? No long title reigns, no respect, and now, having to work angles with flash in the pan Jackasses like Maven and RVD.

Why can't VKM book this Living Legend into something entertaining? I don't know about You, but I'm sick and tired of Rock and Austin being the top of the pile. It starting to seem like they are the only performers with main event status, and everybody else is mid-card. Except Jericho, who's character development is making a joke of the "undisputed" title.

Maybe I'm way off base here, but I would like to see the Dead Man ride his bike to the ring with those two big belts on his shoulders. Especially, if he's coming to feud with HHH. If this bullshit of Rock and Austin taking turns being the #1 guy keeps up, I'm going to seek My entertainment elsewhere!

Well, I guess I've bitched enough for this week, so I'll end it here. C-Ya nexy week!


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