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Interestingly enough I didn't notice anyone cover the WWF Rocks thing that was on MTV last week. Oh well. It wasn't that good... and I thought they had the potential to make it a pretty good show, but alas, Edge and Christian seemed to lack a certain something, and I think that that was coming from the fact they weren't doing it live. I can imagine someone going "Wait, wait, wait, let's do that one more time" and in the end all that accomplishes is a lack of freshness in the piece. I will say this though, Mick Foley singing "Oh Brit-tan-knee" (you know, Britney spears to the tune of "Oh Xmas tree"...) was some funny ass shit.

Anyway, on with the week. I'm sitting here listening to 311 (the old stuff) still wondering what the hell is up with Kurt Angle headlining a Sunday night Heat. Ugh. He's one of the most buried champs in a while... except for maybe the Big Show, but like Angle, I was so rooting for the guy to win the belt. Crash doesn't really belong in a main event... Molly on the other hand... I guess we'll have to wait and see if getting stuck as a Holly will have a positive or negative effect on the career.

Anyway, if the match was on Heat what's the point of doing it again on Raw? Obviously for the Hardcore run in... but why not save that for the Survivor Series? That way it would have thrust Hardcore into the main event instead of having him show up right at the beginning of Raw , and then wrestle later in the show. Plus, he kept the same frigging look. I don't know, I just figure they were going to push the guy the second that he comes back, update the image a little or something!!!

Just like Billy Gunn. I'm sick of Ross shoving the guy down our throats every time he' s on TV. Ross has some major hard on for the guy and I'm thinking, instead of just saying it, show us a reason. If they were getting rid of Mr Ass, come up with something really cool, not The One. They had the whole summer to do something.

That right there is two times where the WWF seems to have dropped the ball.

Everything else is going along pretty well. Does anyone else realize that Rikishi really didn't have any sort of heat until that match with HHH on Smackdown a while ago? I don't think it was as far back as last year, but Rikishi was just trudging along not really doing much of anything. Then he had that match with HHH and it was just such a good match with the crowd totally getting into it.... That's what made Rikishi what he was. No-selling HHH's moves and coming wicked close to the title. Wonder if that'll ever come up later in the story lines.

Can't help but think the Taker will win the belt on Sunday...what with the anniversary and all. It's a shame kind of because Kurt hasn't had a chance to shine lately. Steph just sort of disappeared and I wonder if she's on the vacation everyone was talking about a couple of months back. Anyway, this weekend got me thinking about Survivor Series '91 when Undertaker kicked Hogan's ass and won the belt. That was great and it sucked he lost the belt less then a week later, but hey, everything turned out ok in the end.

This rapping Road Dogg K-Kwick thing just plain sucks. Instead of a musical guest we have that display? What the fuck!? Then we have to deal with it the next night again? What's the point? Plus, the way K-Kwick came down to ring side just didn't make any sense. I mean, sure, give Road Dogg a new gimmick, and everything is ok. But so help me god if we have to put up with that song EVERY TIME THEY'RE IN THE RING! It's enough to make someone snap.

WCW: still no comment.

This week's pick: AMEN just came out with a new album a couple of weeks ago. It was put out on Ross Robinson's I AM records.... nothing wrong with that. Their debut was out on Roadrunner so I'm curious how Roadrunner got figured out of this new equation seeings as from what I heard, I AM was a subsidiary of Roadrunner. Anyway, do you guys really care.. I know I do but .....

So, long story short, the new album sounds a lot more polished then the previous release. I really liked the rawness on the debut, that's what made it cool. Of course, this new album kicks ass for different reasons. Nice blend of punk, rock, and metal. Anyway, just go check it out.

Fear Factory is mixing the next album now... can't wait for that.

This weeks hope of all hopes: a better musical guest on MTV. (By the way, anyone hear the rumors that B-Real from Cypress Hill will be fronting Rage Against the Machine now?)

Bring back Stephanie McMahon.


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