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Here's my quick and nasty weekly ramblings with the holidays upon us.

My picks for the yearly awards:
Best wrestler: Chris Benoit
Most improved: Kurt Angle
Best Heel: HHH
Best face: Austin
Best tag-team: Matt and Jeff
Worst wrestler: Lex Luger
Least improved: Billy Gunn
Worst heel: Goldberg
Worst face: Hogan
Worst tag-team: TIE -- Road Dogg K-Kwik; Harrissessess
Most overrated: TIE -- Too Cool; RTC

For whatever that's worth.... Hey, I don't think I've quite seen anything as funny all week as Kurt Angle holding up his medals to Vince McMahon and totally ragging on him. Funny funny shit.

wcw is getting a little better, so I try to watch it, get intrigued by the mystery guy, and flick back and forth to at least try and see who it is... and then we get the masked man. A)It pissed me off and B) I wasn't even in the mood to look at Thunder because of it. Oh well.

I was a little let down at the end of Raw... but after reading some of the reviews around on the net I kind of understand where the WWF is going with it, and can appreciate it a little more. I mean, I really didn't want to have a Mr. McMahon back in control, but I guess we'll just have to see where this is going. I actually did enjoy the time while he was gone and his extended interviews and so on get a little tedious.

I'm also looking forward to the upcoming XFL season... I'm just curious more then anything.

I really hope that wasn't the end of the Jeff Hardy push on Raw, because (and I think you can tell I'm a big fan from my column a couple of weeks ago) I think he could really go places.

Tonight I go home to create a Tank Abbott for Smackdown. If you want an update on the season at a later date drop me a line.

On the music front, a new Cannibal Corpse live album slid in totally under my radar, so I highly recommend you check it out. I saw it for the first time the other day. There's also a nifty Kittie EP out now which I have yet to pick up, but I've listened to it and if you're a fan it's worth it. (I think the lead singer screams a little too much live compared to studio tracks.)

This is short and to the point. Happy holiday all and I'll be back with my last column for 2000 next week.


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