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Hi, I'm Ted Walker, a 43 year old ex-insurance agent with a bum testicle who lives in the basement of an old Vietnamese market. Let's see...what's in the news this week...

  • So CBS wants to put WWF programming on board, eh? Well, looks like they'll have to move Bill Cosby's Kids Can Say Some Stupid Shit Sometimes to a different time slot to accommodate the antics of our boys at Titan. Welp, as long as they keep David Letterman in the same spot I'll always have a reason to make sure my prostate ain't morphin' into a control center for the local water works! Go Biff Henderson!!!

  • So Mae Young gives birth to a severed hand on Raw...doesn't the creative team know that you can't get Test over with gimmicks like that? They should have learned their lesson back when Sensational Sherri had her period all over the Mountie's boots!

  • Scott Hall and Scott Steiner coming back to WCW...there goes the neighborhood. Why can't they just keep the damn drug addicts in the Talent Relations department with all those former Unabomber suspects and obsessive compulsive textile engineers who keep renewing their subscriptions to cat grooming magazines? Inquiring minds want to know, Roland!

  • Mick Foley retires after being beaten at No Way Out...well, I don't know what to say here, so I'll just think of some cool poetry...
    If holding you in my arms
    Were a fatal thing to me
    Then I would know for certain
    What the only thing worth dying for would be...


  • Hardcore pornography flashes thousands of little kids after No Way Out screens in Canadian is what really disappoints me about our society. If you're going to show porn to little kids, at least have the decency to show them something GOOD, not just whatever it was that went up on those screens. Like, say...chicks with ice picks on 12-toed guys named Nick, or monkeys on anacondas, or my personal fav', Milwaukee city council members fighting over condoms on cross-country mountain biking expeditions while an overweight movie critic takes a bubble bath with 3 dead horses. OHHH BABY.

  • Triple H gets in good with the boss...apparently Vince hasn't heard that part in "My Time" where those little fuckers actually mention the name "McMahon" during their corporate bashing. Not like it matters...Vince and Hunter have to be best else would little Jamaican boys get to celebrate Kenny Rogers' birthday? Oxygen sales? Blue jean mockery? No way, Ricardo.

  • My tonsils turn indigo every time Shannon Moore scratches the bridge of his nose.

  • Is it just me, or is Essa Rios a dead ringer for a young Paul Rodriguez?

  • I don't know about you, but I think ECW needs more techno music in its video packages to go with all the shit-kickin' and panties.

  • Steven Regal...A beacon in the piss-smelling haze of today's wrestling world.

    That's all my woes for today, kids...say a word or two for me as I set out this weekend to become a high school basketball referee. This looks to be one of the true challenges of my days on Earth, but I've been sitting here looking through this old ABA Standards and Regulations ledger for so long that my sinuses are starting to clog up like they did on that fateful night when Betty White's character had her heart attack on the Golden Girls.

    Keep on truckin'!

    ydarB "I'll take Things That Smell Like Mustard for $3.75, Alex" ehcroP
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