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Our 3rd Anniversary





Hello dear readers:

I haven't written anything for the /slash before today (unless you count the Orbital review in the music folder over there). I am compelled to take fingers to keyboard now because..... because..... I don't know why.

I have been a wrestling fan for a very long time. Some of you may know that I profess to be the oldest Wiener in Wienerville. I am at least the oldest that has their correct birthday in the profiles anyway. I used to frequent the Portland Expo in Portland, Maine back in the days when Lou Albano still donned trunks. When I really got into wrestling, Pedro Morales was the champion, right before Bruno Sammartino made his second long run with the belt. Chief Jay Strongbow was always my favorite back in those days. My dad liked to tell a story about one day we were out at the local golf course and this big Cadillac pulls into the space next to us. Two guys get out and start taking their clubs out of the trunk and my dad whispers; "Don't you know who that is?" Of course, I knew who it was. It was Chief Jay Strongbow!! "No, the other guy. That's Joe Louis." Ahhhh. You can see where my 13-year-old head was.

Anyway, even up through the early 80s (my college days for you young whippersnappers), I enjoyed going to live shows. I remember fondly seeing Ivan Putski, the Iron Sheik and I loved Joe Turco. Somebody had to love the jobbers. Johnny Rodz rules! But that was the last time I went to a live show. Haven't been since. Probably won't go again. The WWE was 15 minutes from my house on Sunday and I didn't go. That doesn't mean I don't like watching on the television though, because I do.

I came back to wrestling about 1996 or 1997 or so. The internet was popping up sites all over and I discovered John Petrie's Slobberknocker Central. I liked his recaps and he sent them right to my email address. What convenience! From there, I wandered over to the WrestleManiacs where I discovered Rick Scaia, Mike Samuda and CRZ. Now here were some recaps! Not that I didn't like Petrie's, but these were in a class by themselves. I have followed Mr. Zimmerman from there to that next place to here over those years. I am kind of like that puppy dog looking for the scraps to hit the floor.

Everyone talks about the attention to detail with which CRZ' recaps are filled. I concur. But it goes beyond that. I have been reading his stuff for so many years now, that I feel like I know him. I do not know him. I am sure I don't know him at all, as a matter of fact. But the way that he writes the recaps lets me think that. Whether it's the small inside jokes for those who have been reading for a long time, the CRZ nicknames or the acute attention to detail, the recaps are a high point of my Tuesday lunchtime ritual.

He is also a kindred spirit in the unofficial Steve Blackman Mark Club. Hit the CRAPPYRO!

Happy third anniversary, Chris, and I hope you can squeak out at least three more years of recaps!


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