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They're intriguing, they give you something to chuckle about with your friends, and peers, of course they're humorous gimmick names. They've been used constantly on Simpson episodes as Bart calls Moe's Tavern and asks for a Amanda Hugenkiss, and obviously humor ensues. These gimmick names in recent times have even made it up onto the big screen such as in Austin Powers: The Spy who shagged me, when Ivana Humpalot an evil assassin from Dr. Evil tries to knock off Austin. Heck even pro wrestling has it's gimmick names such as Justin Credible, but we're not here to discuss the gimmick names that are currently out there. Oh no we're here to talk about the future of gimmick names with some of the most original names anywhere this side of the Rio Grande.

Dan Druff: A more perfect name couldn't be given for someone looking for a humorous gimmick. Dandruff of course being an unfortunate condition that many people suffer from so they would be able to relate to him. Plus whoever choose to use this for name would have a built in catch phrase. "I'm Head and Shoulders above the rest". Now if that line won't sell T-Shirts I don't know what will. Plus he's got a great name for a finisher. The Dandruff Remover. I figure he can give the guy a noogy, then give him a Implant DDT, This gimmick has got comedy act break out star written all over it.

Moe Mentum: For whatever reason I picture this chacarter as kind of bland not a lot to him. Generic ring tights, a bland looking hair cut, just kind of the all around guy. That is until you hear the line I've got for him. He puts the mike to his mouth and says "The momentum is about to change" eh? Pretty good eh? Get it Moe Mentum, hahahaha! You probably get it, and think it's not funny, well to bad I do. I picture his move kind of some sort of a submission move possibly called the "Momentum Changer", but If he's able to apply a submission hold he's probably already got

Moe Tivation: Moe Tivation another clever way to get a guy named Moe into wrestling. Moe Tivation, I picture this gimmick as a guy that can really be a great motivator and helps other to really get pumped up for there matches. His catchphrase could be along the lines of "Motivation is key to success", and there's a bunch of other puns he could possibly use for his catchphrases.

Justin "Voluntary" Manslaughter: Here we're throwing a different twist into the whole Justin Credible lines, by gimmick him the moniker of "Voluntary". Thus changing the whole thing around to be Just Involuntary Manslaughter thus changing his persona too a great magnitude. What I mean by this is had his last name been Manslaughter he would have been thought to be a cold-blooded butt kicking machine, but by adding the "Voluntary" it makes him Involuntary which means that he didn't mean to do it. Thus changing him from a heel back to a face. I feel the name would be able to get someone over just for the uniqueness of the name.

Hugh Milatee: Another gimmick name right up there with the great Hugh Morrus name, but we've got a better name then just "No Laughing Matter" lined up for this man's finisher. "The Humbler", okay so what if I lied, the finisher name kind of sucks but hey it's gets the point across. The Humbler would be the move that makes his opponent humble as he just got his arse handed to him by a guy named Hugh Milatee.

Hoss Pitable: We need a good old Hoss because I haven't seen a guy named Hoss wrestle for some time now. Now Hoss doesn't need a catch phrase because he's a big old southern dandy, but he's got a great name for a move. "Southern Hospitality" as it fits perfectly with his gimmick name. Now giving a guy this name would be very hospitable and Les Thatcher if your out there and need some creative help you should probably call someone else, but if you want someone silly then feel free to call me.

Justin Experience: Finally moving onto the last name on the list of Gimmick Names, what better way is there to make fun of a green wrestler then to call him Justin Experience. He can play up that he doesn't have that much experience in the ring, and in backstage vignettes other wrestlers can walk around saying things such as when Justin does something stupid they can say "That's Just in Experience" kind of like how Justin Credible would say "That's Just in Credible" you see how this gimmick works.

You may have loved the names, you may have hated them, but whatever you thought that's your prerogative.

William Ragne

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