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Tanvir Raquib




Hi there. It's good ole Tanvir Raquib here. I haven't written a column for slash in oh...3 weeks! Did you miss me? Didn't think so.

Anyhow, this column is basically devoted to my little decision to join up with [slash]. Since it's a year old and all, I'd guess it would be cool of me to celebrate this great moment in history (even though this column is quite late...).

It all began so long ago...back in January, actually. I emailed Mr. Zimmerman and applied for the wCw worldwide recapping job. Jason Hanes, the dude who was recapping before, had suddenly vanished into thin air. So the spot was mine.

The fucked up part of it all was I am a very lazy person. I don't particularly like recapping every single week - every once in a while suits me just fine!

I gained a fan one day. Let's call him "X". Anyhow, "X" suggested that I could start doing a regular column thing. I guess he felt that my mind was getting spoiled on recapping syndicated shows.

That thought remained. So I sent in my first column "This Thing Called The Internet" after a night out with my friends. Somehow, I'd just caught the writing bug right then and there.

After several columns and occasional worldwide recaps, I'd somehow gained a small dose of noteriety over that period. People on [slash] seemed to actually like my work. I think I was shocked when Mr.T said he liked one of my columns. That ruled.

I think the best thing that [slash] has done for me is that I can express my opinions to a whole bunch of people. People that I'd probably never talk to in real life. People who'd probably find me to be the most inferior piece of shit they've ever seen. But hey, people apparently liked to read what I wrote, so I kept plugging away.

And I'll never forget where I got my first start. Right here, damnit. You think I'd forget that? Naaah.

The truth is [slash] is probably the best place for young up and coming writers and "Internet Personalities" to get their name up. Now, I wouldn't say I'm a "name" at all, but I will say that this has given me a tiny bit more noteriety than before.

Blatant Plug: So if you're looking to write for a site, but you don't exactly have a clue where to contribute - [slash] will probably be that. So start writing!

Now, I'm a member of a certain "clique" known as the Oracles. So basically, I've turned over my creativity to that site instead of [slash]. Maybe I've spread my wings and left the nest - I don't know.

I wouldn't say that this is a goodbye to any of you faithful [slash] readers - far from it, I believe. I'll recap worldwide this week (if I'm not lazy) and I might continue writing columns on this site in the future.

Anyhow, I'd like to send out much thanks to Patrick Barker, Edward Burkett, Marvellous Martin, Nate Albaugh, John Roche, Richard Shaw-Wright (let's never forget...), Matt Spaulding, Clyde Ford, Heather Birkett, Boon, Josh Haggard, Hitguy84 and Scott Jennings for taking the time to email me. It means THAT much to me - trust me, my ego needs all the nursing it can get...

Oh, am I forgetting some other people? Sure I momma and pappa and the Lord Jesus Chri - hehehe....nah, seriously, the props all goes to Christopher Robin Zimmerman for dealing with my incessant whining and laziness over the past 6 months.

And thanks to all of you folks who read my stuff and liked what I wrote. That's what I'm aiming for...

Take care y'all - that's all I can say...

Tanvir Raquib
Marxist Sympathizer of the Oracles

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