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Another week closer to the end of the year... . I'm going to keep it relatively short for now because not only am I working on my best metal list... but I'm also doing a little bonus retro-review that I'm going to give to CRZ (hopefully by the end of the week but probably next week).

I didn't get to catch all of the PPV much to my dismay... but what I did see I liked. And from what I've read else where I think Rebecca ('s Rant) summed it up best. I can't imagine being as bad as some have said, so I recommend checking out her views. Anyway, I caught the woman's match and the HitC match. Molly Holly is going places... apart from the silly name I love everything about her: she's got the skill, the ability, and the personality to be a big star. Trish has also been doing amazing. Ivory does what she does, and while I don't think she's that great of a wrestler, she's holding onto the belt and doing the heel thing great. This probably is the best role she's ever had in the company.

The HitC match was also very good. Probably not match of the year, but everyone put a lot of work into it, and the only reason no-one's impressed with that Rikishi fall is because we were being spoon fed Mick's dead-defying leap as promotion.

Enough about that though. Raw was pretty solid, although there were some low points. If there was ever a case where someone needed to be banished to Ohio it's Billy Gunn. Hopefully he won't really hurt someone, but the risk it there and I think it's pretty high.

Enough has been said about the Chyna thing already... and the only time of the night where I audibly let out a "Ooooo" was when Buh-Buh almost broke his neck on the table during Rock's botched spot. Speaking of the Rock, he was not at the top of his game last Monday. That botched spot, combined with the less then entralling promo at the top of the show. While I'm not the biggest Rock supporter, I do usually laugh at what he has to say, but he just didn't have "it" on Raw.

I'm shocked that Vince's interview main event drew such a high rating... . I don't particularly find his interviews all that exciting -- and while he's an entertaining character I don't like him at the top of the show either -- but I do understand how that ratings thing COULD work. Case in point: a co-worker of mine, whom I KNOW doesn't like nor watch any wrestling, came up to me on Tuesday morning and asked "if Mick signed the paper." Apparently he was flipping by, happened upon the interview, and was slightly intrigued. See, during that overrun Vince can catch people flipping around trying to find something to watch. And if they get hooked, even just a little, maybe they'll tune in the next time to watch a little more.

This week in wcw: no comment.

This week in politics: still no comment, but at least it's over.

This week in the music world: well, the new Tool set came out which is a must have for the end of the year, but I haven't been able to go pick my copy up yet. There's also a killer soundtrack out for Wes Craven's Dracula. I figure it's a soundtrack similar to Scream 3 where there's a bunch of popular metal bands slung together on a disc, which isn't a bad thing unless you already own all the tracks on the actual albums (which was my case with Scream3). At any rate, speaking of Scream 3 makes me think of my hometown boys Powerman 5000. They have some cool stuff out before the "When Worlds Collide" disc, so if you can get your hands on any of it I recommend you do so.

See, I told you I'd keep it short.

I still don't like Regal.


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