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For those who don't know, I'll be reviewing old editions of WWF releases on Colisuem Video. And every once in a while, I just might send a rant, but for now this will have to do. So here is MY review of....

WWF's Greatest Steel Cage Matches EVER!
Release Date: March 1992
Running time: 60 minutes

This video is recorded in E.P. mode for best picture quality. Great.

Flexing muscles show off the old WWF logo.

Sean Mooney welcomes us and let's us know that these encounters are brutal.

Match #1- Hulk Hogan vs Mr. Wonderful Paul Orndorff w/ Bobby Heenan Yes, this is from SNME. Vince and Jesse are on commentary and Jesse tells us that in cage matches there are no draws. There must be a winner. Something fishy is going on me thinks.

Orndorff attacks before the bell. He whips Hogan w/ the belt. Orndorff goes for the door, but Hogan grabs his ankle. Back in and some stomps from Mr. Wonderful. To the door again and Hogan stops him. At this point, Vince and Jess argue as to why Danny Davis is out there as the referee when Joey Marella is the assigned official. Orndorrf tries to climb over, but Hogan reaches to stop him. Choking him on top of the cage. He pulls back in and rams his head on the cage a couple of times. Hogan tries to go out, but he is stopped. Orndorff w/ some more offense and ge goes for the door. Back inside and Hogans begins to Hulk Up. Requisite punches and now he tries to go out, but Danny Davis won't open the door. Orndorff and Hogan to begin to climb out on opposite sides of the cage and CLASSIC MOMENT: Each man climbs completely over and both hit the floor at the same time (6:32). Marella declares Hogan the winner and Davis raises Orndorff's arm. Everyone goes apeshit and Davis shoves Marella down. Howard Finkel announces the match will continue and Hogan goes for Davis. Mr. Wonderful attacks and they are back inside. Hogan throws Orndorff around like a doll. Heenan tries to interfere, but Hogan takes care of him and climbs over the top before Orndorff can exit through the door (12:52).

Eliminate the false finish and this match pretty much sucks. At this point a VERY strategically timed split screen shows both men "hitting the floor at the same time". Nice touch.

Match #2: Randy Savage and Strike Force vs Honky Tonk Man and The Hart Foundation First team to escape wins. This looks like late 1987 and is a house show at the old Boston Gardens. Strike Force are the tag champs here. Hard to believe Tito actually held a title before jobbing his career out. Harts and Honky attack before the bell and we're on. Bret on Martel, Anvil on Tito and Honky versus Savage. Strike Force being choked w/ their respective t-shirts. Martel turns things around and the crowd pops. Honky tries to escape, but is stopped. Backbreaker on Martel by Bret. He *almost* goes over, but Martel stops him. Anvil tries to go out the door, but Tito hold his legs, crawls OVER The Anvil and escapes himself (2:09). Now it's 3 on 2. Nevermind, Neidhart just walks out no (2:16) and it's 2 on 2. A reversal by Martel sends Bret face first into the cage. This cage is chain linked by the way. Martel wants out, but Bret grabs him. Go, Bret, go!! In opposite corners Honky and the Hitman try to battle ram Savage and Martel head first, but they end up crashing against each other. Now, Savage and Martel start climbing over. Savage is stopped, but Martel beats Bret's attempt is out (4:10). 2 on 1 beatdown of Savage. Nothing too exciiting, so Bret walks out the door at (6:00). Honky struts and Macho w/ the big comeback, Honky to the cage. They both clmb the cage and Honky gets crotched on the top rope. Savage over the top for the win at (7:23). Great match.

Match #3: Hulk Hogan vs Big Boss Man w/ Slick This is also from SNME, Vince and Jesse on commentary.. CLASSIC MOMENT: Zeus waits for Hogan at the door and proceedes to beat him down. Boss Man beats Hogan around and Hogan comes back w/ chokes and eye gouges. A clothesline. Bossman hits a spinebuster and begins to climb. He is read to drop to the flloor when Hogan reches through and pulls him back. Hogan then suplexes the Boss Man OFF THE TOP OF THE CAGE. Earl Hebner comes in to count both guys who then get up. Slick tosses a chain in and Hogan gets choked out. Both guys ram each other's head on the cage, the same spot used in the Orndorff match. (Yeah, yeah I didn't call that in the first match, don't bother to scroll up to check.) Hogan just casually begins to toss Boss Man up against the cage before Slick comes in and get's the Bobby Heenan treatment. Hogan then handcuffs Boss Man to the ropes and tries to escape. Slick tries to free the Boss Man w/ the keys and Hogan moves faster. Over the top and out for the win. (10:12). Jesse Ventura then chimes in w/ "Oh, wouldn't you know it?"

Match #4: Randy Savage vs Ted DiBiase w/ Virgil This looks like a MSG house show. This is also for the WWF title so it looks like 1988. The cage isn't a factor early on as both guys mat wrestle a little. Some work on the throat by Savage and DiBiase goes for everything. Nice psychology as both guys try to avoid the cage. Finally DiBiase gets SHOT right into it and Savage tries to go out. Virgil climbs up and knocks him back in. DiBiase works over Savage w/ some chops and a suplex AND some stalling. Savage moves out of a charge by The Million Dollar Man and hits an elbow. He goes to climb out again, but there's Virgil. DiBiase goes for the door, but Savage stops him. Dibiase to the cage AGAIN and now Randy tries to escape. Virgil goes to punch him again, but a FAN jumps over the railing, climbs the cage and starts punching Virgil. Security grabs the fan and Savage is left hanging from the top rope. DiBiase tries to climb over, but Savage tosses him off and escapes himself to win and retain his title (9:48).

After digesting it all, TOO much Hogan for a four match tape. A really good tape nonetheless. Especially the six man match and the Savage/DiBiase match. The Hogan matches were'nt too bad either, but one match would have been enough. If anyone is interested in a copy of this tape , go ahead and e-mail me and we could arrange something.

I'll see you all next time. Hitman!

Omar Padilla

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