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So here we are for my second installment. It was later brought to my attention that I did leave out a couple of noteworthy music/wrestling events.

Limp Bizkit's front man Fred Durst had a brief ECW stint back in '99. While in Peoria, Illinois' Civic Center on November 20, the same night that ECW was staging an event in town, Steve Corino ambushed Durst onstage during a performance and request better music (in the form of Carly Simon and The Bee Gees). Durst responded and Balls Mahoney, New Jack, and Axl Rotten came to back him up. Ahhh, the heyday of ECW. Hopefully this new deal that there's been some much speculation about will go through some time before the company folds all together.

But speaking of ECW. They're one probably the one wrestling organization that had metal at their forefront. This is directly related to their "extreme" image. Over the years we've had guys coming out to Pantera's "Walk," Metallica's "Enter Sandman," and so on. Hell, of all the wrestling CD's that have come out over the years, ECW's was the only one I almost bought. I seem to remember there was a cheap independent release out at the same time that had entrance themes from all the organizations, but if memory serves correct a lawsuit got that pulled from the shelves. Feel free to clear up the incident via email.

All I know is that my next door neighbor woke me up every day for a month with either Austin's entrance, or Road Dogg's "Oh you didn't know?" He got Volume 4 the day it came out and we all suffered his insistence to play one track on repeat.

But I digress... The other event I overlooked was Kid Rock's performance on Raw a couple of months back. I'm not that big of a fan of live performance on the weekday shows, but the Kid Rock thing came off pretty well. He does put on a great show, and slipped a couple of words past the censors in the process.

But the problem I have is with "American Badass" being Undertaker's entrance music. The song wasn't that bad when it came out, but I really wish there was some sort of remixed, retooled, shorter version they stuck the 'Taker with. Now every time I hear the song on the radio I'm looking for the Undertaker in my rearview mirror on his Titan hog. Speaking of that hog, can't he WALK out to the ring anymore?

See, don't get me wrong. I've been an Undertaker fan since his pre-WWF days. And when he won the belt off Hogan at Survivor Series 1991 I was overjoyed. Of course, Hogan, egomaniac that he is, got the belt back like a week later. Bastard!

But bringing that up makes me realize Angle's win at No Mercy only just beat out Undertaker's title win at SS '91 in terms of a rookie taking the title. I'm pretty sure Undertaker didn't have any other titles before then.

And now that I'm talking about Angle's win.... three words sum up my opinion: That kicked ass. I'm so glad the title's finally off the Rock, and Angle is one of the best in the business today in terms of overall ability. Rounding the rest of my top list of wrestlers would be Benoit, HHH, The Hardys, and Juvi. Well, that was right off the top of my head, so it'd be longer if I REALLY thought about it.

Now for my little music plug. The new Limp Bizkit is an unfortunate case of a band releasing something before it was really ready. They should've taken a little longer, made a couple more songs, and picked only the best. As a result, it comes off like Durst and the boys cashing in on fame while the cashing is good.

Pick of the week: You must go out and get Linkin Park's debut release. It's hard, edgy, and melodic all at the same time. Definitely on my top of the year list. I'd go into more detail but this should really be about wrestling.

Don't look for anything special at Halloween Havoc. If WCW has any brains they'll put the belt on Steiner. I've been waiting for that for about 2 years now. Nothing else special going on. Goldburg SHOULD get killed by Kronic, and then some sort of thing happens to get him reinstated. This whole win lose thing is just boring. Sure it builds him back up, but it's already been done. Plus, when it was happening the first time it was just something cool that was going on, and the fans didn't know where it was headed. See where I'm going with that?

What would be cool is to have WWF buy out WCW, and Goldburg loses, and shows up on Raw in a couple of weeks. And this whole thing with Rikishi was something Foley had cooked up to give the fans/Austin results on his investigation. Goldburg was behind it because everyone thinks he's an Austin ripoff.

Then again, where would that go? I hope WWF doesn't buy WCW. I'm not really a Goldburg fan at all anymore (though my above scenario would garner heel heat better then that last heel turn fiasco).

Whatever. Until next week....


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