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Well, I must say, for a Christmas night edition of Raw, the show was actually pretty good. I liked the Angle family thing, even if it does sort of remind me of the Hart family a couple of years ago. Luckily Survivor Series has passed so we won't have the Angle family vs. whoever....

And let me say that after a couple of weeks I really like Taker's new music... well, more then American Badass at least, but maybe that's just because "Rollin'" is fresher to me. Speaking of Taker, I was watching the Undertaker vs. Undertaker match from Summerslam 94 last night, and man has Taker bulked up in the past couple of years. (Same with HHH after viewing his match from Summerslam 95 last night as well.) That match (UT vs. UT) wasn't that good of a match but for what it was... it ended the angle -- let's put it that way. I think a big part of that match not being up to par had to due with fan reaction. I had the same problem watching Wrestlemania earlier this year. I loved most of the matches and was cheering along, but I couldn't help but notice the dead crowd and before long it pre-occupied me... which may sound stupid but it's true.

So no wcw this week, on Monday's at least, and I missed the taped show last night. I guess wcw is going along ok, but they seem really directionless now, more than usual to me. I like Steiner, and some of the other guys. I'm glad Awesome got a new angle that may actually be pretty cool, although I don't think he should be stuck as Storm's second man. And now that I bring Storm up, he really should have beaten Jarrett during that qualifier match. I think more people would have been interested in the whole Sin thing that way... of course, putting Sid in there just makes me look up and stare at the HUGE question mark floating above my head.

Personal Note: my Tank Abbott Smackdown season never got underway, as I opted to stay with a previously created Chris Benoit (note I'm playing the original game where he wasn't included).

Anywho... after telling everyone week after week how much I hate Regal, he's actually starting to grow on me... just a little mind you. So I'll just have to see what 2001 has in store for the man.

And I hope Raven gets a nice push in the new year. Tazz will hopefully be going places as well. I'm under the assumption that since the year's winding down nothing major is happening as of yet. But I'm hoping the Royal Rumble will just be phenomenal. I remember a couple of year's ago getting so fired up that Taker and Kane would be in the Rumble, but last Monday's announcements a) came off haphazard and b) initiated a huh? response in me which leads me to c) which states that b) was probably in direct correlation with a) and there you have it.

I'm actually heading to New York for New Year's and am going to try my damnedest to take in WWF New York... hell, I may even be able to catch a live broadcast of the taping if I play my cards right. And I know there's having a crappy band/rapper in there for the night in question, because the performance is being broadcast on MTV.

Speaking of MTV, here's to hoping they can figure out exactly what to do with Heat since it seems to just be meandering around there right now.

And here's to hoping ECW gets a new TV deal. If anyone can give me the address to a page that has a list of the affiliates carrying Hardcore TV drop me a line. It would be much appreciated.

A quick run down of the top 10 metal albums this year (in no particular order): Perfect Circle, Disturbed, Pantera, Taproot, 7th Rail Crew, Cannibal Corpse (live), Mudvayne, Soulfly, Spineshank, and Crease. Note: Tool's new one slid in under the wire, but I didn't consider it all that new and will hold out till next spring for their "real" new one. (I know I'm forgetting a couple of bands.)

Special thanks to CRZ with letting me do this thing and to every/anyone who responded.

Happy New Year.

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