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Wayne O'Brien



Subject: No Johnny Ace sign...something better

NO, I did not have a 1, 2, Johnny Ace Sign...but I did have the "Disco Inferno is Hungover" Sign on Thunder. And there is quite a Funny Story behind that one. It gets More and More Interesting as you read on so plz read....

My Firend and I went to a classy Establishment in Kelowna after Nitro (A Strip Bar named the Cheetah) When a Really hot Brunette walked in...Upon Further Review we discovered the girl was none other than Popaya. She got a little busy with one of the girls on stage... IT was quite Funny.

At around 2am we went back to our hotel and decided to stand on our balcony with a couple of Budweisers. We saw a man walk down the alley beside us and my friend goes "Hey that looks like Arn Anderson." And we chuckle like theres no tommorrow. All of a sudden the guy looks up and He says "It is Arn Anderson" We could not believe our eyes. We yelled Four Horsemen 4-Life and ye appriciated it.

After seeing Arn inspired us to go out on the town and search for more Wrestlers to party with. We grabbed a couple of Brew for the road and headed out towards the town.. No more than two blocks away were the Filthy Animals outside some Bar! The bar was closing and there were about 20 ppl outside with the Animals. Konnan, Juvi, Rey, and Disco were all out there! Disco was pretty drunk and went off with some Teenagers to smoke some Weed. While he was gone I talked to Juvi and Rey (People were clearing away going to a private after party) and Konnan got into a Hummer with some people and drove away...

When Disco returned he rejoined Juvi and Rey and they asked us "Where is this place?" (Place being the Mongolia Bar...Where Konnan Went) Me being from Vancouver did not have a clue as to where this place was...But me, being a wrestling mark, said "Follw me Glen (Or Disco if you prefer)"

The most surreal momment of the whole trip was walking the streets of Kelowna at 2:30 AM listening to Disco make fun of Brad Siegel. When I stopped and thought about it...There was no place on Earth I would of rather been.

After walking some Odd 4 blocks Juvi began to get suspicious...He was Double Checking that I knew where I was going...And I began to become a little cautious until I saw The Hummer. That Sun of a Gun Hummer. It was parked outside of the BAR! I pointed the Animals in the Direction and in we went. I luckily walked in, in between Disco and Juvi as to not look suspicious.

Once inside I sat at a table with Konnan and Just stared at some women Stroking his bald Head...I swear to God I was waiting SOOO MUCH for him to tell her "Thats Enough!" I would of marked out so badly if that had happened. Instead, I looked to my right and saw a familiar I approached I saw...J-E-DOUBLE F J-A-DOUBLE R-E-DOUBLE T, he was drinking a Coors Light.

I approached him and asked him how he was and he said good...I asked if he would be at Thunder tommorrow and he said no, Booker, Nash and Goldberg would be though... I asked him when he was returning home to the WWF...He smiled and said "I dont know man...I am under contract for a few more months..."

Near the end of my night, while waiting for the bathroom...We encountered a fine looking lady waiting as well. She asked us if we had been to the WCW show and we said yes. I asked her the same and she said she worked for WCW. She is in the International Relations department. She is also Brad Siegel's Niece. And she is dating Scott Hall. Well, I will tell you one thing...My mind was freaking blown. We talked with her for about 20 mins and got some VERY interesting Info. She offered us backstage passes to Thunder and we gave her our name...not thinking to get hers. STUPID WAYNE!

After the Bathroom most of the wrestlers had left so we decided we should leave before people caught on to us. We bid our farewall to WCW and its Crew...Hoping for a taste of the same some other night, in the near future.

If you got this Far I thank You.

Wayne O'Brien

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