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It's been about 2 and a half years of being on the Internet and I must say, one I got on, the first thing I just HAD to do was find me some professional wrestling sites.

At first, all I would do was go onto these newsboards. It seemed pretty cool to do. Go on there and click on these things and you get to hear what REALLY GOES ON behind the scenes. Just the thought of knowing these things just ached me with tons of curiosity.

I also went to a site called Scoops, with this guy they called Al who gave out the oh-so important news. That was what I ached for back then. Just trying to find out any scrape of information would just fill my head with glee. You mean Rocky Maivia is going to join the Nation of Domination? Yokozuna is going to join the Hart Foundation? It just totally ruled to me back then.

There was also this guy named Chris Hyatte. He said some Pat Patterson jokes and talked alot about OZ and black guys raping him. He was SO FUNNY.

Me and my friend would talk about wrestling sites and exchanged URLs. "Wow, thanks for the hookup! Beulah's naked on this site? I GOTTA GO check this out!"

And it was like that for about quite a few months; I don't remember how many, but it was so long ago, ya know?

Then I clicked on some link and I got to read some information from this guy Micasa's site! Wow, his information was SO accurate! And he's got this other guy with kickass updates, Rick Scaia. Hey, how come his name isn't Online Onslaught? This whole site was called Wrestlemaniacs.

They also had this guy with a really funny name. His name was Christopher Robin Zimm..., but they called him CRZ. He recaps commercials, that's so weird! And he called Chyna a slut!!! That's gotta hurt her feelings!!!

There was this link on the Onslaught page and it was to something called the nWWWo. It seemed weird to me. I wondered what would happen if I clicked on it. One day I did and it was black and white and looks JUST LIKE the nWo site! Keen! And it had these really cool articles in it! There was this guy named Sean Shannon; he wrote lots of stuff that he felt really passionate about. And these other guys were on the site,too. I JUST HAD to read every article on the site. It was so intriguing to me!!! He didn't like Chris Hyatte!! Lemme see what Hyatte has to say!! Wow, this feud rocks! This is better than that Sandman vs. Sabu feud!!!

At the time, there was also this site with this Ryder guy and Scherer guy. They wrote stuff, well mostly Scherer. It was interesting, but people on other sites did not like him, especially this Other Arena site.

There was also this DDT Digest site that totally rocked. The pictures are SO FUNNY! That Bill guy knows so much about wrestling! Wow, look at the blading page! I didn't know Dusty wrestled like that!

Oh yeah, newsboards suck! That's what Scaia said about'em on that great nWWWo site! He's so opinionated! Whatta character!!

It just amazed me that all through out the Internet that there were all these wild and wacky things were happening. We had feuds between Internet wrestling personalities, access to all this backstage news, and the easiest availability of PORNO YOU COULD THINK OF. WOOHOO!

And then all of the sudden, Wrestlemaniacs goes bye bye.

Instead we get Wrestleline, this site that CBS runs or something. People called Micasa (who I now found out was Mike Samuda. Nice play on the words!) and Scaia sellouts. But they brought CRZ and this angry Netcop guy from Wrestleline as well.

I liked the Netcop. I used to go to his site and read all the recaps off his archive! Wow, this guy does ALOT of work! Does this guy breathe or just watches a little TOO MUCH wrestling? Wow, he called Tammy a crackwhore! He's so mean, damnit!

One day, he said he was going to team up with Sean Shannon, who has this feud still with the Scoops guy...whatshisname?....oh yeah, Hyatte. Wow, I couldn't wait for the product.

The site looked kinda...ugly. Where's the glitz and glamour to it? But then, they spruced it all up and put in this keen Ultimate Database thingy and it's not so bad anymore!

What's this I hear? Wade Keller and Dave Meltzer are coming online? WOW. You mean I can get my info straight from the source? Incredible!!!

But what about Micasa? I gotta check him out; he's been with me for so long. Hey, his info is the same as the sites. And he said Benoit and Malenko were feuding but Benoit just said on HIS OWN WEBSITE that he didn't get angry at Malenko. Maybe Wrestleline isn't so great. Guess that means I have to say bye to Rick and wait! Give them a chance! Maybe they'll come through and be better! But Scaia gets so boring in his reviews, what's the point of stopping by? And they have Mark Madden, but he's always talking about WCW coming back on top or how Jericho is going to suffer in the midcard. Hey, CRZ dissed Madden!!! CRZ dissed Madden!!! WOW!

Maybe the Wrestlemaniacs guys should leave me forever. After all these years of being such a loyal reader, I have to say bye. Their work just became...uninspiring. Besides, those Keller and Meltzer guys have ALL THE SCOOPS on Chris Benoit and all the cool wrestlers leaving WCW. This is what I've been waiting for!!!

That's basically where I'd like to stop. What's gone down after that? Basically, I start recapping for [slash] and reading my recaps in html format OVER AND OVER AGAIN. And I started going on Delphi and reading and posting messages and getting replies from internet wrestling luminaries and regular joes like me. See how much I've grown up through my Internet life? Aren't you proud of lil ole me?

So when I go to the Shooters site and check out the "I Didn't Say It" feature and it features comments from markish AOL users, it gives me a chuckle because I know I probably was that kid a good 3 years ago. At least it's communication, even if it's "WWF SUCKS! GOLDBERG R00LS!!!" I wasn't THAT FAR OFF a couple of years ago, okay, maybe I was a tad bit more educated and mature than they were. But we shouldn't make fun of these kids; they're just in the infancy of their Internet lives and they probably aren't half as dumb as we may think they are, so let's not knock'em too much. Hell, we have people who are supposedly adult flailing away at each other like little children. Let it go, guys...let it go.

We're all somewhere in our Internet lives. Some of us have been online since back in the rspw days. Some of us are furiously getting our ECW spiked Dave Scherer columns. Some of us just got online yesterday. It's all relative. It's communication, ya dig?

Thanks for reading. Maybe I'll submit something next month.

Tanvir Raquib
[slash] wrestling

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